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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-30 23:00:00 iPPV

We are live at the Dragon Gate USA event in Miami, Florida.  I actually just arrived so Richard Trionfo, who was going to do play by play will provide live thoughts and I will be do PBP. 

Pre-Show Notes: There will be at least one surprise tonight....The promotion is extremely happy with their $1.98 promotional price as they have over 1,000 new first-time buys for the iPPV broadcast and 2,000 or so buys total as of 7:15 PM.

AR Fox vs. Rich Swann

Swann came to the ring doing the Ronin song and got the crowd rowdy asking if everyone was drunk yet.

They locked up and Fox began working over Swann's arm.  Swann slipped out and grabbed a side headlock.  They started chain wrestling.  Fox went for a legsweep but Swann did a backflip to escape it and they faced off.  They went back and forth until Swann nailed a big dropkick. 

Swann beat on Fox in the corner and peppered him with punches in the corner.   He followed up with a chop in the corner.   Fox grabbed him and suplexed him on the back of his head for a two count.  Swann rolled out.  Fox ran off the apron and flipped off the ringpost, but Swann moved.  Swann then did a flip off and barely caught Fox.  The crowd chanted, "We want wrestling."

Back in the ring, Fox killed Swann with a series of cannonballs in the corner for a near fall.  He cinched in a side headlock, working Swann over.   Fox nailed a split-legged moonsault for another two count.   Swann fired back but was drilled with a hard DDT for a two count.  Swann came back with a leaping kick to the head and a rana off the ropes.

Swann came back with a series of kicks and a big splash for a two count.   Swann went up and over in the corner but was nailed and hit with a top rope swanton.   Swann rolled to the outside.  Fox drilled him with a kick and did a springboard into an inverted backflip, going upside down from an inverted position, crashing down on Swann.  That was insane.  Fox went for a top rope legdrop onto the apron but Swann moved and there was no water in the pool.

Swann nailed him with a handspring into an Ace Crusher, then nailed an awesome frog splash for a two count.   They went into a hot series of near falls until Swann chopped him hard in the face.  He went to the ropes but was nailed.  Fox leapt and nailed a one man Spanish Fly for the pin.

Your winner, AR Fox!

This was an absolutely incredible opener.  Just awesome innovative stuff here.

DGUSA Tag Team champions CIMA and Ricochet came out.  CIMA announced he wouldn't be able to wrestle tonight and apologized saying he loved the United States, wrestling and Dragon Gate, but they will have to vacate the belts.  He apologized to Ricochet. 

Ronin's Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor came out.  Taylor told them they needed to hand the belts over because Ronin was the new champion.  Gargano then refused, saying he wanted to earn the belts the way he earned his Open the Freedom Gate title.  Masato Yoshino came out and said that he wanted a shot at Gargano's belt but tonight offered to be Ricochet's partner.  They all agreed.  As an angle to set up something later, it was fine.

The Scene (with Larry Dallas) vs. Bobby Fish & mystery partner

The Scene came out with Shelly Martinez, Amber O'Neal and Sassie Stephy).  Fish came out alone and Dallas mocked him for not having a partner.  Tommy Dreamer came out to a big pop and an ECW chant.

They all brawled.  Dreamer nailed Caleb Konley with a pumphandle slam and locked in a Crossface.  He and Fish then worked over Scott Reed.   Fish nailed a slingshot splash for a two count.  He drilled Reed with a dropkick and knocked Konley off the apron.  Fish faked them with a dive and they ran off.  Dreamer nailed a double clothesline off the apron to the floor.

Konley dropped Dreamer across the guard rail.  The Scene worked him over on the floor until Fish chased them away.  They rolled him into the ring and continued beating on Dreamer.   Fish tried to help but the referee forced him out, allowing the Scene to work over Dreamer more.  The Scene slammed Dreamer down and drilled him with a double elbowdrop for a two count.  The girls worked over Dreamer when he was near the ropes.

The Scene both backdropped Dreamer for a two count but Fish broke up the count.   Konley went to come off the ropes.  Dreamer went to kick him but Konley caught the foot and drilled Dreamer with an elbow.  Dreamer kicked off a charge and made the hot tag to Fish.

Fish cleaned house and nailed several big kicks and a Dragon Screw legwhip to Reed.  He whipped Reed into the corner and nailed an elbow.   Dreamer returned and nailed Konley.  Stephy and Amber attacked him.  He grabbed them and kissed them both, then piledrove Stephy.  Konley nailed Dreamer with a backstabber.   Fish attacked Konley and locked him in a kneebar for the submission.

Your winners, Tommy Dreamer & Bobby Fish!

Shelley went after Dreamer, so he spanked her hard.

Fun back and forth match.

Sami Callihan vs. BxB Hulk

Callihan worked over Hulk early and tied him up on the mat, focusing his attack on the knees.   Callihan drilled him with chops then brought Hulk over to the ringpost.  He slammed Hulk's leg into the ringpost then drilled him with a kick.  Callihan brought him back in the ring and beat him hard with chops and rakes.

Hulk fired back with a series of kicks to the chest and back.  Hulk continued to nail Sami with a series of kicks in the corner, then nailed a Tazplex/powerslam combination.   Callihan backed off into the corner but Hulk continued to stomp away at him.   Hulk nailed a stiff kick and covered him for another two count.

Hulk measured him and stiffly kicked Callihan in the chest and nose.  He may have broken his nose.  Callihan started psyching himself up.  He spit on Hulk and challenged him.  Hulk drilled him with a series of kicks to the head and chest.  He went to go off the ropes but was caught and nailed with a death valley driver.  Callihan used the ropes to slingshot splash.  He followed up with a clothesline, sending Hulk off the apron to the floor and drilled him with a tope suicida.  Callihan then tossed Hulk into the first row.

Hulk returned with a kick to the head and rolled Callihan back into the ring.   Hulk nailed a springboard spinkick for another two count.   Hulk went for a superplex but Callihan fought him off and went for a top rope sunset flip.  Hulk held onto the ropes so Callihan kicked him hard in the back of his leg.  Hulk fell into the ring, where Callihan locked on another leglock.

Hulk fought his way back to his feet and nailed an awesome series of kicks and a standing moonsault press for a two count.   Hulk went for a springboard but his knee gave out and he crashed into the ring.  Callihan drilled him from the ropes and locked on a Stretch Muffler.  Hulk rolled him up for a two.  Callihan fought off an attempted kick.  He went to finish off Hulk but Christina Von Eerie came to the ring, drank Callihan's beer and then beckoned to Callihan.  He went for a kiss and she spit the beer into his eyes, blinding him.

Hulk drilled Callihan and pinned him.

Your winner, BxB Hulk!

Good match.  I didn't love the finish since it was so random, but it was good stuff until then.

Callihan cut a promo and said that he should have known not to trust a woman.  He got a great line off about usually loving when women spit alcohol all over him.  He said that all he can think about is Sabu, repeating his name.  He said Sabu was an extreme loser and old.

The lights went out and when they returned, Sabu was in the ring.  He and Sami brawled.  Sabu got the better of it until the DUF hit the ring.  Arik Cannon nailed Sabu with a full can of beer from behind.  Jon Davis and AR Fox hit the ring.  Fox and Sami brawled to the back.

Street Fight: Sabu & Jon Davis vs. The DUF

Everyone brawled.  Sabu put a table on the apron.  Davis went for a powerbomb but Pinky Sanchez drilled him with a running knee and a kneelift.  Davis cut him off with a leaping leg lariat.  Sabu pulled out a spike and began stabbing Arik Cannon in the head, busting him open.  He spiked him in the side of the head then nailed Air Sabu off a chair.

Sabu went for another but was caught and hung on the ropes, drilled into the mat.  Davis hit the ring for a save, spinebusting him.  Sanchez and Cannon doubleteamed Davis and Sabu.  Cannon DVDR'd his own partner on Davis.  Sabu set up a table in the corner but was beaten down by Cannon.

Davis dispatched Sanchez to the floor and clotheslined Cannon, who took a 360 bump.  Sabu worked over Cannon and laid him facefirst on a table, then came off with a flying legdrop through it.  Davis speared Sanchez as he tried to make the save and scored the pin.

Your winner, Sabu and Jon Davis!

Callihan attacked Sabu from behind and nailed him with a bottle.  He began cutting a promo asking Sabu if he thought this was going to be that easy.  He said he wasn't going to finish Sabu on a 1.99 PPV.  He said that he wants Sabu to think all night about tomorrow being his last match.  He stood over Sabu strangling him with his feet and walked off.

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