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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-13 19:55:57
They showed clips of the AJ Styles-Dixie Carter photos being revealed on Thursday.

Jeremy Borash interviewed AJ Styles.  Styles said it's not the first time he's wrestled Kurt Angle.  He said that Angle is the best in the world and if he's not focused, he knows he doesn't have a chance.  He said that he's not here to talk about photos, Kaz, Daniels or Dixie, he's here to wrestle.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle

They locked up and Styles went for the leg.  They had a scrambling attempt to gain advantage over the other but in the end, they faced off.  Angle grabbed a double leg takedown and rode Styles to the mat.   Styles backed off to the outside then returned to the ring.  Angle dared him to grab his leg.  Styles teased it then kicked Angle in the face when Angle ducked down to avoid the takedown.

Styles went for a waistlock but Angle nailed a rear elbow and locked him in a bearhug.  Styles broke out and nailed a sunset flip into a Styles Clash attempt.  Angle grabbed for an anklelock.  Style realized it and let the move go and they faced off.  The crowd started with some dueling chants.

They locked up again and Angle grabbed a side headlock.  Styles backed him into the ropes and sent him off but Angle shoulderblocked him down and went back to the headlock.  The crowd rallied Styles.  Styles fought his way to his feet but was caught and taken down again in the headlock.  

Styles nailed a dropkick after sending Angle into the ropes.  Styles came off the ropes with a leaping kneedrop to the head.   Styles went for the Styles Clash but instead nailed a powerbomb for a two count.

Styles locked in a rear chinlock,  Angle fought his way out but Styles nailed him and sent Angle to the floor.  He jumped down at Angle but Angle grabbed him for a back suplex.  Styles landed on his feet and nailed a big right hand.  Back in the ring, Styles missed a leap at Angle in the corner and was caught and sent overhead with a belly to bell suplex.

Angle began stomping the hell out of  Styles.  He choked Styles against the ropes.  Styles fought back but was snapmared over and locked in a waistlock on the mat.  Angle squeezed and worked over Styles on the mat.  Styles fought his way to his feet but was caught with a tilowhirl backbreaker over the knee.  He went back to Styles' mid-section, now locking Styles up in bodyscissors.

Angle backdropped Styles and locked in a side chinlock.    Styles fought his way out and scored several near falls.  He went for the Styles Clash but Angle grabbed the legs and backdropped him.  He charged Styles, who ducked and Angle went to the floor.  Styles nailed a springboard forearm from the top rope to the floor.  The cameras caught this from underneath so it looked especially awesome.

Back in the ring, Styles was nailed while on the top.  Angle went for a superplex but was shoved off.  Angle jumped back up and caught him with a tossing superplex for a two count.  Angle went for a German suplex but Styles slipped out and nailed the Pele Kick and the Styles Clash for a two count.

Angle caught Styles with a big reverse suplex for a two count.   He worked over Styles, who grabbed the ropes to break up a suplex attempt.  Styles went after Angle but was caught with an Olympic Slam for a two count.   Angle pulled Styles off the mat and teased doing the Styles Clash.   Styles backdropped him over.  Angle grabbed his leg for the anklelock.  Styles rolled through and leapt up for a move but was caught and nailed with the Styles Clash for a near fall.

Angle went to the top for the moonsault and like always, he missed it.   Styles nailed a springboard flip into a back splash senton, although he may have been going for a legdrop.  Styles climbed to the top but out came Kazarian and Daniels.  Styles went after Kazarian, who the referee pulled away.  Daniels nailed Styles' legs.  Styles was hit with the Angleslam for a two count.  Angle locked in an anklelock and dropped down, trapping Styles, who tapped.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

Daniels and Kazarian attacked Styles and put the boots to him.  Angle watched, then attacked Daniels and Kazarian, running them off.   He offered Styles his hand and helped him up.  They hugged and raised each other's arms.  That could be a hell of a dream tag team.

The match itself was good and very physical with a really nice story told in the ring.  I wouldn't say it was the best match they've ever had (Hard Justice in Trenton, NJ still stands out to me in that regard) but this was really awesome with a physical story told and a slow but great build in the ring. There were some really nice moments and near falls. I usually hate interference but it was a must here in order to tell the story they wanted and the Angle turn (although that's been coming for a while in terms of his attitude change) and setting the stage for the future. Angle and Styles as a team could be really cool and a way for Angle to not tax his body as much.

They showed a Top Ten TNA Moment to build to Slammiversary, which was Angle vs. Anderson in a Cage at Lockdown.  Mike Tenay and Taz gave the Slammiversary PPV a hard sell.

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