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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-29 19:27:00

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon complained to Mick Foley the shark cage wasn't effective.  He said he didn't see that coming.  Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon arrived .  They were in front of a tumbler.  Sami Zayn came in get his number.  He didn't want to make a decision.  Bryan yelled at him to just grab a ball.  Dean Ambrose showed up, thinking there were churros in the room.  He was told to take the number.  He opened Sami's number for him.  Sami was number 8.  Dean didn't want to reveal his.   They seem to be booking Zayn to be Screech from Saved by The Bell, just this annoying nerdy guy.

WWE Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann vs. Neville

They started out hot with some nice back and forth action.  Swann nailed a pescado to the floor and slammed Neville into the apron outside.  Neville cut him off inside the ring and slammed him with authority.  Neville nailed a big missile dropkick for a two count.   He followed up with a kick to the head and drove Swann's face into the mat by drilling his boot into the back of his head for a two count.

Neville was drilled in the gut by a right hand but responded with a kick.  Swann used a rolling crucifix for a two count but Neville transitioned it into an attempt at his new submission.  Swann made it to the ropes to prevent it but Neville kicked him in the head.   Neville nailed a nice suplex and drilled the champ with a running forearm in the corner for a two count.  Neville took him to the floor, where he tossed Swann into the barricades.

Swann was tossed back into the ring.  Neville ascended to the top and came off but was nailed with a superkick in mid-air.    Swann made a comeback, hitting a rana out of the corner.  Neville went to the floor and Swann nailed a Phoenix Splash to the floor.  Swann mounted him and began beating him down with right hands and kicks.  He drilled him with a roundhouse kick for a two count.

Swann continued the offense until Neville caught him on the ropes.  Neville was sent into the ring after attempting a superplex.  Neville was drilled with a kick but Neville nailed a superkick.  He went for a German suplex but Swann used a pinfall combination for a two count.  Swann nailed an awesome KO kick but Neville kicked up at the last second.

Swann went to the top but Neville met him and snapped him into a superplex for another close two count.  Neville went right for the butterfly submission and Swann tapped.

Your winner and new WWE Cruiserweight champion, Neville!

Really good back and forth match.  They had the chance to tell a great physical story.  I wish WWE would give the Cruisers the time they gave this every week.  Real entertaining from bell to bell.

WWE champion AJ Styles vs. John Cena.

They faced off and Cena was caught with a kick early.  Styles gained control early, sending Cena into the buckles hard several times.  Styles nailed some hard kicks.  He nailed a forearm smash and a leaping kneedrop.  Styles continued working him over until missing another kneedrop.  Cena hit a big backdrop.   Styles was able to cut off his momentum with several right hands, rocking Cena back on the mat.

Cena ducked a right hand and nailed a shoulderblock.  Cena went for a move but AJ reversed it into an rana and nailed a forearm smash for a two count.   Styles called for the Styles Clash but Cena was able to slip out and slam Styles down.  Cena nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb and called for the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Styles got to his feet, drilled Cena with a kick and nailed a German suplex followed by a Facebuster for a two count.  This is already really good.

Styles continued working over Cena until being drilled with a lariat that sent Cena inside out and upiside down.  Cena nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle and set up for the AA.  Styles grabbed the ropes to avoid it.  Cena nailed a series of rights on Styles as he was on the buckles.   Styles slipped out from underneath, locked Cena in a Torture Rack and turned it into a sitdown spinning powerbomb for another two count.

Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm but Cena nailed Styles out of nowhere with the AA for another two count.    Cena waited for his mark and drilled Styles with a right clothesline for another two count.  Cena set up for another, waiting for Styles to pull himself to his feet.  Styles ducked and nailed a Pele Kick.  He charged but was backdropped over the top, landing on his feet.  Styles nailed the springboard forearm for a two count.  Great stuff.

Styles began beating Cena's chest and shoulder in with kicks.  Cena finally ducked one, pulled Cena on his shoulders and slammed him forward to the mat.  They battled back and forth with kicks and punches.  Styles and Cena went back and forth until Styles caught him in the Calf Crusher.  Cena powered out and turned it into the STF  Styles tried to get to the ropes so Cena pulled him back to the center of the ring.  Styles was able to get out and covered him for a two count, then cinched in a STF of his own. 

Styles and Cena went back and forth untl Cena locked on a figure four leglock.  Styles slipped out and turned it into a cross armbreaker.   Cena powered out and powerbombed Styles down.   Cena went to the top and went for the Alabama Jam but Styles turned it into a powerbomb and then hit the Styles Clash for a CLOSE two count.    Styles went to the outside for a springboard 450 splash but Cena pulled his knees up.

Cena nailed the Code Red for a two count.    Styles cut him off and nailed a DVDR, drilling his neck over Styles' knee for another close two count.   Cena caught him and catapulted him into the top turnbuckle and nailed a cutter for a two count.   Cena nailed the AA off the middle rope but Styles kicked out at the last second.  Styles worked over Cena but was caught going for a springboard move and nailed with a pair of AAs for the pin.

Your winner and new WWE champion, John Cena!

Cena ties Ric Flair's fictional 16 time World championship record (Flair actually had it far more many times) in an awesome back and forth match.  Styles was just on point here and Cena was just great and came off at times like a beast.  It was one of the best matches the two have had to date and had a huge big time feel.  You could hear the Alamodome just going nuts for every near fall.  Great stuff.

Cena went into the crowd to celebrate with a young child wearing a Make-A-Wish shirt.  Class act.

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