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By Matt Shalk on 2005-07-03 12:00:00

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NACW (North American Championship Wrestling)

NAW (New Age Wrestling)

NAW (New Alliance Wrestling)

NAW (North American Wrestling)

NAWA (New Age Wrestling Alliance) [Dallas / Fort Worth]

NAWA (New Age Wrestling Alliance) [East Texas]

NAWA Ring Champions [a.k.a. NWA NAWA]

NAWF (North American Wrestling Federation)

NBWA (New Breed Wrestling Association)

NCW (National Championship Wrestling)

NCW (NCW-Lutte)

NECW (New England Championship Wrestling)

Neo Pro Wrestling

NEPW (New Era Pro Wrestling)

NEW (New Empire Wrestling)

NEWA (North End Wrestling Alliance)

NFW (National Federation of Wrestling)

NGW (Next Generation Wrestling)

NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA New Japan] [English Site]

NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA New Japan] [Japanese Site]

NNW (No Name Wrestling)

NRW (New Revolution Wrestling)

NSW (New South Wrestling)

NVW (Nittany Valley Wrestling)

NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)

NWA Alabama [a.k.a. NWA Xtreme]

NWA Australia

NWA Battle Zone [a.k.a NWA Mississippi]

NWA Bluegrass

NWA Blue Ridge

NWA California [a.k.a. PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling]

NWA Central States

NWA CWF [a.k.a. CWF - Canadian Wrestling Federation]

NWA CWFL [a.k.a. CWFL - Championship Wrestling from Florida]

NWA Cyberspace

NWA East [a.k.a. PWX - Pro Wrestling eXpress

NWA Florida

NWA Georgia [a.k.a. GCW - Georgia Championship Wrestling]

NWA Great Lakes

NWA Hawaii [a.k.a. IXWF - Island Xtreme Wrestling Federation]

NWA Ireland

NWA Main Event

NWA Mid American [a.k.a. MAW - Mid American Wrestling]

NWA Mid-Atlantic [a.k.a. MACW - Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling]

NWA Mid-South

NWA Midwest

NWA Missouri

NWA NAWA [a.k.a. NAWA Ring Champions]

NWA New England

NWA New Japan [a.k.a. NJPW - New Japan Pro Wrestling] [English Site]

NWA New Japan [a.k.a. NJPW - New Japan Pro Wrestling] [Japanese Site]

NWA New South

NWA No Limits

NWA Oklahoma

NWA Pacific Northwest [a.k.a. ECCW - Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling]

NWA Quebec [a.k.a. CWA - Championship Wresting Association]

NWA Southwest

NWA TNA [a.k.a. TNA Wrestling - Total Nonstop Action Wrestling]

NWA Tri-State

NWA United Kingdom [a.k.a. Hammerlock Wrestling]

NWA Upstate [New York]

NWA Virginia

NWA Wildside

NWA Wisconsin [a.k.a. ACW - All Star Championship Wrestling]

NWC (National Wrestling Coalition)

NWF (Northern Wrestling Federation)

NWL (National Wrestling League)

NWS (National Wrestling Superstars)

NWW (New World Wrestling)

NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection)


OAW (Ohio Appalachian Wrestling)

OMEGA (Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts)

Onita Pro

OPW (Ontario Pro Wrestling)

Osaka Pro Wrestling

OSPW (Old School Pro Wrestling)

OTW (Old Time Wrestling)

OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling)


PCW (Plymouth Championship Wrestling)

PCW (Power Championship Wrestling)

PCW (Premier Championship Wrestling)

PCW (Professional Championship Wrestling)  

PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA California] [California]

PCW (Pro Championship Wrestling) [Illinois]

Pgh Pro Wrestling (Pittsburgh Professional Wrestling)

PGWA (Professional Girls Wrestling Association)

Pinnacle Wrestling

PNPW (Pacific Northwest Pro Wrestling)

POW (Professional Outlaw Wrestling)

Price of Glory Wrestling  New URL!

Pro Wrestling Elite 

Pro Wrestling IRON

Pro Wrestling MADE (Modern Action Diverse Entertainment)

Pro Wrestling NOAH

Pro Wrestling Zero-One

Pro Wrestling Zero-One MAX [a.k.a. AWA Japan] 

PWA (Prairie Wrestling Alliance)

PWA (Professional Wrestling Alliance)

PWC (Pro Wrestling Canada)

PWF Northeast

PWP (Pro Wrestling Premiere)

PWU (Pro Wrestling Unplugged)

PWX (Pro Wrestling eXpress) [a.k.a. NWA East] 

PYW (Penn York Wrestling)


QCW (Queen City Wrestling)


RBW (Revolution British Wrestling)

RCW (Real Canadian Wrestling)

RCW (Revolution Championship Wrestling)

RCW (Revolutionary Championship Wrestling)

RCW (River City Wrestling) [a.k.a. AWA Canada]  New URL!

RCW (Roc City Wrestling)

Revolution X Wrestling

Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance

Ring Wars

RMCW (Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. AWA Rocky Mountains]

ROH (Ring of Honor)

RPW (Real Pro Wrestling)

RPW (Rochester Pro Wrestling)

RWA (Retro Wrestling Alliance) [a.k.a. AWA Kentucky]

RWC (Ring Wars Carolina)

RWF (Ringside Wrestling Federation)


SAW (Slam All-Star Wrestling)

SAW (Soul Asylum Wrestling)

SCCW (South Coast Championship Wrestling)

SCCW (Southern California Championship Wrestling)

SCPW - Sin City Pro Wrestling [a.k.a. AWA Nevada]

SCW (Scott County Wrestling)

SCW (Southern Championship Wrestling) [Florida]

SCW (Southern Championship Wrestling) [North Carolina]

SCW (Southern Championship Wrestling) [South Carolina]

SCW (Supreme Championship Wrestling) [a.k.a. AWA Indiana]

SDW (Steel Domain Wrestling)

SGWA (South Georgia Wrestling Alliance)

Slam Wrestling [a.k.a. AWA Chicago]

SPW (Southwest Premier Wrestling)

SPW (Sunray Pro Wrestling) [formerly NWA Sunray]  Now Open!

SPW (Supreme Pro Wrestling)

SRPW (Steel Rage Pro Wrestling)

SSCW (Stars & Stripes Championship Wrestling) [AWA Member]

Stampede Wrestling

SWA (Southern Wrestling Alliance)

SWF (Star Wrestling Federation)

SWO (Susquehanna Wrestling Organization)

SWWF (South Western Wrestling Federation)

SXW (Southern Xtreme Wrestling)


TASW (Texas All-Star Wrestling)

TLW (Totally Lethal Wrestling)

TMPW (Total Mayhem Pro Wrestling)

TNA Wrestling (Total Nonstop Action Wrestling) [a.k.a. NWA TNA]

TNW (Top Notch Wrestling)

Toryumon (Ultimo Dragon Gym)

TPW (Tornado Pro Wrestling)

TRW (Three Rivers Wrestling)

TRW (Top Ranked Wrestling)

TSW (Tri-State Wrestling)

TWE (Texas Wrestling Entertainment) 

TWF (Texas Wrestling Federation)

TWF (The Wrestling Federation)

TWF (Thunder Wrestling Federation)

TWWA (Trans World Wrestling Alliance)

TXW (Texas Xtreme Wrestling)

TZW (ThunderZone Wrestling)


UCCW (Ultimate Classic Championship Wrestling)

UCW (Ulster Championship Wrestling)

UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) [Michigan] [a.k.a. AWA Michigan] 

UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) [Massachusetts]

UCW (Ultimate Championship Wrestling) [Virginia]

UCW (Ultra Championship Wrestling)

UCW (Unified Championship Wrestling)

UCW (Unique Championship Wrestling)

UCW (Universal Championship Wrestling)

UCW-Zero (Ultra Championship Wrestling Zero) [a.k.a. AWA Utah]

UKPW (United Kingdom Pro Wrestling)

Ultraviolent Underground

UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling)

UPW (United Pro Wrestling)

USWF (United States Wrestling Federation)

UWA (Ultimate Wrestling Alliance)

UWA (United Wrestling Alliance)

UWC (United Wrestling Council)

UXW (USA Xtreme Wrestling)  


VCW (Vanguard Championship Wrestling)


WAM! Pro Wrestling (Wrestling Alliance Midwest)

WAR (WAR Wrestling)

WAR (Wrestling Association of Rugby)

Warrior 1 Wrestling

WAW (World Alliance of Wrestling)

WAW (World Association of Wrestling)

WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling)

WCEW (World Class Extreme Wrestling)

WCPW (West Coast Pro Wrestling)

WCPW (Windy City Pro Wrestling)

WCWA (World Championship Wrestling of America)

WCWO (Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws)

WEW (Women's Extreme Wrestling)

WFA (Wrestling Federation of America)

Whiplash Wrestling

WMF (Wrestling Marvelous Future)

WOHW (World of Hurt Wrestling)

WoW (Warriors of Wrestling)

WOW (Wisconsin Organized Wrestling)

WSW (Wild Southern Wrestling)

WSW (Washington State Wrestling)

WWA (Western Wrestling Association)

WWA (World Wrestling Alliance)

WWC (World Wrestling Council)

WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

WWSA (World Wrestling Stars Alliance Over The Top)

WWWA (World Wide Wrestling Alliance)

WWZ (World Wrestling Zone)

WXW (World Xtreme Wrestling)

WZW (Wrestle Zone Wrestling)


X3 Wrestling

XCW (Xtreme Championship Wrestling)

XICW (Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling)  

XJAM Pro Wrestling

XMCW (Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling)

XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance)

XWE (X-Treme Wrestling Entertainment)

XWF (X Wrestling Federation)


YPW (Yankee Pro Wrestling)


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