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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-13 19:55:57
Welcome to's live, ongoing TNA Sacrifice PPV.

The PPV opened with Earl Hebner going into TNA champion Bobby Roode's locker room to retrieve the TNA title so it could be hung above the ring for the Ladder Match. Roode told Hebner to go tell Hogan that he can have the belt but it's coming back to him.

We went into the usual well produced opening video.

Christy Hemme looks great in a shimmering silver outfit.

TNA Tag Team champions Magnus & Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian & Christopher Daniels

The announcers noted its been an eventful few days for the challengers given the reveal of the photos of AJ Styles and Dixie Carter.

Nice reaction for the tag champions.   Magnus and Daniels started.    They locked up and Daniels grabbed a sideheadlock.  Magnus slipped out but Daniels took him to the mat.  Magnus reversed and began working over Daniels' arm.

Magnus took Daniels down with a side headlock takeover.   Daniels slipped out and charged but was shoulderblocked and slammed down.   Daniels worked him over with a series of shoulderblocks.   Daniels went for a right but it was blocked and Magnus drilled him with a series of uppercuts.  Daniels rebounded off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a suplex.

Daniels was pinballed back and forth between the champions.  Joe tagged in and worked over Daniels with a series of strikes in the corner.   Joe set up Daniels for the Facewash but Kazarian pulled his partner out of the ring to the floor.

Daniels stalled on the floor but was drilled with a running back elbow when he returned to the ring.  Kazarian tagged in but the champions tagged in and out working him over.  Joe drilled him with a back splash senton.   Daniels interfered, tripping Magnus and allowing Kazarian to nail him with  big legdrop.  The crowd chanted for Joe to tag in.

The champions worked over Magnus, scoring several near falls and coming up with ways to work him over while bending the rulebook.  The crowd was nuts chanting for Joe.

They showed Joseph Park in the crowd watching.  The announcers noted that Abyss had warned his brother not to get involved at the PPV but apparently he had blown that off.

Kazarian drilled Magnus with a kick to the back and tried to work him over with a submission.   Joe finally got the hot tag,  He drilled Kazarian with a snap powerslam.  Daniels charged and was caught with an Uranage in the corner.   

Joe and Magnus whipped Daniels into the corner.  Joe was kicked off by Daniels and nailed with a jumping DDT by Kazarian.   Daniels nailed Magnus with a STO but Magnus kicked up.   Joe pulled Magnus out of the ring.  Daniels went for the BME but Magnus rolled out of the way.  Daniels landed on his feet but was kicked hard by Joe.  Magnus came off with a flying elbow but Kazarian broke it up.

Magnus pulled Kazarian out and slammed him onto the apron.   He went for a move on Daniels but was chopblocked.   The challengers nailed a version of the old Midnight Express double goozle and scored the pin on Magnus.

Your winners and new TNA Tag Team champions, Kazarian & Daniels!

Solid back and forth tag match and a good opener. I just wish they had more time because what was good could have been great with more time for the bout, but no complaints here. The title win could set up a three way feud with all four here and the team of Styles & Angle.

The announcers welcomed everyone to the show and asked fans to send questions via TNA's Twitter to Bully Ray and Austin Aries.  

TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher.

Tessmacher came out in an awesome red white and blue outfit.  That led to Taz making an Avengers reference.

Kim nailed Brooke before the bell, ran her into the buckles and kicked the hell out of her.  She drilled Brooke with a series of forearms and sent her into the ring.  Tessmacher reversed a hiptoss and nailed a head scissors.  She went for Kim's Eat Defeat move and Kim rolled out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Brooke ducked a move and nailed a clothesline.  She hit a leaping clothesline out of the corner.  Brooke went for a spear on the apron but Kim leapt up and came down across Brooke's back.

Brooke was nailed with a uppercut and clothesline for a two count.  Kim sent her into the corner and splashed her horizontally in the corner.   Kim stood over Brooke's throat.  The crowd tried to rally Brooke, who was caught with an over the knee backbreaker.  She forced Brooke into a backwards position, atttempting a submission.

Kim drilled her with a clothesline, then mocked her by rubbing her rear in Brooke's face.   Tessmacher came back with a leaping forearm but was too hurt to mount a comeback.  The referee began counting them down but they returned to their feet.  Kim charged Brooke but was nailed with a kick.  Brooke whipped Kim into the corner and grabbed her with an X-Factor.

Tessmacher went to the top and drilled her with a flying elbow for a two count.   They went back and forth.  Kim went for her finisher but Brooke slipped out and nailed it on Kim.  Kim ended up bounced out to the floor from the force.  Brooke tossed her back in but was only able to score a two count.  The crowd was chanting hard for Brooke.

Brooke went for Kim but was grabbed in a double leg takedown.  Kim put her feet on the ropes and scored the pin.

Your winner and still Knockouts champion, Gail Kim!

Decent match.  They were over-achieving given Tessmacher's level of experience.  There were a few moments where they were off by a second or two with timing but this wasn't bad at all.  Tessmacher has something really unique about her and is trying really hard.  She was doing all these athletic moves, like she was trying to prove she could pull it off and could handle the push.  You have to respect that.  Kim worked hard as well.

Jeremy Borash interviewed the new Tag Team champions.  Daniels sent a message to AJ Styles - "a picture is worth a thousand words."  He told Styles there was more to come and told everyone else they have the right to worship the new champions.

TNA TV champion Devon vs. Robbie E vs. Robbie T.

For simplicity sake, the challengers will be known as T and E here.

The challengers surrounded Devon.  He went after them both but the numbers game was too much and they worked him over in the corner.   T was whipped into Devon, but the champion ducked.  T was clotheslined over the top to the floor.

Devon was left with E, who begged off.  Devon worked him over with right hand after right hand in the corner.   He nailed a Thesz Press and peppered E with punches.  He nailed T off the apron and drilled E with a spinebuster for a two count.

T pulled Devon to the floor and clotheslined him.   He tossed the champion back in but E told him to back off.  E began kicking at Devon and nailing him with punches.   E smashed Devon's head into the turnbuckles and kept telling T that he had Devon and to back off.   The challengers drilled Devon and E covered him for a two count.

T drilled Devon with a sideslam.  E came off the ropes with a fistdrop for a two count.   They whipped Devon into the ropes but he kicked E off and nailed a leaping shoulderblock on T.  He drilled E with one as well.

Devon nailing a charging Avalanche in the corner on E, sending him to the floor. The crowd was bigtime behind Devon.  T nailed him from behind and nailed an over the shoulder running powerslam but E distracted the referee to prevent the pinfall.  The challengers had words and E told T that he was in charge and would be champion.  T didn't want to hear that and E attempted to calm his bodyguard down. 

Devon charged from behind and knocked them into each other in the corner, then rolled up T for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA TV champion, Devon!

As good as this was going to get.  Not bad.

After the match, E was screaming at Devon, unaware that T was behind him furious.  He backed into T.  He tried to get T to calm down and hugged him but T wanted nothing to do with him.  He finally hugged E but it was obvious he wasn't a happy camper.

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