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By Staff on 2005-06-10 06:00:00

History of ECW - Episode One

Hosted by Tazz. Tazz talks about the beginnings of ECW, saying that before it was Extreme it was Eastern Championship Wrestling. He mentions's own Tod Gordon as it's founder, and Paul Heyman as the matchmaker. Joey Styles and Paul E. Dangerously on commentary.

Flyboy Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge The Public Enemy vs. Gino Caruso and The Silver Jet

Quick back and forth match, Public Enemy are wearing these hideous yellow and purple hooded sweatshirts vs. an early ECW jobber tandem, The Public Enemy make quick work of the Jet and Caruso with the Driveby -Grunge hits an inverted DDT followed by Rock coming off the top with a somersault senton.

Tazz returns and talks about The Public Enemy proving themselves extreme, and the debuts of two new ECW superstars, Sabu, and, Tazz himself, as the Tasmaniac. Tazz tells a story about being asked to come into ECW, and being told he would be the guy to take Sabu to the next level. Tazz introduces Sabu vs Tazz -

Sabu vs. Tazz (Tasmaniac) - No Countout, No DQ

Sabu comes out on the stretcher with a Hannibal Lechter mask, as Hunter Q. Robbins, an early ECW heel manager, tries to bargain with Tasmaniac. He tells the security to let Sabu free. Fast forward to Sabu running through the crowd, throwing chairs EVERYWHERE. Sabu and Tasmaniac brawl through the crowd and the bell rings. They Brawl through the crowd, there's a chairfight outside the ring, and some classic Sabu highspots on the outside, as well as some Tasmaniac suplexes. The Finish came when a table is brought into play. The Tasmaniac misses a front flip off the top. Sabu gets to the top rope and hits a moonsault for the 3 count. Post match, Sabu goes crazy, destroys a table and moonsaults himself through it.

Tazz returns and says that match took 5 years off his career. He comments on how the fans made ECW, the rabid fans who were interactive with the ECW athletes from day one. Tazz says that they strived, lived and fed off the fans, before introducing the Sandman, and how the fans have loved him for ages. Tazz speaks of how Sandman is the real deal when it comes to extreme, because he was in ECW before Tod Gordon brought Paul Heyman in.

The Sandman vs. Metal Maniac

The Sandman is in surfer gear, AKA a wetsuit vs. The Metal Maniac, Jimmy Snuka's longtime chauffeur. Sandman beats Maniac, hitting a huge dropkick, enzuigiri and a top rope clothesline, picking up the win.

Chris Michaels with a Bullwinkle Impression, "Hey Rocky, you're watching Eastern Championship Wrestling"... and this is NO CARTOON!

Getting Ready for the cage match between Terry Funk and Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka for the ECW Television Title. Joey Styles bills the match as "Funk's Last Stand".

Terry Funk vs. ECW Television champion Jimmy Snuka

Good match with tons of false finishes and fighting on the cage, Superfly still looked very good in 93, as did Funk. You can see what made them both two of the greatest performers in Wrestling in this match. Paul talks about how the NWA has made it so he is not officially Snuka's manager, so that's why he's commentating and not managing at ringside. The commentators state that Funk will never get another title match in ECW if he doesn't take this match. Snuka hits a piledriver on Funk midway through the match that looked brutal, but Funk hits one of his own that looked like it hurt even more later in this match. Funk takes the TV title after he gets to the floor following an exchange of slams against the cage. After the match, Terry Funk proceeds to nail the camera man with a chair, and hurl chairs into the ring.

Joey Styles interviews Terry Funk, the new ECW World Television Champion. Funk gives credit to Snuka for being a tough individual. Funk explains how he picked ECW to wrestle in by choice, and how being the ECW Television Champion, means more to him than if he were the WCW World Champion. Terry wants to finish his career in ECW because they have the best fans in the world. Terry says he is glad there are people like Tod Gordon reeducating people that there is WRESTLING out there, and he will give 110% for the fans.

Paul E tries to interview Jimmy Snuka after the loss, but Snuka slams the dressing room door into Paul's face.

Styles is outside the dressing room, promoting next weeks show, noting it will be Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka vs. The Public Enemy in two weeks, and next week's six man tag match with Jimmy Snuka, The Magnificent Don Muraco and Kevin Sullivan vs. Terry Funk, Abdullah the Butcher and J.T. Smith.

Tazz returns, saying its kind of funny how the cage match was billed as Funk's last stand, but it really wasn't as he had years of success ahead of him. This has been a "Rocketbuster of a show" Tazz proclaims, commenting on Public Enemy, himself and Sabu, and the Sandman, and to stay tuned, as we blaze a trail of glory, from Eastern Championship Wrestling, to Extreme Championship Wrestling. An ECW chant plays as show fades out.

My Thoughts: I think its great that WWE 24/7 is playing out the entire ECW library, week by week from 1993 onwards. It's worth the $7 alone to be able to relive the memories here, especially the really really early stuff that most fans have never been able to see before. Tazz's comments only add to the original shows. Aside from some cutting of certain matches, like Tasmaniac vs Sabu, it was very well done.

WWE 24/7 – History of ECW Week 2

Tazz opens the show and says he’s the guy who’s going to bring us through the history of ECW from Eastern Championship Wrestling, when Tod Gordon was owner and operator, morphing to Extreme Championship Wrestling, with Paul Heyman at the helm. The beginnings of the Innovator of Violence, and a six man tag team battle tonight!

Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, and Kevin Sullivan vs Terry Funk, his protege JT Smith, and Abdullah the Butcher

We open the match with a mess of a brawl, chairs thrown everywhere, as Abby and Sullivan tear into each other on the outside. Brawling everywhere, Funk and Muraco and Snuka/JT Smith going at it inside the ring. Snuka accidentally hits Muraco with powder to the eyes, as JT Smith rolls Muraco up with a small package for his teams win.

Tommy Dreamer cuts a promo about his NWA debut in Eastern Championship Wrestling next week vs. the Tasmaniac, wearing a white sequined elvis jacket and a yellow singlet. Total whitemeat babyface, "I'm here and I've got something to prove". Tommy denys being a prettyboy.

A Recap of last week's Sabu/Tasmaniac match. Fans are legitimately afraid of Sabu.

Jay Sulli interviews Tod Gordon, who talks about how the fans are afraid of Sabu, and how the NWA will not allow Sabu on television, until they review the tapes of his actions. Tod notes that Sabu will appear at the live shows. Hunter Q. Robbins and Paul E. Dangerously argue with Gordon about Sabu being banned from TV.

Chris Michaels Bullwinkle Promo, ECW, This is no cartoon!

Malia Hosaka vs Molly McShane

A Womens match is joined in progress. Hosaka and McShane do a lot of cruiserweight spots including Hosaka walking the ropes and hitting a jumping armdrag. Tons of reversals and chain wrestling. Hosaka gets the win with a somersault off the top rope. Better than any WWE Women's match ever.

Bad Breed Promo, about their upcoming match with Tanaka and Diamond.

Tazz comments on the Bad Breed, saying, "I personally never liked Ian Rotten, that’s my opinion.." He goes on to comment about Axl having success as a singles wrestler. Tazz notes how Tanaka and Diamond were the best at the time, leading into...

Badd Company, Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond, vs. the Bad Breed, Ian and Axl Rotten in both teams’ ECW debuts

Joey Styles opens the match by promoting one of John Arezzi's wrestling conventions in New York City, Weekend of Champions. Not a good match. Bad Breed didn't get to bleed. Tanaka and Diamond are horrible! Paul E rejoins commentary mid-match coming back from his storyline meeting with Tod Gordon. Tanaka and Diamond get the win after a double team suplex.

The Public Enemy interview, in the hood, about how they challenged the Headhunters, and they didnt show, and how the TPE just wanted to fight. “Tanaka, Diamond, Big Boys! The Public Enemy, Rocco Rock, Johnny Grunge, are gonna take you out like yesterday's trash!”

Joey Styles interviews Rockin Rebel, who is mocking Sal Bellomo, who Rebel injured. Rebel looks the same as today except he has a poofy blonde mullet.

Rockin Rebel vs. Devious Donnie Allen

A Squash match, Rebel beats up Donnie Allen and pins him with a sidewalk slam.

Chris Michaels comes out and he and Rebel have an impromptu confrontation, Rebel takes out Michaels with a clothesline and leaves the ring, as Michaels chases him and they brawl to the back.

MATTY IN THE HOUSE!!! MATTY IN THE HOUSE!!! Matty, is in the house, and wants to show us Chris Michaels vs Rockin Rebel! So he does!

Chris Michaels vs Rockin Rebel

Back and forth match, Announcers play up what Rebel did to Sal Bellomo to put him out of action. Little kids actually holding "Get Well Sal" signs. Surreal. Rebel gets the pin after hitting Michaels with an object in his tights.

Promo with The Sandman and JT Smith “BABYYYYY! Stetson, Hotbody were comin for YOUR BELTS!!"

Joey Styles and Paul E wrap up the show, hyping JT Smith and the Sandman vs. Johnny Hotbody and Tony "Hitman" Stetson, and the debuting Tommy Dreamer vs The Tasmaniac. Flyboy Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge collide with Bad Company.

Paul hyped the NWA ruling on Sabu next week. Paul says he will shock the wrestling world next week with something Vince McMahon can't have, something Ted Turner can't have, the ALL NEW Dangerous Alliance, with Shane Douglas, Paul E.'s best friend in the world. Thank you Paul E for the most entertaining sports oriented violence in the history of professional wrestling, and damn you Paul E Dangerously for bringing the Dangerous Alliance back and DAMN YOU for bringing it to the NWA!

Tazz returns to close the show, talking about Paul Heyman and the Dangerous Alliance, and the fate of Sabu on the next episode. Tommy Dreamer vs. Tasmaniac, next episode of "The History of ECW"

My Thoughts: Is it just me or did everyone have a mullet in 93? Tommy Dreamer's promo wearing the sequined elvis jacket with a big smile on his face and his hair neatly combed was hilarious, the six man tag and the women's match were both good, the Rebel stuff was hilariously bad. Tazz's comments on Ian Rotten made me laugh.

I’m Looking forward to the next episodes on 24/7 hopefully they are either added weekly, or at the beginning of the month, hopefully it's weekly, so you can join me back here next week for another quick recap of ECW.

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