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By Matt Shalk on 2005-07-03 12:00:00

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AAA (Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion a.k.a. Triple A)  [Dead Link]

ACCW (Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

ACW (Assault Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link Search Site]

All Japan Women  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

AOPW (Alpha Omega Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

APW (Absolute Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

APWF (Allied Powers Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

AWA California [formerly AWA World Class]  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

AWE (American Wrestling Entertainment)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

AXW (Arkansas Xtreme Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

BBW (Big Bearded Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

BCW (Buzz Saw Wrestling)  [No Content]

CCW (Coastal Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

CCW (Crossroad Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

CIWA (Canadian Independent Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

CMPW (Critical Mass Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

DWA (Dominican Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

EWA (Eastern Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

EWA (Elite Wrestling Action)  [No Content]

EWF (Elite Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

Federacion Argentina de Catch  [Dead Link]

FLWA (French Lake Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Fusion  [Product Change] 

FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance) [Texas]  [Dead Link]

FWF (Funkdafied Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

H2W (H2 Pro-Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Hardway Wrestling  [Dead Link - Search Site]

HPW (Heritage Pro Wrestling)  [Site Abandoned] 

HVW (High Velocity Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

HWA (Heritage Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link] 

IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

IWF (Insane Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

JCW (Jersey Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

JWA Wrestling Alliance  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

KORE (Kings of Ring Extreme)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

KWE (Karnage Wrestling Entertainment)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

LIWF (Long Island Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

LWF (Lunatic Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

LXW (Lucha Xtreme Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

Marquee Wrestling  [Product Change]

MEGA (Massachusetts Extreme Grappling Arts)  [Dead Link]

MEWF (Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

MFW (Maximum Force Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

MFW (Mid Florida Wrestling)  [Dead Link] 

MMWA (Mid-Michigan Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

MPW (Mountaineer Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

MSPW (Midwestern States Professional Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

MSW  (MainStream Wrestling)  [Outdated Link]

NAW (New Age Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

NEPW (New Era Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

NGW (New Generation Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

NHB (No Holds Barred Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

NICW (National Independent Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

NWA Green Mountain [Dead Link] 

NWA New Jersey / New York  [Dead Link] 

NWA North Jersey (United Wrestling Alliance) [Dead Link] 

NWA PWE (a.k.a. PWE - Pro Wrestling Evolution)  [Dead Link]

PHPW (Powerhouse Professional Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

PNPW South (Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling South)  [Dead Link]

Pro Wrestling War  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

PWP (Pro Wrestling Premiere)  [Dead Link] 

Revolution Pro Wrestling  [Dead Link]

RPW (Rampage Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

RWF (Real Wrestling Federation)  [Site Abandoned]

SECW (Southeastern Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

SWA (Superior Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link]

TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

TMPW (Total Mayhem Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

TRCW (Top Rope Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

UWA (Universal Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

UWC (United Wrestling Coalition)  [Dead Link]

VCW (Vegas Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

WAM (Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem)  [Dead Link]

WCEW (World Class Extreme Wrestling)  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

WWA (World Wrestling All-Stars)  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

XW (X Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

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