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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-30 22:59:24
Okay, we're back and I don't know what I missed, but I had to drop down to the middle speed on the broadcast just to get a stream, and the audio is again twenty or thirty seconds ahead of the video.

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Haas & Benjamin attack before the bell, but Alexander & Coleman come back and knock Benjamin to the floor and work over Haas. Benjamin makes it back inside, but winds up on the receiving end of more punishment. Coleman tries a springboard move from the outside, but Haas holds his foot from the floor and Benjamin takes his head off with a superkick. Now WGTT is in control and the sound is so jumpy that this is really getting hard to watch. Haas puts the boots to Coleman and stretches him in the corner, and the sound goes out again as Benjamin tags in and whips Coleman into Haas' boot before following up with a spinebuster for 2. Benjamin dumps Coleman out to the floor and Haas picks him up for a belly to back suplex and just dumps him back first on the guardrail. Benjamin drags Coleman back into the ring and hits a backbreaker, then Haas comes in and punts Coleman in the ribs before covering for 2. Haas with a rear chinlock, but Coleman escapes and tries a springboard crossbody, but Haas catches him and just dumps him in a big spinebuster type move for 2. Haas & Benjamin with series of double teams on Coleman and then Haas gets Coleman in a bodyscissors. Coleman finally uses some high flying offense to break free and tag out to Cedric Alexander, who drills both Haas & Benjamin with dropkicks, and then hits a springboard bulldog on Benjamin for 2. Alexander with a springboard clothesline to Haas, then Coleman wipes Benjamin out with a dive to the floor. Alexander nails Haas with a charging forearm in the corner and sets him up top, and Coleman hits a standing top rope Frankensteiner. Alexander goes up top, but Benjamin comes in and shoves Coleman into the ropes, causing Alexander to crotch himself on the top rope, then Haas hits a Hacker Slam on Coleman and Benjamin finishes with the leaping suplex off the top rope for the win.

Winners: Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team

No idea what happens after as the video froze up again, but on another note, I was told that Lethal retained against Kyle O'Reilly in the TV Title match just before what apparently was intermission right before this match.

Another quick internet stream update: because of the issues with the internet connection tonight, GFL has promised to have a replay up on the site by morning.

Okay, we're back again and the next match is already in progress, with no sound.

Lance Storm vs Mike Bennett

Storm is giving Bennett a wrestling lesson and takes him out with a standing dropkick for 2. They wind up going to the floor, but Bennett slips back inside and nails Storm. The video freezes, and it comes back as Bennett dumps Storm to the floor and rams him into the barricade. They go back inside and Bennett nails Storm with a standing dropkick of his own before catching Storm in a rear chinlock. Bennett tries a second rope sunset flip and Storm rolls through and tries for the Canadian Maple Leaf, but Bennett escapes and puts the boots to Storm. Storm gets to his feet and they go toe to toe, with Storm getting the better of the exchange and hitting a leg lariat for 2. Storm with a springboard clothesline for 2, and he tries a superkick but Bennett catches the foot and counters to a spinebuster for 2. Bennett sets up for the Box Office Smash, Storm escapes, but Bennett tries again and hits it for 2. He goes for his own half crab, but Storm blocks and hits a superkick for 2. Storm tries the roll through into the half crab, but Bennett himself rolls through and spears Storm for 2. Bennett fires off right hands, but Storm goads him into taking another shot and gets a drop toehold, then starts working Bennett's leg over with leg whips. Bennett hauls himself to the ropes and boots Storm in the face, then goes for a TKO but Storm counters to the Canadian Maple Leaf. Bennett tries to get to the ropes, but Storm drags Bennett back out to the middle of the ring and Bennett nearly taps again, but finally makes it to the ropes. Bennett rolls out to the apron and they trade blows, then they both wind up on the top rope and Storm goes for a superplex, but Maria holds Bennett's ankle and prevents Storm from hitting the superplex, and allows Bennett to counter to a top rope Box Office Smash, but Storm still kicks out at 2. Bennett yells at Storm to die, drills him with several right hands, and hits a TKO for the extremely hard fought win.

Winner: Mike Bennett

This was easily the best Mike Bennett match I've ever seen. Good stuff, and Storm looked as good as the day he retired. Bennett comes back into the ring and shakes Storm's hand, then pulls him in and hits the Box Office Smash.

Kevin Steen and El Generico renew their rivalry on Page 3.

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