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By Matt Shalk on 2005-07-03 12:00:00

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3PW (Pro Pain Pro Wrestling)

5SW (5 Star Wrestling)


AAW (All American Wrestling)

AAWA-IBW (All-American Wrestling Alliance - Insane Bunkhouse Wrestling)

ACPW (Atlantic Championship Pro Wrestling)

ACW (All-Star Championship Wrestling) [North Carolina]

ACW (All-Star Championship Wrestling) [Wisconsin] [a.k.a. NWA Wisconsin]

ACW (Amarillo Championship Wrestling)

ACW (American Championship Wrestling) [Southwest]

ACW (American Championship Wrestling) [Utah]

ACW (Asylum Championship Wrestling)

ACW (Athletic Club Wrestling)

ACW (Atlas Championship Wrestling)

ACW (Assault Championship Wrestling)

ACW 2010 (Atomic Championship Wrestling)

ACWA (American Championship Wrestling Alliance)

AIW (American International Wrestling)

AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling)

All-Star Wrestling

APCW (All Pro Championship Wrestling)

APW (All Pro Wrestling)

ASW (All-Star Wrestling)

AWA (American Wrestling Alliance)

AWA (American Wrestling Association) [Site One]

AWA (American Wrestling Association) [Site Two]

AWA Canada [a.k.a. RCW - River City Wrestling]  New URL!

AWA Chicago [a.k.a. Slam Wrestling]

AWA Delaware [a.k.a. MCW - Maximum Championship Wrestling]

AWA Florida

AWA Indiana [a.k.a. SCW - Supreme Championship Wrestling]

AWA Japan [a.k.a. Pro Wrestling Zero-One MAX]

AWA Kentucky [a.k.a. RWA - Retro Wrestling Alliance]

AWA Michigan [a.k.a UCW - Ultimate Championship Wrestling] 

AWA Mid-Atlantic [a.k.a. CWF Mid-Atlantic]

AWA New England [a.k.a. MWF - Millennium Wrestling Federation]

AWA Nevada [a.k.a. SCPW - Sin City Pro Wrestling]

AWA Rocky Mountains [a.k.a. RMCW - Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling]

AWA SSCW [a.k.a. Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling]

AWA Tennessee [a.k.a. IWF Pro Wrestling]

AWA Utah [a.k.a. UCW Zero - Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero]

AWF (Africa Wrestling Federation)

AWF (Appalachian Wrestling Federation)

AWF (Atlantic Wrestling Federation)

AZW (Action Zone Wrestling)


Ballpark Brawl


BBW (Bad 2 The Bone Wrestling)

BBW (Best of British Wrestling)

BCW (Bluegrass Championship Wrestling)

BCW (Border City Wrestling)

BCW (Brew City Wrestling)

BCW (British Championship Wrestling)  

BDW (Black Diamond Wrestling)

BEER (Brutal Extreme Explosive Rasslin')

BHW (British Hybrid Wrestling)

BJW (Big Japan Pro Wrestling)

BPW (Buckeye Pro Wrestling)

BTW (Big Time Wrestling)

BWA (Blackburn Wrestling Alliance)

BWCW (Blue Water Championship Wrestling)  New URL!

BWF (Bruiser Wrestling Federation)

BWO (Bodyslam Wrestling Organization)


CAPW (Charleston All-Pro Wrestling)

CAPW (Cleveland All-Pro Wrestling)


CCW (Capital City Wrestling)

CCW (Carolina Championship Wrestling)

CCW (Classic Championship Wrestling) [Pennsylvania]

CCW (Classic Championship Wrestling) [Illinois]

CCW (Coastal Championship Wrestling)

CCW (Coliseum Championship Wrestling)

CCW (Combat Championship Wrestling)

CCW (Connecticut Championship Wrestling)

Celebrity Wrestling [UK Television Program]

CEW-NCW: Xtreme Wrestling

CHIKARA Pro Wrestling 

CIW (Championship International Wrestling)

CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre)

Combat Fusion

CPW (Canadian Professional Wrestling)

CPW (Championship Pro Wrestling)

CPWA (Carolina Pro Wrestling Association)

CREW (Coastal Real Extreme Wrestling)


CSWF (CyberSpace Wrestling Federation)

CW (Championship Wrestling)

CW (Chaotic Wrestling)

CWA Wrestling

CWA (Championship Wresting Association) [a.k.a. NWA Quebec]

CWA (Christian Wrestling Alliance)

CWF (Canadian Wrestling Federation) [a.k.a. NWA CWF]

CWF (Christian Wrestling Federation)

CWF Mid-Atlantic [a.k.a. AWA Mid-Atlantic]

CWFL (Championship Wrestling Florida) [a.k.a. NWA CWFL]

CWP (Championship Wrestling Productions)

CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling)


DCW (Dayton Championship Wrestling)

DCW (Deluxe Championship Wrestling) 

DCW (Dynamite Championship Wrestling)

DPW (Defiant Pro Wrestling)

Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling

DSW (Deep South Wrestling)

DW (Dangerous Women of Wrestling)


ECCW (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA Pacific Northwest]

ECPW (East Coast Professional Wrestling)

ECWA  (East Coast Wrestling Association)

EKCW (Eastern Kentucky Championship Wrestling)

EMLL (Empressa Mexicana Lucha Libre)

EPWT (Elite Pro Wrestling Training)

ETWA (Eastern Township Wrestling Association)

EWA (Empire Wrestling Alliance)

EWA (Exodus Wrestling Alliance)

EWF (Empire Wrestling Federation)

EWF (Extreme Wrestling Federation)


FCW (Falls City Wrestling)

FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling)

FEW (Florida Extreme Wrestling)

FIP (Full Impact Pro)

FMLL (Lucha Libre USA)

FNW (Far North Wrestling)

FOW (Future of Wrestling)

FSCW (Four Star Championship Wrestling)

FSPW (Future Stars of Professional Wrestling)

FTW (Full Throttle Wrestling)

Fusion Pro Wrestling

FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance)


GAEA Japan [English Site]

GAEA Japan [Japanese Site]

GCW (Gateway Championship Wrestling)

GCW (Georgia Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA Georgia]

GCW (Global Championship Wrestling)

GLCW (Great Lakes Championship Wrestling)

GPW (Global Pro Wrestling)

GWA (Georgia Wrestling Alliance)


Hammerlock Wrestling [a.k.a. NWA United Kingdom]

Hardcore Homecoming

HCW (Hawaii Championship Wrestling)

HCW (Hellaware Championship Wrestling)

HCW Championship Wrestling

HIW (High Impact Wrestling)

HoPWF (House of Pain Wrestling Federation)

House of Pain Wrestling

HPW (Hoosier Pro Wrestling)

HWA (Heartland Wrestling Association)


ICW (Impact Championship Wrestling)

ICW (Independent Championship Wrestling) [Florida]

ICW (Independent Championship Wrestling) [North Carolina]

ICW (International Championship Wrestling)

ICW (Italian Championship Wrestling)

ICWA (International Catch Wrestling Alliance)

IEW (Intense Entertainment Wrestling)

I-Pro (Interstate Promotions)

IPW (Impact Pro Wrestling)

IPW (Insanity Pro Wrestling)

IPWA (Israeli Pro Wrestling Association)

IWA (International Wrestling Alliance)

IWA (International Wrestling Association)

IWA East Coast

IWA FF (International Wrestling Alliance FlashFire)

IWA Mid-South

IWA Puerto Rico (International Wrestling Association)

IWC (International Wrestling Cartel)

IWF (Independent Wrestling Federation)

IWF Pro Wrestling [a.k.a. AWA Tennessee]

IWI (Intense Wrestling Inc.)

IWR (Independent Wrestling Revolution)

IWS (Internet Wrestling Syndicate)

IwW (Irish Whip Wrestling)

IXWF (Island Xtreme Wrestling Federation) [a.k.a. NWA Hawaii]

IZW (Impact Zone Wrestling)


JAPW (Jersey All-Pro Wrestling)

JCW (Juggalo Championshit Wrestling)


KCW (Keystone Championship Wrestling)

KCW (King Championship Wrestling)

Kiryoku Pro

K-Star Wrestling 

KSWA (Keystone State Wrestling Alliance)

KYDA Pro-Wrestling


LAW (Lethal Attitude Wrestling)

LAW (Live Action Wrestling)

LLF (Lucha Libre Femenil)

LWF (Landmark Wrestling Federation)


MAW (Mid American Wrestling) [a.k.a NWA Mid American]

MACW (Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA Mid-Atlantic]

MCW (Maximum Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. AWA Delaware]

MCW (Mega Championship Wrestling)

MDW (Mason-Dixon Wrestling)

Memphis Wrestling

MEW (Maniak Enterprise Wrestling)

MEW (Midland Empire Wrestling)

MFW (Michigan Franchise Wrestling)

MIW (Minnesota Independent Wrestling)

MLW (Major League Wrestling)


MPW (Mayhem Pro Wrestling)

MPW (Metro Pro Wrestling)

MPW (Midwest Pro Wrestling)

MPW (Monster Pro Wrestling)

MRW (Midwest Regional Wrestling)

MSWA (Mid South Wrestling Alliance)

MTWA (Middle Tennessee Wrestling Association)

MWA (Maryland Wrestling Alliance)

MWA (Mountain Wrestling Association)

MWF (Micro Wrestling Federation)

MWF (Millennium Wrestling Federation) [Massachusetts] [a.k.a. AWA New England]

MWF (Millennium Wrestling Federation) [North Carolina]

MWF (Millennium Wrestling Federation) [Ohio]


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