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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-16 17:45:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of ROH Final Battle 2012 from the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC!

There's a really good and excited vibe backstage among the wrestlers.

Before ROH went on the air, there was a short dark match with Grizzly Redwood beating QT Marshall.  Marshall did some good mic work before the match.

As ROH ran a video package on the iPPV, live a fan dressed as John Cena walked into the Hammerstein.  As you can imagine, he was shredded with a "You're a Virgin" chant.

The next ROH show here will be 4/5/13.

Lots of "Yes" and "Ole Ole" chants.

Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong

Elgin got  a monster pop.  He tossed Strong around early but was sent to the floor.  Strong nailed a slingshot plancha  to the floor. They battled hard on the floor, going back and forth.

Elgin went up on the apron and came off with a running clothesline on the floor.  They continued battling around ringside on the floor.  Strong kicked Elgin as they battled on the apron and went for a suplex.  Elgin battled him off and hit a sitdown powerbomb on the apron.  That was nuts.

When they returned to the ring, Strong regained control but Elgin fired back with a series of hard rights.  Strong cut him off with a knee to the gut but Elgin avoided a suplex and hit a Uranage variation.  Strong came back with a running knee in the corner but was caught and hit with a running death valley driver into the turnbuckles for a two count.

They continued to go back and forth with some great near falls.  They battled atop one of the turnbuckles. Elgin overpowered him and nailed a beautiful delayed superplex off the middle rope.  The crowd went nuts for that and chanted, "Holy sh**."

Elgin followed that up with a powerbomb in the corner but Strong bounced right back and nailing a high knee to the face.  Elgin absorbed it and drilled Strong with a backfist.  They continued back and forth with this incredibly hard hitting shots until Strong nailed a suplex into a Codebreaker for the pin.

Your winner, Roderick Strong!

This was an awesome match with some really great and stiff hard hitting shots that had me wincing.  They really took it too each other and it was great.

After, Truth Martini tried to announce Strong as the winner and sole member of the House of Truth but Strong told him he was a creep and to stay away from him.   He quit the House.  Martini then tried to make up with Elgin, telling him that he loved him and he felt the connection between them.  Elgin grabbed him for a powerbomb but Martini asked to be heard.  He said that no one ever heard of him until he met Martini and took him all the way to being Survival of the Fittest winner and the breakout star of 2012.  He said that he has one last lesson for Elgin and that's how a real man slaps someone.  He drilled Elgin, who then killed Martini with a running powerbomb into the buckles.  

Jay Lethal vs. Rhino

Small "ECW" chant for Rhino before the bell.  They circled around each other and locked up.  Rhino began yelling at one of the fans in the front row.  He drilled Lethal in the gut and sent him into the ropes but Lethal nailed a springboard into a high bodypress for a two,

Rhino rolled out to the apron where Lethal hit him with a springboard dropkick, sending him to the floor.  Lethal followed up with a tope to the outside.   Back in the ring, Lethal hit a basement dropkick and went for the springboard elbow but Rhino evaded it and nailed a big sidewalk slam,

Rhino worked over Lethal in the corner but Lethal fired back with chops.  Rhino overwhelmed him and brought him down in the corner.  They battled back and forth but Rhino maintained control.   Rhino locked in a bearhug and tried to wear him down.  The crowd began with dueling chants as Lethal fired back and nailed a series of rights.

Lethal escaped and made a comeback, nailing a handspring into an Ace Cutter for the pin.

Your winner, Jay Lethal!

It was a solid match with some decent back and forth wrestling.  They obviously have really different styles, but it was a solid bout.

Steve Corino came out and began ripping on Jay Lethal for trying to challenge Kevin Steen for a title match.  He knocked Lethal's mother and said he used to like Lethal when he was a kid that carried his bags.  Lethal challenged Corino to fight him.  Jimmy Jacobs attacked him from behind and they worked him over, then held him for Rhino to gore.  Corino told him he would never be ROH champion, never beat Kevin Steen and would always be a second match terd.  Good angle.

Prince Nana vs. RD Evans

Evans slapped Nana, who charged him and worked him over.  Nana nailed a running clothesline in the corner and nailed a back splash into it.  He covered Evans and threw him out to the floor.  Nana hit a tope through the ropes, which got a massive pop.

Nana tossed Evans into the ring but was cut off. He worked over Nana but was hit with a head scissors.  Evans cut him off and went to the top but was crotched.  Nana hit a superplex for a two count but Ernie Osyris pulled the referee out.   Evans hit him with a face forward tombstone and scored the pin.

Your winner, RD Evans!

Good match.  I expected a comedy match but they worked a really good match with some cool spots.

After the match, Tomasso Ciampa tried to come into the ring and get at Evans who ran off.

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