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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-29 19:27:00


They opened up with a nice video package on the history of the Rumble before blowing some stuff up.

They claimed 52,000 were in attendance.

WWE Raw Women's champion Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley

Charlotte controlled Bayley early on.   The announcers told a story that Charlotte has been at this major stage before while it was Bayley's first time at this level.  Bayley was sent to the floor but returned to the ring and got right back in and tossed Charlotte out.  Bayley charged for a kick through the ropes but was caught.  She was able to turn it into a rana to the floor.  Bayley nailed a bodypress off the ropes to the floor.  She tossed the champ in for a two count.

Charlotte went back to the floor.  Bayley followed and went to grab her but was smashed into the corner of the ring apron, then kicked into the ring steps.   Charlotte tossed her back into the ring and scored a two count.  Charlotte began beating her head into the mat over and over.  Charlotte continued controlling the challenger and cinched in a chinlock.

Charlotte continued to work over Bayley, chopping her in the corner.  She went for a slam but Bayley slid behind her.  Charlotte countered into a neckbreaker and nailed her for a two count.   Bayley made a comeback and nailed a nice looking flying elbow but only scored a two count.  Charlotte cut her off and locked in the figure 8.   Bayley was able to turn it over and reverse the pressure, but Charlotte reversed it again and began using the ropes for leverage, only to be caught by the referee.

Charlotte went to the top for a moonsault  but Bayley pulled up her knees and covered Charlotte for a close two count.   Bayley went to the top but was shoved to the floor.  Charlotte nailed Natural Selection on the apron outside and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Raw Women's champion, Charlotte Flair!

Good opener with some nice hope spots for Bayley that the crowd believed and a good finish that showed how far Flair had to go to get the win. 

Noelle Foley and her boyfriend Frank The Clown are sitting in the crowd.

WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns - No DQ with Chris Jericho hanging above the ring in a Shark Cage.

Roman was booed out of the building.  Owens and Jericho were standing there about to let Jericho go sadly into the cage but suddenly attacked Reigns.  The crowd chanted "Y2J" briefly.  Reigns made a comeback and sent Jericho into the cage several times.  He tossed Jericho into the cage and up he went.

They rang the bell and Owens jumped Reigns as he watched Jericho rise into the air.   Reigns made a comeback and they battled to the floor and into the crowd.   They brawled to where the international announcers were sequestered.  They battled back to the ringside area.  Owens grabbed the cover of the German announcers' table but Reigns nailed him with it.   Owens was slammed facefirst into the table.  Reigns whipped him towards the steps but Owens was able to reverse it.

Owens went under the ring and pulled out a pile of chairs.  He worked over Reigns and set up a two-tiered chair tower on the floor.  He drilled Reigns in the ribs with a chair several times.  He pulled Reigns up onto the apron.  He attempted a powerbomb off the apron through the chairs but Reigns was able to prevent it and drilled the champion with a right hand.  He grabbed Owens and teased suplexing him out of the ring onto the chairs.  Owens saved himself and nailed several right hands, trying to knock the challenger off the apron.

Owens went to rebound off the ropes but was caught with a pair of clotheslines.   He rammed Owens' shoulder into the ringpost.  Reigns brought a table into the ring.   Owens caught him with a backstabber for a two count.   Owens removed the table from the ring.  Owens mocked Reigns while setting up for a cannonball but was nailed with a kick and a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Roman set up for the Superman Punch, so Owens rolled out to the apron.  Roman went to the floor and drilled him with the Driveby.  Reigns set up the table on the floor but Owens drilled him with a pair of superkicks.  Owens nailed a great looking frog splash off the top through the table on the floor.  The place went nuts and chanted "Holy sh**!"

Owens tossed Reigns back into the ring and covered him, but Reigns kicked up at the last second.   Owens retrieved a chair from under the ring and drilled Reigns in the shoulder with it.   He slammed it down hard over Reigns' back for another two count.   Owens tried to whip Reigns across the ring but Reigns reversed and nailed a series of shots in the corner.  Owens and Reigns exchanged big shots in the center of the ring.  Owens faked out Reigns and nailed him with a Superkick, then sent him flying into a chair he had wedged in the corner for a two count.

Jericho tossed brass knuckles from the cage down to Owens.   Owens mocked Reigns and tried to do the Superman Punch with them but Reigns blocked it and tried to get the knocks.  Owens nailed the Superman Punch finally and scored a close two count.  Great stuff here.  Owens went for the F5 but Roman reversed and hit a Samoan Drop through a chair for a close two count.

Reigns pulled another table out from under the ring.  He set it up in the corner.  Owens cut him off but was nailed with the Superman Punch for a two count.   Reigns went for the spear but Owens kicked him and nailed a Stone Cold Stunner for a two count.  Reigns kicked up at the last second. 

Owens went to the outside and pulled up Reigns to attempt to do a superplex through the chair tower on the floor.  Reigns fought him off and nailed a Superman Punch, sending Owens crashing down through the chairs.  That looked evil.

Reigns tried to pull Owens back into the ring but changed his mind.  He cleared off the announcers' table to prepare putting Owens through it.   He muscled up Owens and powerbombed him through the table.   Reigns tossed Owens back into the ring and set up for a spear through the table in the corner but Braun Strowman attacked Reigns, pulling him out of the ring and slamming him atop of one of the other announcers' tables.  Reigns was pulled back into the ring and hit a running powerslam through the table in the corner on Roman.

Owens crawled across the ring and pinned Reigns.

Your winner and still WWE Universal champion, Kevin Owens!

Really great brawl with some back and forth physical action, some spectacular bumps from Owens and good work from both men.  Absolutely worth going out of your way to see this match.   Really loved this a lot.

I guess we can look forward to Strowman vs. Reigns, possibly even later tonight as Strowman will be in the Rumble and you can see Reigns trying to screw him out of his potential Mania main event. 

Jericho returned and checked on Owens, helping him out of the ring.

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