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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-16 17:45:00

ROH TV champ Adam Cole vs. Matt Hardy

They did some really nice mat wrestling early.  The crowd was all over Hardy, as you would expect.      Cole came back with a nice dive but wiped out and Hardy worked him over on the floor.

Hardy controlled Cole and sent him into the turnbuckles.  He locked Cole in a forward guillotine choke.  Hardy released it and began kicking Cole in the head.

Cole made a comeback and cinched in a figure four leglock.  Hardy made it to the ropes, cut off Cole and nailed the Sidewinder, then a backbreaker for a two count.   Hardy hit several more Sidewinders but Cole kept kicking out.

Cole took over control and sent Hardy into the railing.  He brought Hardy in for a two count.  Out of nowhere, Hardy hit the Twist of Fate for a two count.  Cole fought back and locked in another figure four.  The crowd chanted for Hardy to tap.   Hardy struggled to make the ropes.

Cole went for a back suplex. Hardy grabbed the referee and pulled his shirt over his head.  The ref was blinded so Hardy lowblowed Cole and hit him with the Twist of Fate and scored the pin.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

OK match.  I'd like to see what they could do with more time but this was solid stuff.

ROH Tag Team champions SCUM vs. The Briscoes vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Everyone started brawling on the floor.  Corino and Jay Briscoe battled into the ring.  Briscoe set up Corino for a move but Cedric dropkicked Corino instead.  Jacobs hit the ring and tossed Jay out but was nailed with a sidewalk slam by Coleman.  Mark came off the ropes with the redneck Kung Fu.

Mark whipped Alexander into the ropes but was nailed a dropkick.   Jay hit the ring and worked over Alexander.  They went back and forth until the Briscoes gained control.  Jacobs attacked Mark and nailed a leaping Ace Cutter.

Alexander hit a springboard into a clothesline on Jacobs for a two count.  Jay tossed Jacobs to the floor and drilled Alexander with a big boot.  Coleman hit the ring and exchanged shots with Jay.  SCUM overtook them and began double teaming Coleman.  They nailed a double team Sliced Bread #2 on Coleman for a two count.  Jacobs went to the top but Alexander hit the ring and attacked Corino.  Coleman hit a top rope rana on Jacobs for a two count.

They all went back and forth until The Briscoes nailed a Doomsday Device on Jacobs and scored the pin.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions, The Briscoes!

Another good match.  ROH has had a good string of solid bouts today.

The Briscoes took the mic and said they were going to do their part.  Jay said that once Generico does his part, they will get SCUM out of here.  He said that in case you have forgotten, they are the best tag team in the world.  They said ROH is alive and well and SCUM can't tear it down.  They issued an open invitation to any tag team in the world to come and ask for a tag team title shot.  They then said there was someone who didn't need to ask for a shot and told Coleman and Caprice they would get the first shot because they earned it and deserve it.  The crowd gave them a big round of applause.

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