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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-03-30 22:59:24
Last Man Standing Match: Kevin Steen vs El Generico

Once again, they start fighting before the bell and Generico dumps Steen out to the floor and follows him out with a somersault dive. Generico gets a chairshot to the gut and continues pummeling him all around ringside, but the battle ends up coming back toward the ring where a spare ring rope gets pulled out from under the ring and used as a weapon. Steen goes crashing into the barricade and they go inside where Generico goes after Steen with a chair, Steen kicks Generico and makes him drop the chair, but Generico again drills him with a long series of punches to the head and just beats Steen down in the corner. Steen tosses Generico to the ring apron and tries to suplex him back in, Generico fights him off and goes for a slingshot move into the ring, but Steen catches him and counters to an Ace Crusher. Steen gets ahold of a chair and plasters Generico across the back with it, then nails him again and backs off to let the referee count. Generico gets to his feet and gets ahold of the chair, Steen blocks the chairshot and counters to a kind of Codebreaker with the chair, then Steen puts the chair on top of Generico and hits a somersault splash and the referee counts again. Generico gets back up so Steen sets up the chair in the middle of the ring, Generico tries to fight back and go for a tornado DDT, but Steen just throws him off and puts Generico in the corner with the chair across his chest and comes plowing in with a rolling cannonball. Generico again beats the count, and they trade blows in the middle of the ring. Steen comes off the ropes and Generico dumps him out to the floor, he goes for a dive but Steen drags Generico outside and powerbombs him onto the ring apron. The referee counts Generico since you can still lose on the floor, and Steen goes after some fans who try and help Generico to his feet. Generico still manages to drag himself up and he falls backward onto a ringside attendant, who takes a running boot from Steen when Generico moves out of the way, and Generico comes right in with a running boot of his own. They fight over to a stage on the side and into the stands, Steen goes to the eyes and they fight it out on the stage until Steen charges Generico and gets caught and driven into the stage with a Michinoku Driver. Steen can't get up, so he rolls off the stage at 9 and staggers around ringside until Generico hits a running somersault dive off the stage and Steen is down again. Genericogoes back to the stage and again dives off and onto Steen with a tornado DDT to the floor. Steen again beats the count, so Generico hits a running boot off the apron and pulls a table out from under the ring. Generico sets the table up at ringside and puts Steen on top of it, but Steen comes off and rams Generico into the ringpost, then puts him on the table and heads into the ring to come off the ropes with a somersault dive that sends Generico crashing through the table. Generico again manages to somehow get to his feet and roll inside the ring, so Steen sets up two chairs face to face and goes for the F5, but Generico slips out and hits the half and half suplex onto the chairs and Steen is badly hurt. He still beats the count, so Generico smashes Steen with a chair and goes for a brainbuster onto a chair, but Steen hits a low blow and a fisherman's buster onto the chair. Generico barely makes it back to his feet, then goes right back down, so Steen just drills him with a chair and then goes up top, but Generico boots Steen off the top rope and through a ringside table. Steen still makes it back to his feet,and Generico has no idea what it's going to take to put Steen down. They go toe to toe in the middle of the ring and Steen spits in Generico's face and flips him off. Generico returns the favor, and he hits a running Yakuza kick, half and half suplex attempt, but Steen slips out and they fight back and forth again until Generico finally hits the brainbuster and both men are down. They both need to prop themselves up on chairs to get back to their feet and now they start fencing with the chairs until Steen kicks Generico low and drops him to his knees. We know what Steen does here, but suddenly Jimmy Jacobs runs out and stands in front of Generico to block the chairshot. Much like in Fox & the Hound, he saves Generico's skin and lets him hit a half and half suplex. Generico hands the chair to Generico, then pulls a spike out of nowhere and nails Generico as fans chant "welcome back Jimmy" at him. Steen picks the chair back up and hands it to Jacobs, who drills Generico square in the skull, and that's enough to finally put him down for the ten count.

Winner: Kevin Steen

Jacobs says thank you to Steen and he gets a crazed look in his eye like a junkie who fell off the wagon and finally got his fix.

ROH World Title Match: Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards vs Roderick Strong

Handshakes all around, and then Roderick goes after both Wolves, ping ponging back and forth while destroying them with kicks and forearms. Davey tries to waistlock Roderick, but Roderick ducks and Davey goes to the floor. Davey quickly gets back in and kicks Roderick hard in the chest to send him out to the floor. Now it's Davey and Eddie in the ring, and they trade forearms and then trade running boots to the face and finally open hand slaps before Eddie takes Davey out with a running kneestrike to the face. Roderick tries to come in and get in some cheap shots again, but Eddie takes him out and goes back to working Davey over, sending him to the ropes and hitting a back elbow for 2. Davey lays Eddie out with a standing dropkick and ties him up in the Tequila Cloverleaf. Strong comes in and nails Davey, then starts putting the boots to both men. Roderick now shows off his standing dropkick that gets him a 2 count on Davey and then chokes Eddie in the corner with his boot. Roderick with a deathdrop on Davey for 2, then goes into a chop exchange with Edwards before they both chop at Richards. Davey does his O'Connor Roll/Northern Lights Suplex combo for 2 on both men, and they all lay each other out with high impact moves and they're all motionless on the mat. Davey and Eddie are up first and go toe to toe in the middle of the ring and then Roderick joins in to make a three way slugfest. Davey and Eddie try for some of their old American Wolves double teams, but Roderick dodges a double kick and gives Davey a backbreaker and a back suplex for 2. Roderick goes for a Gibson Driver, Davey drives Roderick into the corner to escape, but Eddie takes Davey out with a Tiger Suplex and then gives Roderick a Backpack Driver for 2. Eddie works Roderick over in the corner, but takes a chage and gets backdropped to the floor. Roderick tries for the gutbuster on Davey, but Davey counters to an anklelock. Roderick tries to slip out, so Davey catches him in an Indian Deathlock. Eddie kicks at Davey, but Davey catches his boot and locks him in an anklelock to get both opponents in submission predicaments. They both make the ropes, and Roderick goes out to the apron and Davey backdrops Eddie out there as well, and Eddie goes for a fisherman's buster but Strong reverses to a back suplex onto the ring apron and then Davey comes through the ropes and takes Strong out with a dive. This match is just insane. Eddie takes out both Davey and Roderick with an Asai moonsault to the floor, and appears to have hurt his shoulder coming down. Eddie rolls Roderick back into the ring and goes fora double stomp, Roderick dodges but Eddie rolls on his feet and hits a brainbuster for 2. Eddie goes up top but Davey leaps to the top rope and hits a superplex, rolls through and hits a Falcon Arrow and goes right into an armbar on Eddie until Roderick comes over and grabs Davey's legs to trap him in the Stronghold. Eddie and Roderick trade chops in the middle of the ring and the Wolves hit a double team Alarm Clock, Eddie superkicks Davey, and Strong hits Eddie with the Sick Kick for 2. Roderick puts Eddie on the top rope and then he dumps Davey with a back suplex, hits Eddie with a leaping enziguiriand tries to superplex him, but Eddie dumps him into the ring and Davey hits a double stomp and a bridging German suplex. Eddie breaks it up at 2 with a double stomp of his own, then chops Strong in the neck and covers him for 2. Eddie picks Strong up for a powerbomb and Davey turns it into a lungblower as Truth Martini and Michael Elgin come out to ringside to distract Eddie, who hits a running boot to send Martini sailing off the apron and into Elgin's arms, but Eddie turns around and gets caught in a small package by Roderick and is eliminated.

Eddie Edwards is eliminated.

Now it's all Davey as he just destroys Strong with a series of hard strikes and kicks, but Strong hits a leaping knee and the Sick Kick for 2. Strong gets the gutbuster and Gibson Driver for 2, then puts Davey on top and goes for a superplex, but Davey shoves him off, drops to the apron to hit Truth Martini with a running kick, then comes off the top rope with a double stomp, goes up and hits another one for 2, then a Gibson Driver for 2. Davey with an unprotected superkick to Strong's jaw and a spinning knockout kick to the side of the head and Strong goes limp. Davey rolls him to his back and covers for the win.

Winner: Davey Richards

Michael Elgin runs in and jumps Davey from behind, then hits the spinning sitout powerbomb. Truth Martini tells Davey that Michael Elgin stands for everything that is professional wrestling, and when he faces Davey tomorrow, we're going to have a new ROH World Champion. Strong, meanwhile, is in the corner with a look of disbelief on his face and rolls out to the floor with a look on his face like he's not sure if he shouldbe worried that his wife is out on the floor dancing with his best friend.

Really hard to say whether to recommend buying the replay given how distracting all the technical issues were, but the last two matches were excellent, so assuming they clean up all the technical issues by the time they put up the replay overnight as they promised, it'll probably be worth the money. I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow morning in the Elite section with Adolfo Acosta for the postgame show!

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