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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-30 23:00:00
Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Akira Tozawa  (with BxB Hulk and Christina Von Eerie)

They stiffly beat the hell out of each other early with kicks and chops.   Mochizuku missed several kicks and was nailed by Tozawa.  He fired back with a running kick to the back that sent Tozawa to the floor.  Mochizuki continued to control the match, locking him in a legbar, trying to force the submission.

Tozawa battled back but was caught in an armbar.   Tozawa went to the ropes to break it and then to the floor.  Mochizuki followed him to the floor.  They battled on the apron, firing back and forth with kicks.  Mochizuka grabbed his arm and slammed him down hard on the apron.  The crowd chanted for Mochizuki.

Tozawa tried to battle back but was kicked off.  Tozawa nailed a stiff back suplex and a suicide dive to the outside.  He went for another but Mochizuki tried to fight him off.  Tozawa nailed him then hit another suicide dive.  The crowd loved that.

Back in the ring, Tozawa continued to work him over  and drilled him with a stiff dropkick to the neck for a two count.  Tozawa nailed a senton splash for a two count.  He choked Mochizuki in the corner with his boot.  He went for a tombstone but Mochizuki reversed it and spiked him for a two count, then locked on the camel clutch.

Tozawa made a comeback and murdered him with a series of chops in the corner.  Mochizuki challenged him so Tozawa punched him in the face.  Mochizuki fired back with an awesome stiff shot.  They continued going back and forth with stiff punches and kicks.  It was beautiful.  Mochizuki rolled up Tozawa for a two count.

Mochizuki tagged him with a series of insane kicks and strikes, culminating with a kick to the back of the head.  He went to the ropes but Tozawa leapt up and nailed a German superplex.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."   They kept reversing German attempts.  Tozawa nailed it for a two count but Mochizuki grabbed an armbar.  Tozawa fought out and nailed a sick backdrop driver with a bridge.  Mochizuki kicked out at the last second.  The crowd stood on their feet and applauded, chanting for Dragon Gate.

They exchanged Yakuza kicks to the face and slaps.    Mochizuki pepered Tozawa with an insane series of kicks for a two count.  Mochizuki nailed a springboard knee strike and covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Masaaki Mochizuki!

GREAT, stiff, hard-hitting match.  Just awesome stuff here.

Christina Von Eerie  took the mic and told Mochizuki that she had a message for him.  He struck him in the groin with the mic and ran off.

Johnny Vandal vs. Samurai Del Sol

Del Sol was the mystery Luchador they've signed.

They started off hit with a tope con hilo to the floor on Vandal.  He nailed a great springboard splash for a two count.   Vandal cut him off and nailed a running splash to the ropes.  He covered him for a two count.  They battled back and forth until Vandal nailed a F5.

Vandal went to the top for a double kneedrop across the chest for a two count.   He bean working over Del Sol, who snapped him with a reverse rana, spiking him into the mat for the pin.

Your winner, Samurai Del Sol!

Decent match.

Low Ki vs. PAC

They started out doing some good back and forth mat wrestling followed by a test of strength.   Ki was forced to the mat but bridged out and reversed it.  Pac bridged but Ki drilled him in the hamstring with kicks.  They went into a great series of near falls and reversals.  The crowd applauded.

They went back to the mat wrestling, going back and forth.  They went to lock up and Ki threw an insanely fast kick.  Pac barely evaded  it.  They worked back and forth, until Ki drilled him with a kick against the ropes.   Ki went for a suplex but Pac reversed it and forced him against the turnbuckles and drilled him with a knee to the gut.  Pac nailed an elbow to the jaw and followed up with additional shots. 

Ki reversed it nailed a series of kicks.  He sent Pac into the opposite corner but Pac flipped over him and drilled him with a kick.  Pac lifted Ki and nailed a backbody drop.  Pac snapmared Ki over scissored his head with his legs.  Ki tried to bridge out but Pac nailed him in the mid-section.  The crowd began chanting back and forth for each man as Ki made it to the ropes and broke the hold.

Ki chopped Pac hard and followed up with a stiff elbow.  He drilled Pac with some insanely stiff chops.   Ki nailed a handspring off the ropes into a crossbody for a two count.  Ki tied up Pac on the maty, trying to force a submission with a head scissors of his own.  He pulled Pac into a pinfall for a two count, then kicked him in the back of the neck for another two count.

Pac finally forced Ki into the corner and nailed a series of back elbows.   Pac ended up on the apron and tried to suplex Ki to the outside but Ki kicked him while upside down.  Ki went for a kick but missed and Pac leapt into the ring, twisting Ki into a rana.  Ki went to the floor.  Pac tried  to nail a dive to the floor but Ki took his legs out and forced him to land hard on his tailbone on the apron.  Ki chopped him hard but was kicked off into the guard rail when he tried again.

Pac went to the top and nailed a twisting moonsault to the floor.  That was incredible.   The crowd chanted, "That was splendid."  Back in the ring, Pac drilled him with a hard forearm. Pac sent Ki into the ropes and sent him flying up and crashing down hard.   Ki made a comeback and nailed a handspring into a kick to the head in the corner.  He covered Pac for a two count.  Pac kicked out and Ki covered him again.

Ki chopped Pac hard in the chest in the corner.   Ki gave him a knee breaker and went for a twisting dive but Pac rolled out of the way.   Pac went to the top rope and nailed a 630 splash for a two count.   Pac went for a top rope leg lariat but Ki ducked.  Ki went for a kick but Pac ducked, so Ki swept the leg.  Ki went to the top for the double stomp but Pac knocked him down.  He went to the top  and nailed a rana off the ropes.   Pac went to the top and went for a twisting shooting star press but Ki moved.

Ki went to the top and came off with a double stomp to the chest and scored the pin.

Your winner, Low Ki!

GREAT, hard hitting match with some great futuristic back and forth action.

Low Ki took the mic.  He said he's not much for words but Pac is incredible.   He said that was the true sport of professional wrestling.   He says that he doesn't know how everyone else feels, but he would be more than happy to do that again.   Some fans yelled for right now, and Ki said, "Did you not just see what I just went through to get this victory?"  He said that what we just saw was a championship quality match.  He said that the more you can perform at that level, the more you get bang for your back.  Ki said that he was calling out all DGUSA and EVOLVE wrestlers.  He said that an EVOLVE title should be created for competitors like Pac and he's throwing his name out there to compete for it.  He said that as passionate as he is about the business, he doesn't do it for himself but for all the fans.

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