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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-06-24 20:39:00

TV Title Match: Bobby Fish vs Dalton Castle

Dalton has an additional four or five boys at ringside with him for his entrance.  Bobby had none, unsurprisingly.  Fish gets the early advantage on the mat, but Dalton slows that down by going to the ribs and getting a gutwrench.  Dalton takes Fish to the mat and...kind of goes nuts headbutting his own hands.  Okay.  Fish responds by attacking Dalton's knees, then snap suplexes him for 2.  Dalton slumps Fish on the top turnbuckle and connects with a running kneestrike as the fans are evenly split with their chanting.  Dalton hits a gutwrench suplex, but misses a charge in the corner and gets tackled across the ring by his fellow upstate New Yorker.  Fish suplexes Dalton into the corner for 2, but Dalton responds with a delayed bridging German suplex for 2.  They trade shots and Fish gets the Fishhook, but Dalton makes the ropes.  They go out to the apron where they trade shots until Fish sweeps his legs.  How 'bout a front kick, Bobby?  Fish rams Dalton into the barricade, but he tries a dive and gets caught and suplexed into the crowd by Dalton.  Fish barely gets to his feet before Dalton comes over the rail with a dive that takes out Fish and a couple security guys.  They wind up back at ringside where Fish suplexes Dalton into the ringpost, and both barely beat the count back into the ring.  Dalton suplexes Fish right on his head and then goesfor the Bangarang, but Fish counters to a rollup for 3.

Winner: Bobby Fish

Good match, and definitely got a lot more heated than I thought it would!  Close loss, and I wouldn't be surprised to see this lead to a rematch in the near future.  

The All Night Express comes out with the Cabinet and Caprice Coleman, who says four years ago, the ANX won the ROH World Tag Team Title.  They never lost the title, and four years later, have to pay for time on this show.  They're tired of getting overlooked, and that's why they've decided to form the Cabinet.  Rhett asks the last time we saw a pro wrestler look like a pro wrestler, and he sat in the back watching a bunch of kids flip flopping around.  They're here to put a headlock on highspots, and it's his personal duty to make sure everyone in the back is doing their exercises because it pains him to see a day when the World Champion doesn't even have pecs, the tag champs have no abs, and the Young Bucks can't do anything but superkicks.  Kenny says that everyone has their supporters and naysayers, and their imitators, and there is an Olympic gold medalist out there selling t-shirts to try and make wrestling great again.  They're here to let all the champions in ROH know that they're marked men, and it doesn't matter what title it is, the ANX is coming to take what is theirs.  This is no hyperbole, rhetoric, or empty campaign promises, it's the truth, and this is awesome.  The Cabinet will make wrestling great again, they will take all the gold here in ROH, and they'll do it together.

ROH World Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe

Interesting note: even though only the ROH World Title is on the line here, Jay is one half of the IWGP Tag Team Champions, so this is once again champion vs champion.  I wish I was there live for this one too, though.  Feeling out procfess to start, but Lethal gets the hiptoss/dropkick combo early on.  Briscoe's got some fancy, kind of shaggy Neidhart pants going on tonight, and he uses them to snap off a headscissors.  Jay and Mark really have that Duck Dynasty look going on these days.  Lethal stomps Briscoe down in the corner, but Briscoe knocks Lethal silly with a boot to the fact and a hard slam for 1.  Back to trading shots, but Briscoe dumps Lethal to the apron and Lethal sunset flips in for 2.  Lethal dumps Briscoe to the apron and takes him out with a springboard dropkick and then a pair of dives.  Briscoe blocks the third by coming in with a big boot that knocks Lethal to the floor, then he takes Lethal out with three dives of his own.  Taeler Hendrix literally attacks Jay from behind right in front of the referee, and referee Todd Sinclair kicks her out of ringside.  She screams at Nigel until Mandy Leon gets up and chases her off far enough for security to eject her.  The distraction does allow Lethal to hit the Lethal Combination for a series of 2 counts, but can't put Briscoe away.  They trade right hands, Briscoe catches Lethal with a roaring elbow, goes for a Jay Driller, Lethal blocks, and Briscoe plants him with a powerbomb instead for 2.  Death Valley driver by Briscoe gets another 2, Lethal tries to crawl out to the floor, Briscoe tries to pull him back, but Lethal slips out to the floor and gives Briscoe an Ace Crusher off the apron onto the floor.  Lethal rolls Briscoe back into the ring and covers for 2, puts Briscoe on the top, and goes for a Frankensteiner, but Briscoe holds on and goes for a super Jay Driller, but Lethal counters to a Frankensteiner, then he goes right back up and hits Hail to the King for 2.  Lethal gets a figure four, and Briscoe quickly drags himself to the ropes.  Lethal goesfor the Lethal Injection, Briscoe dodges, Lethal superkicks Briscoe, Briscoe dodges another Lethal Injection, Lethal blocks a Jay Driller, Briscoe hits a Lethal Injection of his own, then a Jay Driller, and Lethal kicks out at 2.  I thought that was the finish right there!  Briscoe dumps Lethal onto the top rope, climbs up after him, and goes for a Jay Driller through the announce table, but Lethal blocks and goes for a superplex.  Lethal hits a top rope Lethal Injection, then hits another regular Lethal Injection, and that's all she wrote.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Wow, great match and I really thought Briscoe was getting the title back on that close spot right before the end.  The two men are on their knees facing each other in the middle of the ring as the fans chant that that was awesome, and they follow the Code of Honor as the fans respect both men.

Thanks for following's live coverage of ROH Best In The World 2016!  I'll be back soon with the postgame show in the Elite section!

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