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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 00:00:00

The Beautiful People vs. FWE champion Maria Kanellis & Katrina Lea (the former Winter/Katie Lea Burchill)

Velvet and Katrina went back and forth exchanging uppercuts.  Katrina backed off and tagged out to Maria, who she has been feuding with here.  Maria and Sky went back and forth.  Sky grabbed the hair to snapped her back to the mat and tagged in Angelina Love.

Love worked over Maria, who grabbed her in a side headlock.  Love tried to fight her way out but was shoved off.  Maria rebounded off the ropes and Love went down.  Maria cartwheeled over but was caught and hit with a hiptoss.

Maria ran Love out of the ring as Sky called for a time out.   She had words with Sky, allowing Love to nail her from behind.  Sky used her boot to choke Maria against the ropes.   The People whipped her into the ropes and nailed her with a double back elbow, then a double elbowdrop.

Sky beat Maria's head into the mat and locked in a side headlock, mocking Maria for trying to tag out.   Maria was shoulder blocked into the shoulder a number of times.  Love choked her as Sky distracted the referee.  Sky snapmared her over.  Love dropkicked her and covered Maria for a two count.

Love whipped Maria into the corner but Maria moved and avoided a charge.  Love hit the buckles and Maria used her boot to wear her down.  Love quickly took control again and tagged out to Sky, who worked over Maria.

Marian finally made a comeback as Katrina jumped off the apron.  She clotheslined Sky and covered her for a two count.  Love broke it up.  Maria took out Sky and nailed the Bronco Buster.   She grabbed Sky but Katrina kicked her in the gut.

Maria and Katrina went face to face.  Love rolled up Maria and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Beautiful People!

FWE champion Tommy Dreamer vs. Rhino

Big "ECW" chant when Rhino came out, followed by a "Gore" chant.  This is Dreamer's first FWE title defense.

Rhino shoulderblocked Dreamer down.  They faced off.  The fans began dueling chants for them.   Rhino shoved Dreamer who wouldn't back down. 

Rhino went for a go behind takedown but Dreamer reversed it.  Rhino backed him off into a corner and nailed a back elbow.  Dreamer and Rhino went back and forth.  Dreamer tossed him to the floor and nailed a sliding kick outside the ring.  He took a fan's drink and sprayed it into Rhino.

Dreamer and Rhino battled on the outside.  Rhino gave Dreamer an atomic drop on the railing.  He dragged Dreamer back into the ring but Dreamer made a comeback, punching Rhino in the corner and biting him.  Rhino slammed him down and drilled his knee into Dreamer's throat, choking him.

Rhino worked over Dreamer in the corner with punches, then whipped him hard into the opposite corner.  Rhino whipped him hard back across the ring and Dreamer bounced hard off the buckles.   Rhino dropped a legdrop for a two count

Rhino locked in a rear chinlock.   Dreamer battled back with a series of elbows to the mid-section but was smashed down again.   Rhino went for a standing headbutt but Dreamer rolled out of the way as he crashed down to the mat. 

Dreamer kicked off a Rhino charge and nailed a series of clotheslines, then a neckbreaker for a two count.    Dreamer and Rhino went back and forth.  Rhino nailed a DDT for a two count.   Dreamer rolled to the floor and went under the ring for a table.

Dreamer brought the table into the ring and set it up in the corner.  He tried to whip Rhino into it but the challenger stopped short and nailed Dreamer with a gore for a two count.     He tred to send Dreamer into the table but they went back and forth with reversals until Rhino grabbed him and drilled him into the table, which shattered.  Rhino covered Dreamer, who kicked out at the last minute.

Rhino pulled him up and nailed a standing belly to belly suplex.  He set up for the gore  but Dreamer moved and Rhino hit a chair that was set up in the corner.  Dreamer DDT'd Rhino and scored the pin.

Your winner and still FWE champion, Tommy Dreamer!

Good main event.

Dreamer cut a promo saying his career started in Brooklyn at Gleason's Gym. He said that for these fans to stay in such a hot building all night, it reaffirms to him why wrestling is the best business in the world. A "Thank you Tommy" chant started but he turned it into a "Thank you fans" chant. He said that Sunday is Rhino's birthday and even though he looks really old, he's only 35. Rhino said that he's got to drive 11 hours back to Michigan on Sunday so he's only having one diet coke. They invited everyone to come to Poughkeepsie tomorrow for the debut of House of Hardcore and saluted the fans.

That's all from FWE tonight!

Notes: Tammy Sytch was in attendance, arriving and leaving with Damien Darling...Johnny Knockout needed to go to the ER for stitches as he was cut behind the ear taking a table bump....They smartly announced a discount code for the iPPV for fans in attendance so they could order it as a lower rate.


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