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By Staff on 2005-06-10 06:00:00

With this weekend featuring WWE's ECW One Night Stand and Hardcore Homecoming, is proud to present a series of pieces about and relating to Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Since the day it closed in January 2001. ECW has been fondly remembered by fans across the world, and no greater proof of that is the continued interest in all things related to Extreme Championship Wrestling, whether it be old stories, DVDs, or nostalgia shows.

This section consists of articles by staffers and associates from 2001, when the promotion announced that it was shutting down operations. Those comments are complimented by additional articles, interviews, and recaps relating to ECW. There will be additional features added over the course of this, ECW weekend.

Enjoy this historical look back at the promotion that changed the world, and use it as your primer for a very special nostalgic weekend.


Page 2 - Dave Scherer
Page 3 - Mike Johnson
Page 4 - Tim Whitehead
Page 5 - Strictly ECW's Tony Lewis
Page 6 - Jim Quigley
Page 7 - Greg "The Rat" Angelucci
Page 8 - Scrap Dog
Page 9 - David Jakielo
Page 10 - Bill Pancoast
Page 11 - Bill Brown
Page 12 - Chris Palacios


Page 13 - Tony Lewis' final Strictly ECW column
Page 14 - Mike Johnson interviews Tommy Dreamer
Page 15 - Part 1 of Coverage of the Byte This ECW Reunion Show
Page 16 - Part 2 of Coverage of the Byte This ECW Reunion Show
Page 17 - Mike Johnson Looks Back At The Day He Thought He Was Going To Die At Konnan's Hands, Thanks To ECW
Page 18 - Seven Years Later, Looking Back at Extreme Championship Wrestling by Mike Johnson


Page 19 - Chris Catanese's History of ECW Episodes 1 & 2
Page 20 - Chris Catanese's History of ECW Episodes 3 & 4
Page 21 - Mat Classic: The Night the Line Was Crossed by Buck Woodward

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