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By Mike Johnson on 2012-03-30 23:00:00

Your winners, announced as the new DGUSA Tag Team champions, Masato Yoshino & Ricochet!

Incredible main event.  Great wrestling, some good comedy from Taylor and some insane action.

CIMA returned to the ring and told Gargano and Taylor that he respected them.  He shook Gargano's hand.  Taylor attacked CIMA from behind and then superkicked his own partner.  He walked out.  The fans chanted "F*** you Chucky."    Yoshino and Richochet checked on CIMA.  Yoshino then told Gargano that tomorrow, he will be the Freedom Gate champion.  He then thanked everyone for coming and asked them if they liked the show.  Yoshino said they would see everyone tomorrow and led a Dragon Gate U-S-A chant.

Fun show and well worth your time to check out the replay when it's up.

Thanks for logging in with us tonight on  You can also check out Stu Carapola's coverage of ROH as well as Richard Trionfo's live thoughts of tonight's DGUSA event. will have complete coverage of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, ROH's Showdown in the Sun day two, DGUSA's Mercury Rising iPPV and the WrestleReunion Legends event tomorrow - yes, ALL that!

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