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By Mike Johnson on 2012-05-13 19:55:57

They showed a Top Ten TNA Moment to build to Slammiversary, which was Angle vs. Anderson in a Cage at Lockdown.  Mike Tenay and Taz gave the Slammiversary PPV a hard sell.

TNA champion Bobby Roode was interviewed by Jeremy Borash.  He said he was going to be the longest reigning TNA champion of all time in ten days and there was nothing anyone can do about it.  He claimed the ladder match was Hulk Hogan trying to stack the deck and hurt him.

TNA champ Bobby Roode vs. Rob Van Dam - Ladder Match

RVD controlled Roode early and went for a ladder under the ring.  Roode attacked him from behind on the floor, slamming him into the guard rail.   He went to run RVD into the ringpost but RVD blocked it and kicked Roode in the gut.

RVD lifted and dropped Roode over the railing, then hit the corkscrew legdrop.  Fans chanted "ECW" at that.  RVD nailed a shoulderblock on Roode but Roode caught him with a kick into the ropes, nutshooting RVD as he returned.  

Roode went for the ladder but RVD dropkicked it into him as Roode placed it on the apron.  RVD nailed a forward flip over the top to the floor.  Van Dam set up the ladder in the center of the ring but Roode grabbed him and ran RVD into it.

They went back and forth.  The ladder was placed across the ropes in one of the corners.  RVD went for a move but was caught, positioned under the ladder and catapulted into the ladder.  RVD's head stuck in the ladder.

Roode worked over RVD and attempted  a suplex on the ladder.  RVD reverses it and suplexes the champion on it.  Van Dam hits an Asai Moonsault off the ropes onto Roode, who was out on the ladder.  Nice spot.

Van Dam tried set the ladder up in the corner but was cut off by Roode.  Roode sent him into the corner but was caught with the Ryder Kick off the ropes.  Van Dam used his leg strength to flip Roode backwards into the ladder. 

Van Dam slammed a ladder over Roode in the corner, trapping him in the corner.  He nailed a skateboarding dropkick with a chair into the ladder and Roode.   This is the most motivated RVD has looked in a  LOOOOONG TIME.

Van Dam pulled another ladder from under the ring.   He began climbing up towards the TNA title but Roode caught up to him and nailed him.  RVD's face was raked and he dropped down.  He saw Roode trying to grab the belt and shoulderblocked the ladder, tipping it and Roode over.  The ladder almost nailed Roode in the head and the announcers acted like it had.

Roode immediately grabbed RVD and drilled him with a hard clothesline.   Roode set up a ladder and nailed RVD with a spinebuster on it, with RVD taking the full brunt of the shot on the steel.  That looked nasty.

RVD came back to monkey flip Roode onto a ladder, then nailed Rolling Thunder.  You could hear an 'ECW" chant.   They showed a shot of RVD's elbow bleeding and swelling up.  That isn't good!

RVD tried to set up a ladder to climb but instead slammed it down and slammed Roode on it.  RVD went to the top for the Five Star Frog Splash but Roode rolled out of the way.   The pain of hitting the ladder sent RVD out of the ring to the floor holding his mid-section. 

RVD pulled himself up to the ropes just in time for Roode to run the ladder into his chest like a battering ram.   Roode set the ladder up and began ascending to the top.    He made to the top as RVD got to the top rope.  RVD leapt from the top to the ladder but when he hit the ladder, it seemed to buckle a little under his weight and RVD's foot slipped into one of the rungs as his other leg slipped off the ladder near the hinges.  The ladder tilted and Roode dropped off.  RVD's leg twisted in this sick way that was obviously not planned and he immediately grabbed at it.

Roode climbed to the top.  Van Dam followed and Roode kicked him backwards off the ladder.  RVD nailed the back of his head hit a chair that was in the ring.   RVD kicked at the ladder but Roode pulled the belt down.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Bobby Roode!

RVD was pissed after, slamming ladders.  TNA staffers came to check on him but RVD blew them off and rolled out of the ring.  He walked on the floor, putting some weight on the leg.  If he wasn't seriously hurt and didn't tear anything, it's a miracle because that was sick looking.

The PPV went off the air with Roode smiling and holding his belt up, once again pulling it out.

Really good physical spectacle in the main event.  As I wrote, it was the most motivated RVD has looked in a long time and the closest he's done to that ECW balls to the walls style in a crazy environment with weapons that I can recall off the top of my head.  Roode and RVD both took a lot of punishment and worked hard.  The moments that were really scary in terms of potential injury and physicality only served to make the body of the match better.

Easily the best TNA PPV from top to bottom in recent memory. wants to know what you thought of the PPV! What was the best match?

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