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By Stuart Carapola on 2016-06-24 20:39:00

Welcome to's live coverage of ROH Best In The World 2016!

After an excellent opening video package hyping tonight's main event, we go to Charlotte, North Carolina where Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the show and run down the top matches before throwing us to the ring for our opening match...

Kyle O'Reilly vs Kamaitachi

Feeling out process to start things off, but it doesn't take long for things to get heated and they start trading shots.  O'Reilly takes Kamaitachi to the mat and goes for a cross armbreaker, but Kamaitachi quickly makes it to the ropes.  O'Reilly unloads with a quick martial arts flurry, but Kamaitachi targets O'Reilly's knee and relentlessly attacks it with elbowstrikes and kicks to ground O'Reilly.  O'Reilly has to use the ropes to escape a pair of anklelocks, and he tries to get to the apron to create some space, but Kamaitachi tackles him to the floor.  That only serves to fire O'Reilly up, and he comes back in to trade more shots and then knock Kamaitachi silly with a leaping kick to the temple.  Kamaitachi goes to the floor and O'Reilly goes after him, but he misses a kick and connects with the ringpost, then Kamaitachi hits O'Reilly with his own running dropkick off the ring apron.  Kamaitachi goes to the top and hits O'Reilly with a senton to the floor.  They go back inside and Kamaitachi continues kicking at O'Reilly's leg, but O'Reilly kicks back, connects with a kneestrike to the face, and Kamaitachi might be out here.  The referee checks on Kamaitachi, but he gets up, ducks a kick, and turns O'Reilly inside out with a German suplex.  Kamaitachi with a pair of thrust kicks, but O'Reilly with the Nigel Lariat and both men are down.  Kamaitachi hits a belly to belly into the corner and then gets a sitout powerbomb, but O'Reilly counters to a triangle choke.  Kamaitachi stomps out of it, they trade kicks, O'Reilly reverses a brainbuster attempt to one of his own for 2, then transitions right into the cross armbreaker and hooks the leg as well to force Kamaitachi to tap.

Winner: Kyle O'Reilly

Great match, but I really wish a guy who's about to challenge for the ROH World Title wouldn't have to pratically kill someone this far down the New Japan totem pole to beat him.  If O Reilly is in the ROH World Title picture, he should be having close matches with Tanahashi or Okada, not Kamaitachi.

Silas Young vs ACH

Silas isn't having any of this ACH stuff, and opens up by beating the tar out of him.  ACH dropkicks him to the floor, but Silas snaps his neck down on the top rope and comes back in with a slingshot double stomp.  ACH tries to flippy dip, but Silas just knocks him to the floor and goes out after him to beat him up some more.  ACH catches Young with a springboard something off the barricade, but Young moves out of the way of a springboard something else back in the ring and ACH hits hard.  Young covers for 2, ACH tries more flippy dippy, but Young flapjacks ACH and gets another 2.  ACH tries a sunset flip, Young stomps him a few times and then curb stomps him for 2.  ACH finally connects with a leaping enziguiri to gain some momentum, then a roaring clothesline in the corner and a hard lariat off the ropes.  He follows up his first actual wrestling moves in the match by Matrix bridging to his feet and getting a bridging German suplex for 2.  Young gourdbusts ACH onto the top rope and comes out of the corner with a clothesline, then ACH blocks the backbreaker clothesline combo by reversing to a backslide for 2.  ACH tries his tornado DDT through the ropes, but Young blocks and finishes the backbreaker/lariat combo for 2.  Young goes to the top rope, ACH goes up after him, Young sunset bombs ACH, then hits a hanging Roll of the Dice for 2.  Young goes for a chair, two big security guys come over to stop him, and conveniently give ACH several men to catch him on a big dive over the top rope.  They go back inside where Young dodges a top rope double stomp, ACH gets a rollup for 2, Young hits the Finlay roll, misses the headstand moonsault, ACH hits a charging dropkick in the corner, brainbuster, and comes off the top rope with the Midnight Star for 3.

Winner: ACH

Told a good story when Young was in control, but I'm sorry, I just can't get into what ACH does.

Jay White is in the crowd, and he'll be making his ROH debut soon!

Roderick Strong vs Mark Briscoe

The crowd gives Strong a "thank you Roddy" chant as Mark holds his hand out, but Strong slaps his hand away.  Mark turns to walk away and Strong tells Mark not to turn his back on him and grabs at his ponytail, but yanks his entire head of hair right off.  Mark pulls hi bandana off to reveal that he's shaved his head, then he unloads on Strong, takes him out to the floor, does Redneck Crane Style, and dishes out some kicks to Roderick.  Mark goes to the apron for the Bang Bang Elbow, but Roddy moves.  Mark lands on his feet and charges at Roderick, who elevates him headfirst into the ringpost, and Mark is hurt.  Roderick starts pounding on Mark and whips him into the barricade, then rolls him into the ring and covers for 2.  Roderick continues the assault until the two men battle over a vertical suplex, going back and forth until Mark gets it and covers for 2.  Roderick gets some shots in, but Mark connects with a running dropkick, puts Roderick on the top rope, and hits Iconoclasm for 2.  Roderick with some strikes, but Mark hits a gargoyle suplex for 2.  Roderick blocks the Cutthroat Driver, Mark gets the rolling Samoan drop and goes for FroggyBow, Roderick gets his knee up to the elbow, and connects with a series of running forearms and a flapjack for 2.  Roderick goes for the gutbuster, but Mark blocks and reverses to the Stronghold!  Roderick goes for the ropes, Mark drags him back out to the middle of the ring, Roderick kicks Mark to the floor, but Mark lands on his feet.  Mark tries to climb to the top, Roderick cracks him and follows him up, Strong hits a superplex, but Mark cradles him for 2.  Roderick hits the gutbuster on the second attempt and a Gibson Driver for 2, then he goes to the Stronghold.  Mark refuses to quit and makes it to the ropes, then rolls out to the apron.  Roderick goes after him and gets dumped to the floor, and Mark finally connects with the Bang Bang Elbow.  Back in the ring where the two men trade forearms in the middle of the ring, Roderick ducks a shot and hits the Sick Kick, but Mark is out at 2, and Roderick looks frustrated that he can't put Briscoe away.  Mark dodges a running knee and hits a leaping enziguiri, a fisherman's buster, and covers for 2.  Mark with another fisherman's buster, and that's enough to put Roderick away.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Hell of a PPV match for Roderick to go out on.  Not too surprised Mark went over obviously, but these two had wrestled a million times and never disappoinmted, and they both gave it their best this one last time.  Strong refuses an icepack and help from the referees, but shakes Mark's hand and hugs him before raising his hand.  Mark tells the fans to  give it up for Roderick, who smiles and nods at the fans and high fives a few at ringside on his way to the back.

The show continues on Page 2!

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