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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-06-24 20:39:00

Tornado Tag Match: Adam Cole & The Young Bucks vs Moose & War Machine

Bullet Club superkicks all three opponents to the floor before the match starts, then they wipe out all three men with dives through the ropes.  Unbeknownst to them, Moose sneaks back into the ring and wipes Bullet Club out with a dive of his own, then the three big men put the Bullet Club members on top of the barricades and hammers them with forearms.  I just noticed that Moose has the War Machine paint on too, that's cool.  More forearms to the guys on top of the barricades, but Cole dodges a spear by Moose and sends him crashing into the barricade as War Machine lawn darts the Young Bucks into each other at the top of the ramp.  The Young Bucks double low blow War Machine, then suplex Hanson onto the ramp.  The Bullet Club triple teams Rowe on the floor, then goes into the ring to do the same to Moose.  Hanson makes it up onto the apron, but the Young Bucks hits the handspring headscissors/dropkick to knock him back to the floor, then triple choke Moose in the corner.  Rowe finally comes in and destroys all three opponents by himself, but Nick Jackson low bridges him to the floor.  He tries a dive off the apron but Rowe catches him, then picks up Matt to boot, but Cole superkicks Rowe into next week.  Hanson is in and finally goes on enough of a tear to slow the Bullet Club down, telling the Young Bucks to suck it before countering a double superkick to a double powerbomb.  NOW the big guys have the advantage, and War Machine hits a pop-up powerslam on Matt, then Moose pops Nick up into the air and clotheslines him into a German suplex by Rowe.  That was an awesome spot!  Bullet Club dodges a dive to the floor by Hanson, who hits really hard, then Matt and Cole hit double superkicks on Rowe and Moose.  Nick springboard moonsaults all three men, but the Bullet Club takes too much time being self-congratulatory and don't notice Hanson coming through the ropes with another dive that takes all three of them out.  Rowe powerbombs Cole and Hanson comes off the second rope with a splash for 2.  Everyone clears out by Cole and Moose, Moose goes for the spear, but the Bucks double superkick him, Rowe wipes them both out with a double shotgun knees, Cole kills Rowe with a Canadian Destroyer, Hanson plants Cole with a sitout piledriver and goes up for a moonsault, but the Bucks double superkick him in midair.  Stokely gets up on the apron, gets triple superkicked, another triple superkick to Moose, Nick with the running boot across the apron,then the Bucks hit Moose with a springboard somersault Tombstone for the win.

Winners: Bullet Club

Again, no real surprise who lost the fall here, but HELL of a brawl.  This actually had pretty good psychology for an all-out brawl with no tags required.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: The Addiction vs Motor City Machine Guns

Machine Guns immediately get the advantage, outpacing the Addiction with fast paced offense in the ring, to the floor, and back into the ring.  They single Kazarian out and go right back to the double teams, then give Daniels the same when he comes back in.  Just as Kevin Kelly talks about Sabin's neck injury that hampered him for most of 2015, Daniels hits him with an enziguiri from the apron, then the Addiction hits a series of double teams to Sabin's neck to gain control.  Sabin fires back and runs Kazarian into Daniels, then rolls to the corner and hot tags Shelley in to clean house on the champs, whipping Kazarian into Daniels and effectively spearing him with his own partner.  Sabin is back in now and they're unloading on both men, but Sabin tries the running boot across the apron on Daniels and gets tripped on his face, and that opens the door for the Addiction to hit some double teams on Shelley and take back control.  Kevin harkens back to his days on the WWF's 900 number during PPVs while plugging ROH on Facebook while Daniels stomps Shelley out in the corner.  Daniels suckerpunches Sabin to distract the referee to moonsault Shelley while Kazarian holds him on the floor, but Shelley moves and Daniels wipes Kazarian out, alloweing Sabin to tag in and clean house on his former partners.  Sabin clotheslines Daniels to the floor, hits the running boot on the second try, then takes out both members of the Addiction with a dive through the ropes.  The MCMGs single Kazarian out in the ring, double superkicking him and covering for 2.  MCMGs miss Poetry In Motion and Daniels drags Shelley out to the floor and rams him into the post, then he goes back in and he and Kazarian hit a double pop-up powerbomb on Sabin for 2.  Shelley stops Celebrity Rehab and the MCMGs hit a double team rollup on Kazarian for 2.  Daniels hits Sabin with a blue thunder bomb for 2, Shelley hits Daniels with Sliced Bread #2, Kazarian hits the Wave of the Future for 2, and everyone is down.  Kaimatachi comes out to ringside and attacks Jay White, dragging him over the barricade, and fighting around ringside, briefly into the ring, and back to the floor, and everyone is so distracted by that that the referee doesn't see Daniels low blow Shelley, setting up the Best Meltzer Ever for the win.

Winners: The Addiction

Great match, Sabin looked good and seems to have hit his stride again after literally years of injuries plaguing his career.  Kamaitachi shakes hands with the Addiction after the match, so it looks like this was all a big plan by the champions.

Fight Without Honor: BJ Whitmer vs Steve Corino

This one is literally years in the making, and the stuff with BJ Whitmer stalking Steve's family really set it over the edge.  Whitmer looks RIPPED tonight, but that doesn't stop Corino from going after him during his entrance, ramming him into the barricade, and getting a table out from under the ring.  BJ comes out of nowhere to ram Corino into the post, then into the barricade, then into the opposite barricade.  Kevin points out that Corino has already lost a tooth, then they go into the ring where Corino no-sells a series of shots from Whitmer until he finally goes down, he pops right up but then Whitmer puts him right back down with a spinebuster.  Whitmer unloads with chops in the corner, then hangs him in the Tree of Woe and stomps Corino before charging in with a kneelift and finally a neckbreaker.  Whitmer goes for the same apron piledriver that nearly ended his career, but Corino blocks and plants BJ with an STO, and suddenly the lights go on in his eyes.  Corino takes out Whitmer's knees with a chairshot, then gives his bad knee a conchairto.  Corino uses a chair to Pillmanize Whitmer's knee.  He winds up with a chair, Whitmer begs off, but Corino drops the chair and just slaps Whitmer in the face.  Whitmer responds by punching Corino in the eye over and over until he is busted open.  We see a few replays while the doctor checks on Corino's cut, and Whitmer brings a table into the ring and sets it up in the corner.  He goes for the exploder into the table, but Corino rolls out and goes for a suplex of his own.  Whitmer blocks that and hits an exploder that pretty much sends Corino face first into the table, and his face is pretty red with blood now.  Whitmer with another exploder, and this time Corino goes through the table.  Whitmer makes a cover, but Corino kicks out at 1, so Whitmer gets a shard of table and smashes it over Corino's head...but suddenly eats a pair of superkicks and a lariat for 2.  Corino gets a beer bottle from the timekeeper's table and smashes it over Whitmer's head, and he hangs onto the neck of the bottle and gouges it into Whitmer's face Magnum-Tully style.  Corino goes into the doctor's bag and finds a bottle of rubbing alcohol and pours it on Whitmer's face, whici is now covered with blood.  That cleans BJ's face up a bit, but Corino's ready to mess it up again.  He takes his boot off, takes his sock off, and stuffs it with quarters he grabbed from a bag under the ring.  He takes a swing at Whitmer, but Whitmer had a roll of quarters of his own and knocks Corino into next week with it before Corino connects.  Corino goes down and Whitmer covers, but only gets 2.  Both men are back on their feet and trading right hands until Corino hits a package piledriver for 2.  The lights go out, and when they come back up...both men are down and a purple robed figure is in the ring.  He takes his hood off and it's Kevin Sullivan!  He pulls a spike out and stabs Corino in the head with it, and Whitmer covers for the win.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

Well, that was a BS finish (in my opinion) to end what was an otherwise off the charts brawl.

The show concludes on Page 3!

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