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By Mike Johnson on 2012-12-16 17:45:00

ROH champ Kevin Steen vs. El Generico: Ladder War

They started out hard with Generico nailing a big boot in the corner and drilling Steen in the chest with a ladder.  He went to set the ladder up but was attacked.  Generico kicked Steen in the gut but couldn't slam him.  He went to rebound off the ropes but was backdropped onto a ladder that was leaning against the ropes.  The crowd exploded with a fecal chant.

Steen began slamming the broken ladder atop of Generico.  He whipped Generico into the corner and slammed the ladder on him, then nailed a running cannonball into the ladder.  That was sick.

Steen controlled Generico, trashing him with several ladders.  He screamed at Generico and ripped at his mask, then kicked him across the back.  He trashed Generico into the railing on the floor and got into the face of a fan wearing a Generico mask.  Generico used the distraction to try and set up a ladder but was attacked.  Steen attacked him nd stomped the hell out of Generico.

He placed another huge ladder in the ring and began climbing it but Generico grabbed at him.  Steen came down off the ladder to confront him but was grabbed for an overhead suplex into the remnants of another ladder into the corner.

Generico began climbing the huge ladder but Steen pulled him down.  He went for a clothesline but Generico ducked and nailed a Dragon suplex into the ladder remnants.  Generico began climbing the ladder but Steen tipped it over and sent him into the buckles.

They battled over the ladder.  Generico went for a tornado DDT but Steen threw him off and Generico landed on a ladder.  He tossed Generico to the floor and climbed to the top.  Generico was able to grab him just as he got to the top so Steen came down and tossed him back out.  Generico returned but Steen saw him, met him and tossed him back out.  He followed Generico to the floor and tossed him into the railing.

Steen bridged a ladder between the apron and the railing, then put a table on top of the ladder.  He went for a powerbomb but Generico backdropped him over the top through the table.  Generico brought another huge ladder in and began setting it up when he saw Steen returning and climbing to the top.  He attacked Steen but was caught going for a move and slammed over the top to the floor through the timekeeper's table.

Steen began climbing the ladder as the fans chanted "Ole Ole."  Generico began drilling him in the back with another ladder. Steen came back down and worked over Generico.  He bridged a smaller ladder between the two huge ones and powerbombed Generico on it.  No budge at all.  Ouch.

They continued battling back and forth until Generico nailed Steen with what I think was the package piledriver.  He climbed the ladder but Steen pulled him into the bridged ladder, then nailed him off that and Generico fell backwards to the mat. 

Steen bridged another ladder higher up between the two giant ones. He climbed up but Generico caught him and they battled on the makeshift scaffold until Steen hit him with a package piledriver.  That may have been one of the all time craziest things ever.  They have no regard for their own well being and I love them for it.

Steen climbed to the top and retrieved the belt.

Your winner, Kevin Steen!

Awesome main event with some truly sick spots.  I can't tell you how much I loved the main.

The show overall was very solid.  I wouldn't describe it as a blowaway show but there was good wrestling and brawling from top to bottom.  Worth checking out.

Thanks for logging in with today.  I am off to TLC, which Richard Trionfo will be covering here on the site.  Thanks everyone!

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