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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-30 22:59:24

Welcome to's livecoverage of ROH Showdown In The Sun: Night One!

Proving Ground Match: ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe vs TMDK

The Briscoes almost immediately take it out to the floor and pummel both opponents, ramming them into the guardrails before Mark suplexes Nicholls on the floor and then goes back inside where Jay wipes Haste out with a big boot and a charging clothesline in the corner. Haste tries to fight his way out of the corner, but Mark fires back until Mikey Nicholls drags Mark out to the apron where Haste drops all his weight on Mark's chest with a slingshot double stomp. Nicholls comes in and TMDK hit a series of double teams that I find hard to keep up on because the video keeps locking up and then jumping ahead. When it comes back, Nicholls is beating Mark up in the corner and gouges his eyes. It's almost impossible at this point to keep up on the match because not only does the stream keep locking up, but now I'm looking at a completely blank screen. It comes back as I hear a two count while one guy has the other in a chinlock, and then it freezes up again. This is completely unwatchable at this point, but I do gather enough of what's going on to see the Briscoes beat down TMDK, then TMDK hits some cool looking double teams including a springboard into a cannonball in the corner, followed by an assisted DDT, then Mark comes in to save Jay, which I knew because I heard what was going on twenty seconds before I saw it. Mark with a top rope elbowdrop for 2 and crowd chants "this is awesome", and I'm sure it is live because now I'm just looking at a still frame of the Briscoes staring at Mikey Nicholls. I have no idea what the finish was because when we come back, Kevin Kelly is talking and throwing it to Jim Cornette in the ring.

Winners: No Idea

Cornette introduces the NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, and brings up that Pearce had defeated ROH's Adam Cole under questionable circumstances the night before. Pearce asks Cornette if he's going to lecture him on questionable use of the rules, and he says it feels good to be home, but last night the marquee didn't read ROH, it read NWA. Cornette says Cole gave him everything he could handle and he knows it, and Pearce agrees that he's a star and he may be the future of the company and he's good, but he's not great. Adam Cole comes out to say that Pearce has some good points, and he's not going to make better excuses, but Cornette wanted to put him to the test, so he's going to do that against one of the best in the sport. Cornette also said he wanted him to learn something from this fight, and he learned that if he gets one more shot at Pearce, he knows he can beat him. Pearce says that if he wants to do that, they have a ring and they can get a referee and can do it right now. Cornette wants them to slow down and says he doesn't have the authority to put the NWA Title on the line, but if a referee can get down to the ring, he can make this match right now. So looks like we have an impromptu match...

NWA World Champion Adam Pearce vs Adam Cole

Pearce jumps Cole from behind, but Cole dropkicks Pearce to the floor and follows him out with a dive. Cole continues the assault on the floor, Pearce tries to whip Cole into the barricade, but Cole reverses and it's Pearce that hits the guardrail. Cole sends Pearce back into the ring and Pearce begs for mercy, but Cole doesn't relent and unloads on Pearce with right hands. Cole tries a charge, but Pearce catches him coming in with a big chokeslam. Pearce sends Cole into the ropes and hits a big back bodydrop for 2. Pearce gouges Cole's face and sends him into the ropes and catches himcoming out with a Here It Is Driver for 2. Cole rolls out to the floor, but Pearce makes a grab and takes a leaping enziguiri before following up with a top rope bodypress that Pearce rolls out of the way of, sending Cole crashing to the canvas. Pearce whips Cole to the corner and takes his time following in, and Cole dodges and hits a superkick and Shining Wizard for 2. Cole hauls Pearce to his feet and Pearce goes for a piledriver, the referee tries to stop him and that gives Cole an opening to backdrop Pearce and sit down on his chest where he cradles Pearce's legs for the win.

Winner: Adam Cole

Pearce shakes Cole's hand and raises his arm before heading to the back.

Tornado Match: All Night Express vs Young Bucks

They start brawling before the bell and the ANX takes a quick advantage on the Bucks. Titus works over Matt Jackson in the corner and sends him into a leaping leg lariat from King. Matt rolls out to the floor as the video freezes up again. Now the video's playing with no sound as the ANX hits stereo dives to the floor and wipes out both Young Bucks. The Bucks get back inside and hit a double team double stomp before Nick takes King out with a running dive through the ropes. Matt catches Titus in a spinning toehold and Nick goes up top, but King shoves Nick to the floor and flattens Matt with a spinebuster for 2. Okay, the audio is back on and the delay isn't quite as bad, but still noticeable. Bucks with a series of double teams to send Titus out to the floor before turning their attention back to King. Nick with a chestbreaker followed by a rolling neckbreaker over the knee by Matt. Titus tries to get back in the ring, but Matt goes to the outside and again beats him down before coming in to continue the beating on King. King starts firing back, hitting the cartwheel kick to Matt, but appeared to hurt his ribs in doing so and takes a good long time to get up. The Bucks whip King to the ropes, but are blindsided as Titus comes in and takes them both out with a double clothesline. Titus with big clotheslines to both Bucks and a dropkick to Nick for 2, then King plants Matt with a leg cradle suplex. Titus with a Samoan drop to Nick for 2, King dumps Matt out to the floor and they set Nick up for their finish, but Matt comes in and superkicks Titus, then they double superkick King and then set the ANX up for stereo 450 splashes. They both connect, but both King and Titus kick out at 2. The Bucks go for More Bang For Your Buck, but take too long and King hits a leaping enziguiri to knock Nick off the top rope and Titus rolls Matt up for 3.

Winners: All Night Express

Nick comes in with a chair to the knee of Titus, and King chases the Bucks off, but the status of Titus' knee is now in question as the ANX has to face the Bucks again tomorrow.

Just a quick note: the stream went down after that last match and, as of right now, has been out for about ten minutes. I guess I'll continue the report whenever the stream comes back up!

Update 9:15 PM: the stream is still down and the site has a message saying that the internet connection is causing speed and sync issues and they're still working on it. I'll post another update when I have one.

Okay, stream finally came up and we pick up with WGTT vs Alexander & Coleman on Page 2.

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