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By Mike Johnson on 2022-04-01 15:00:00

NZO vs. KC Navarro

NZO worked him over early until missing a charge into the buckles.  Navarro hit a moonsault and scored the pin faster than you could say 1-2-3 Kid.

Your winner, KC Navarro!

Lumberjacks with Straps: Gino Medina vs. Aramis.

Aramis charged the ring and hit a lucha armdrag that sent Medina to the apron, then dropkicked him off.  The Lumberjacks wailed away on him.  Aramis hit a big tope suicida.  He left Medina to be whipped.  Aramis went to the top but was shoved backwards, flipping down on the Lumberjacks.  He ran to the entrance.  Medina tossed him back out and he was worked over.  Media worked over Aramis, who fought his way to his feet, only to be chopped back down.  

Median went to slam Aramis on the buckles but Aramis rescued himself and nailed a lucha armdrag takedown.  He hit a standing fallaway slam for a two count.  He went to the top but was shoved off by Mini Abismi Negro and worked over.  Aramis grabbed a strap and wanted to use it but the referee stopped him.  Medina drilled him and rolled him up, hooking the tights for the pin.

Your winner, Gino Medina!

Jacob Fatu vs. Bestia 666 - Azteca Apocalypto

This was supposed to be LA Park but he was announced as injured.

They went back and forth until Fatu hit a dive out of the ring.  That scared me!  Big dude to by flying that fast.  Fatu worked over Bestia on the floor.  Fatu chopped Bestia on the floor.  There was a contingent of fans cheering on Bestia.  Fatu ripped them as he worked over Bestia.  He went to chop Bestia against the ring post but Bestia ducked and Fatu hurt his hand.

Bestia sent him into the guard rail.  Fatu fought back and sent him into the ring.  He nailed a top rope splash but Bestia kicked up at two.  Fatu went under the ring and pulled out some steel chairs.  He said he was going to whip Bestia's a**.  He wedged a chair in the buckles and kept beating down Bestia.  He went to send him into the chair but Bestia fought back.  They began slugging it out.  Fatu got the better of the exchange.  Fatu snatched and powerslammed him for a two count.

Bestia battled back and caught Fatu with a crucifix for a two count, then rammed him into the chair in the corner.  He nailed a muscle buster for a CLOSE two count.  Bestia worked him over with chairs to the back.  He rained down with right hands but was caught in a pop-up Samoan Drop for a two count.    Bestia nailed a Destroyer for another two count.

Bestia brought a door into the ring.  He drilled Fatu with a chair and placed the door between two chairs.  He peppered Fatu but was caught and Samoan Dropped through the door.  Fatu moonaulted and pinned hm.

Your winner, Jacob Fatu!

A fun brawl to close the show.

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