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By Mike Johnson on 2022-04-01 15:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of MLW Azteca Underground from Gilley's in Dallas, Texas.

If you didn't see Dylan Solis' coverage of last night's MLW show, you can check it out here.


Los Parks will not be appearing due to injuries.

Bestia 666 has been added to the show.

They announced a 9/10 Dallas return.

The legendary George Napolitano is shooting photos at ringside.

Dave Marquez is directing the show.

MLW Tag Team Champions Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka vs. ?

It was a quick victory for the Tag Champions.  Tankman and Nduka are now called Hustle & Power.  They did a post-match interview at ringside but I couldn't hear the verbiage.

They aired a Hammerstone All Access video piece.

MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone vs. Cesar Duran - No DQ

Cesar Duran came out wearing a black karate gi and flanked by several masked men.  Hammerstone teased throwing a shirt to the crowd but instead flung it in Duran's face.

One of the masked men gave the ring announcer instructions.  Duran was announced as having a black belt in violence and "your homeboy."  The announcer was forced to read an insulting intro for Hammerstone.  Duran said Hammerstone was going to get a gift of the Gods, an excuse he can use after he loses - Duran said he will fight with one arm tied behind his back.  Hammerstone said he could whoop his a** with both arms behind his back, so one arm is no problem.  Hammerstone's arm was handcuffed to a chain wrapped around him.

Duran said that he just needed one more thing, a little prop.  He was handed a steel chair.

They rang the bell.  Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout came out.  Holliday said this all seemed like a giant joke and a farce.  He said that if anyone is going to be wrestling for the MLW title, it should be him.  He told Hammer, it was always him, and then kicked him low and beat down Hammerstone in the corner.  He beat Hammerstone with the chair and mounted him, drilling him over and over with right hands as Alicia loved all of it.  He held up the title.

Duran said he loved it but he loves to give surprises and consequences and now, here it comes for him.  Mads Kruger and King Muertes came out and attacked Hammerstone.  The Von Erichs, Ross and Marshall, hit the ring and made the save.  Duran said they are going to pay for this.  They will face off in a Trios match tonight.

Obviously, all a backdrop for an angle.

Caribbean Champion Octagon Jr. vs. Matt Cross

They had some nice back and forth grappling before facing off.    They battled to the floor, where Octagon slammed Cross into the apron.  He tossed Cross back into the ring and scored a two count.  Cross regained control and nailed a big elbowdrop for a two count.  Cross rammed him into the buckles in several corners.  Octagon nailed a slingshot splash into the ring and scored a two count.

Cross came back with a top rope doublestomp and a kick for a two count.  They battled to a corner, where Octagon nailed a top rope rana into the ring.  He covered Cross but only earned a one count, which shocked the crowd,  Cross nailed a springboard cutter for a two count.  He went for a move off the top but Octagon moved and nailed him with a spinning package piledriver for the pin.

Your winner and still champion, Octagon Jr.!

This was fun from bell to bell.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alex Kane vs. Puma King vs. ACH vs. MLW Middleweight Champion Myron Reed vs. Juicy Finau

Finau used his power early but was swarmed by the others.  He ran through their assaults and snatched up King, only to eat a double superkick.  Reed began whipping out ranas.  ACH caught him in a pinfall combination but King broke it up.  He drilled Reed with a big kick.  King hit a dive to the outside on Kane.    Reed went for a big dive but was caught by Juicy so ACH wiped them out with a dive, then drilled Puma with one.

ACH had control of the ring but then Juicy returned.  He stacked up Reed and ACH and nailed a double Samoan Drop.  Juicy went to the top and dropped a headbutt on ACH, only to be attacked by Reed.  Reed was making the cover but a masked man attacked him and dragged him out of the ring, running him into the barricade.  No DQ?

Back in the ring, Kane slammed King and locked him in a crossface for a submission win.

Your winner and still MLW Openweight Champion Alex Kane!

Kane and got into it with Calvin Tankman, who was doing commentary.  EJ Nduka came out but Tankman got drilled from behind by Kane.  Kane and Mr. Thomas walked off.

This was really fun until Reed was attacked.  That seemed to take the energy out of the crowd and then they went right to the finish.

Danny Limelight with Julius Smokes vs. Davey Richards

Limelight cut a promo, saying Davey Richards isn't a wolf, he's an old dog about to be put out of his misery tonight.  He antagonized Dallas Cowboys fans and Smokes even challenged a fan to fight him.

They went back and forth a bit.  Richards went for a test of strength but Limelight drilled him with a kick.  Richards fired back with one.  Limelight controlled Richards for some time, nailing a neckbreaker and scoring several near falls.  He locked in a side chinlock.  Julius Smokes was insanely funny at ringside ripping on fans.  I'm glad he found a home here as he's phenomenal in his role and it's been far too long since he was utilized.  Richards finally made a comeback and locked on a grapevine submission.  Limelight teased tapping but finally made it to the ropes to force the break.

Limelight came back with a DDT, scoring a two count.  They battled back and forth with strikes.  Richards nailed a back suplex but Limelight bounced up, only to be nailed with a running knee for a close two count.  Richards nailed an evil looking piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Davey Richards!

This was a fun match with Limelight being elevated in theory by going toe to toe with Richards.

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