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By Mike Johnson on 2022-04-01 15:00:00

MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone & The Von Erichs vs. Richard Holliday with Alicia Atout & King Muertes & Mads Kruger

Everyone brawled before the bell with Hammer and the Von Erichs clearing the ring.  It settled down into Marshall Von Erich and Holliday going back and forth.  Ross tagged in, but so did Kruger, who was much bigger.  Ross charged and was grabbed by the throat.  He avoided Kruger and tagged Marshall back in.  The Von Erichs are wrestling in Dallas in 2022.  That's pretty cool.

Muertes worked over Ross for a long time.  Ross tried to fire back but was caught with a backbreaker.  Muertes and Hammerstone faced off.  Team Holliday worked over Ross in the corner as the referee prevented Hammerstein from assisting.  They beat him on the floor and tossed Ross back in, but he kicked up at two when Holliday tried to score a pinfall.

Holliday stomped away at Ross and whipped him into the corner.  Ross exploded out with a Claymore Kick and made his way to the corner, tagging Hammerstone.  Hammerstone whipped out a ton of suplexes and the crowd loved it.  He pulled Holliday into the ring and began wailing away on his former best friend.  He drove Richard into the buckles.  

The Von Erichs worked over Kruger on the floor.  Muertes attacked Hammerstone and nailed a powerslam for a two count.  Mads was tossed into the first row,  Hammerstone nailed a Jackhammer but Alicia was distracting the referee.  Muertes tagged out to Holliday as Hammer confronted Alicia.  Hammerstone was drilled with Atout's high heel and slammed for the pin.

Your winners, Richard Holliday & Mads Kruger & King Muerte!

Everyone worked really hard here.    Hammerstone's charisma for this audience is undeniable.  Holliday is a hell of a heel and you can see Alicia growing into her role as a heel antagonist at ringside.  The Dallas fans loved the hell out of the Von Erichs.  

Richard Holliday took the mic and said he wanted everyone to remember the moment he pinned the champion.  He said this isn't Von Erich country.  This isn't Hammerstone country.  It's Richard country.  He said it was always him, but Hammerstone was too stupid to realize it.  He promised he will have the gold one day.  He walked off with Hammerstone giving chase to the back.

Bandido vs. Flamita

They went back and forth with some insanely fun lucha action from the start.  The lovely stuff that you'd expect from them.  Flamita tried to unmask Bandido, who fought him off.  They battled to the floor and around ringside.  They fought to the stage, where Flamita nailed a nasty looking suplex on the ramp.  Bandido kept working over Bandido and kicked at him, talking trash and daring him to fight back.  Bandido fought to his feet and nailed him with forearms and chops.  They went nose to nose and began slugging it out.  Bandido came back with a big head scissors takedown, doing a series of rotations that sent Flamita to the floor.  He then hit a dive to the floor.

Bandido drilled him and nailed a bodypress from the ropes to the outside.  Flamita controlled Bandido for a long time.  He teased coming off the ropes, then flipped off the crowd, dropped down and covered Bandido for a two count.  Bandido fought back but was caught with a leaping DDT into the ring for a two count.  It was CLOSE, as if Bandido almost didn't kick out at the last second.  Flamita went for a powerbomb but Bandido turned it into a sunset flip for a two count.

Bandido exploded with a ton of hot offense but in the end, was too spent to capitalize and cover his opponent.  The referee began counting them out but they got up before the ten.  Flamita walloped Bandido with a superkick and nailed a sit-out powerbomb for a two count.  He went for a moonsault but Bandido put his feet up and kicked him in the face.  Bandido hit his springboard back suplex for the pin.

Your winner, Bandido!

That was a HELL of a match.

Bandido offered his hand but Flamita flipped him off and left.

Lots of Bandido chants after.

Holidead with Gangrel and Dr. Dax vs. Chik Tormenta

This is Tormenta's MLW debut.

They locked up with Tormenta backing her in the corner and chopping Holidead.  They locked up again and this time, it was Holidead delivering the chop.  Tormenta cut her off charging the ring and nailed a dropkick.  Holidead was sent to the floor.  Tormenta hit a tope suicida.  She went for another but was drilled as she hit the ropes by Holidead.

Holidead charged her across the ring, nailing clotheslines in the corner.  She suplexed Tormenta, then attacked the leg, dropping elbows.  She locked on a submission, trying to force Tormenta to tap.  Tormenta made it to the ropes and nailed a rana.  Holidead caught her going for another and dropped her into a powerbomb for a two count.  Tormenta took control and came off the top with a Meteora for a two count.  She went for a moonsault but missed.  Holidead nailed her with a Jay-Driller and scored the pin.  Wow, that's an upset.

Your winner, Holidead!

This was OK.  It felt like at times it was clicking and other times, it wasn't.  OK.

Holidead and friends did an interview at ringside.  She said they could bring the competition from Mexico or anywhere but they would be going down.

Aerostar & Microman & El Dragon vs. Strange Sangre (Arez & Mini Abismo Negro & TJP with Gangrel)

Arez and Aerostar started.  Dragon looked strong with some fun lucha offense.  TJP cut him off.  They had some fun spots where Microman took down TJP.  Aerostar tagged in but was overpowered by TJP.  Strange Sangre worked him over for a long time.  Aerostar tagged in but was trounced for a long time.  Negro attacked Microman in the corner and stomped him and Dallas did not like that.  He ran Microman into the corner and choked him against the ropes.

They did a series of spots with splashes onto all three members of Strange Sangre.  Microman wanted in so they elevated and dropped him for a two count.  Holidead got involved and tried to splash him but he moved and her own charges were wiped out.  They went into a series of dives that were a lot of fun,  Aerostar nailed a big flip dive.  Negro did a moonsault to the floor.  Dragon nailed a great corkscrew dive.  This all led to Microman preparing to dive but he was attacked by TJP, who tried to figure out how to tie him up in a submission but Microman was too small.  He finally decided to just attack him but was snatched in an armbar and almost tapped.

Arez slammed Microman, who escaped the Mamba Splash.    Microman then caught Arez in a forward roll for the pin.

Your winners, Aerostar & Microman & El Dragon!

If you enjoy lucha, you aren't going to find a more fun trios bout than this one.

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