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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 00:00:00
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Family Wrestling Entertainment's "Back to Brooklyn" at St. Patrick's Gym in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. FWE has sold out the building and actually turned fans away for their return here.

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The show opened with the former Chris Master, Chris Mordetsky came out and cut a promo ripping on the crowd.  He said that he would issue an open challenge to "any of the so-called Superstars in the back" to try and take the Masterlock Challenge.

Matt Taven, with Kasey Ray, came out.  He said that he has no respect for the people in Brooklyn but he has even less for Masters.  He accepted the challenge.  Masters told him that when he was done, a real man will have to take care of his girl.  Taven said that he must mean the referee.

They rang the bell for the challenge.  Taven sat in a chair and allowed Masters to put the full nelson on him.   Taven was unable to break the hold and finally submitted.

Your winner, Chris Mordetsky!

Firebird Jorge Santi came to the ring.   He took the mic and questioned Masters whether he actually thought he was done and going to go home.  He said they were in Brooklyn (big pop) and challenged him to face Santi tonight.  He said he wasn't going home without a fight.

Mordetsky said that he accepts the challenge but he's going to whoop him right now.  They rang the bell.  The crowd chanted for Santi.

They locked up and Masters used his power to shove him down.   He played to the crowd and posed.   Santi grabbed a side headlock but was sent into the ropes and shoulderblocked down.

Santi grabbed another headlock and was again sent into the ropes, but this time slipped through Masters' legs and nailed a series of dropkicks.  He went for a sunset flip but Masters tried to fight it off.  Santi pulls his tights down and we had a full moon in Brooklyn.  The place loved that.  Santi rolled him up for a two.

Santi went for a rana but was caught and powerbombed by Masters for a two count.  Masters worked him over and whipped him hard into the corner.   Santi used a jawbreaker and a Buff Blockbuster for a two count. 

Masters went for a bearhug but Santi fought out of it and hit a high cross bodyblock off the middle turnbuckle for a two count.   He kicked Masters in the gut and went for a leaping kick but Masters recovers and kicked him back.  Santi used a bodypress for a two count.

They went back and forth.  Santi nailed a enziguiri.  Masters went for the Masterlock but Santi pushed off the ropes and went over for a two count.  Masters locked him in it again and Santi appeared to be fading fast.  He finally submitted.

Your winner, Chris Mordetsky!

Good match with Santi playing the local hero who got some hope spots and two counts in before losing the valiant fight.  Nice opener.  Mordetsky has gotten even better since he left WWE, from an in the ring standpoint.

Masters worked over Santi, leading to Taven hitting the ring and attacking him.  Santi and Taven worked over and double teamed Masters.   Masters powdered out of the ring.  Santi and Taven shook hands.  Weird to see two babyfaces working over one heel but I guess technically Taven is a heel here too.

FWE Tag Tournament: House Party vs. Adrenaline Express

They will be crowning champions tonight.  The idea is that the tournament draw is blind so no one knows who they are wrestling until it is announced.  Party is formerly known as All Money Is Legal and trained at the LIWF Doghouse.  Express are EJ Risk & VSK.

They all shook hands and hugged before the match and went back and forth with some nice wrestling.   They had a really hot match, most of which was too fast to keep up with.

Adrenaline hit an awesome finisher with one nailing a flapjack and the other drilling their opponent down with a backstabber across the chest.

Your winners, Adrenaline Inc.

Really fun match.  They did so much it was ridiculous.

As Adrenaline returned to the back, The Midnight Sensations attacked them through the curtains with chairs and beat them down.   They announced that they have "landed."

FWE Tag Team Title Tournament: Sonay Dutt & Daivari vs. Diamond Inc.

Inc are Jason Gotti & Joey Ace.  Ace and Dutt started out, going back and forth with some nice wrestling,  Dutt really shined early on.  Ace grabbed a side heasdlock but was sent into the ropes.  He shoulderblocked Dutt down.  Dutt came back with a tan and  sent him to the floor.  Dutt hit a dive to the outside.

Back in the ring, Daiviari tagged in and they worked over Ace.  Ace regained control on Daivari and tagged Gotti.  Gotti choked Daivari against the ropes and used several big uppercuts.   Gotti drilled Daivari with a clothesline for a two count.  Gotti whipped Daivari into the corner but was nailed with a forearm.  He recovered to hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count.  The crowd chanted "Chaz Bono" at Gotti.

Daivari came back with a series of chops in the corner on Ace and a superplex.   Both men were down but recovered and Dutt made the hot tag.  He nailed a series of hot maneuvers including a slingshot legdrop on Ace for a two count.

Ace went for a superkick but missed and recovered with an enziguiri on Dutt.   Dutt nailed a DDT.  Daivari nailed a Death Valley Driver.  Diamond Inc's valet distracted him and he went to nail her.  Gotti charged but Daivari moved and Gotti knocked his girl off the apron.

Daivari and Dutt hit some cool combination moves and pinned Ace.

Your winners, Daivari and Sonjay Dutt!

Good match.  One thing FWE does well is putting their locals in with "name" talent to give them the rub and help them learn.  This was a good example of that.

Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Colt Cabana

The crowd was all over Boston Boy Bennett with "Let's go Yankees" chants.  Bennett said the Yankees will soon have the biggest collapse in baseball history.  He said he was going to talk about a real winner, himself.  He said that he is the Prodigy and he is better than the best.  He said he was going to take out Cabana tonight.

Cabana said he wants to come out and issues challenges, so he accepts and accepts "a different challenge."  He said he was going to keep it as family friendly as possible.  He said he wants to accept the challenge of "shtupping his girlfriend." That enraged Bennett and he charged and attacked Cabana.

Bennett ripped off Cabana's jacket and worked him over.  Cabana made a comeback and chopped Bennett hard on the floor.  They battled around the ring and did some funny comedy spots.

Cabana worked over Bennett and went for a back senton splash but Bennett rolled out of the way.  He covered Cabana for a two count and locked him in a rear chinlock.  Bennett brought in a chair and sat down on it while working over Cabana.  Cabana mad ea comeback and started clubbering Bennett.  He nailed the Butt Butt for a two count.

Bennett whipped Cabana into the corner but was kicked off.  Cabana went to the top but was pulled off.  He whipped Bennett into the corner for the Flying A-hole but Bennett moved.  Maria Kannellis got on the apron and distracted the referee as Cabana charged Bennett and was nailed with the chair as he pulled it up into Colt's path.

Bennett scored the pin.

Your winner, Mike Bennett!

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