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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 00:00:00

Street Fight: Big Daddy V vs. Malta The Damager

This is a rematch from a few months back where V beat Malta in a Tables Match.

Malta worked over V early.  Malta nailed a few kicks but was chopped down.  V stepped on his chest.  Malta rebounded off the ropes and nailed several clotheslines but V didn't go down.  Malta nailed a big boot, sending V through the ropes to the floor.

Malta followed but was slammed into the guard rail.  They battled near the ringpost and V was shoved into that on the floor.   They returned to the ring, where V worked over Malta.  V placed Malta on a table and went for a splash but Malta moved and V went through the table.

Malta was ruled the winner.

Not a good match.  Very slow and plodding as you would imagine.  The finish was a little weird.

Young Bucks & Petey Williams vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Jay Lethal

Kendrick and Matt Jackson went back and forth with some nice back and forth wrestling early.  Kendrick grabbed a rolling one armed Boston Crab.  London tagged in and began working over Jackson's arm.  He raked London's eyes and tagged out to Williams.

Williams sent Paul into the corner but he nailed a moonsault for a two count.   Williams sent Nick Jackson into the air for a dropkick on Paul.   Lethal tagged in and Jackson disrespected him.  They had a fast flurry of action.  Lethal caught him with a chop in the corner.  Jackson kicked off a charge but Lethal used a Lucha armdrag for a two count.

Jackson and Lethal went back and forth.  Lethal pulled him up over his knees, allowing Kendrick and London to nail stereo dropkicks.  The heels triple teamed Jay, trapping him for a Nick Jackson dropkick to the face.  They began taking turns working over Lethal and then Kendrick.  They drilled him with a triple superkick for a near fall.

Williams stomped the hell out of Kendrick.  He and the Buck took turns antagonizing their opponents as they worked over Brian.   London finally had enough and tried to get into the ring but was held back by the referee.  That allowed the Bucks and Williams to do even more damage.

Kendrick tried to escape but Williams grabbed him.  Matt Jackson charged but Brian ducked and Williams got nailed.  Kendrick was stopped before he could tag out.  Nick and Williams attacked Lethal and London before they could do anything.  Jackson DDT'd Kendrick for a two count.

Williams set up for the Canadian Destroyer but Kendrick escaped and tagged in London.  All six began battling.  Kendrick hit a dive to the outside.  Lethal tossed Nick outof the ring and was rolled up by Matt for a two count.  He went for the springboard back elbow but was double superkicked by the Bucks.

Williams nailed London with the Canadian Destroter but Kendrick broke up the pin.   Kendrick avoided a charge, allowing the Bucks to crash into each other in the corner.  Lethal gave Kendrick an assist with a Sliced Bread #2  on the Bucks.  Kendrick nailed it on Williams.  London hit the Shooting Star Press on Williams.  Lethal nailed the flying elbow and scored the pin.

Your winners, Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Jay Lethal!

Holy crap, what an awesome match.  Just a brilliant match from start to finish.  The best match in FWE history in my opinion. 15 minutes of greatness.

Unsanctioned Street Fight: FWE Tri-Borough Champion Damien Darling vs. Johnny Knockout

Darling came out limping.  His manager Rick Silver claimed that he had a severely torn groin so they had a suitable replacement.  Darling said he wanted to sincerely apologize, obviously mocking the fans.  He said he came here ready to take on Knockout in perhaps the greatest match in FWE history.  He said that while he was stretching in the locker room, he slipped and fell on a tremendous amount of baby oil.  He said that he would never disappoint the "fantastic FWE" fans, so he has found a celebrity replacement - it was Silver.

Silver drilled Knockout from behind.  Knockout made a comeback and clotheslined Silver in the corner.  He splashed Silver in the corner and Silver crumpled to the ground.

Darling attacked Knockout from behind with one of the crutches.  Knockout made a comeback and they battled around ringside.  They went back and forth and Knockout slammed him on the floor.   Darling made a comeback, chopping Knockout against the rail.

They battled up the aisle towards the locker room curtain.   They battled toward the vendor tables.  Darling was put through a table.  The crowd chanted "ECW."  Seriously.   Knockout slammed Darling into another table.  They broke it.  More "ECW" chants.

They battled onto a small set of bleachers and went back and forth.  They battled back and forth until Knockout got the pin.  The place acted like it was a title win but then they announced it was non-title and the crowd didn't like that, in a "boo the heel" way.

FWE Tag Title Tournament Final: Shawn Daivari & Sonjay Dutt vs. Adrenaline, Inc.

The fans chanted, "You're a hero" at Daivari and he played it up.

They started a very slow and methodical tag match with the veterans controlling very early on.  Daivari stomped away at Risk and shoved VSK off the apron.  He locked Risk in a rear chinlock.

VSK finally made the hot tag and nailed a series of tag moves.  Risk hit a placha to the outside on Daivari.  Adrenaline Inc hit their finisher on Daivari and scored the win.

Your winners and the first FWE Tag Team champions, Adrenaline Inc.

Good back and forth match.

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