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By Staff on 2005-06-10 06:00:00

WWE 24/7 Report: ECW Episode 3

Show opens with the ECW TV opening video package, while Tazz welcomes us to the third episode in a look at the history of ECW. Tazz starts off by talking about how Tod Gordon was the boss, in 1993, and then mentions that Paul Heyman later took over the company. In 1993, Paul heyman started bringing people into ECW, Sandman, Sabu, Tazz, Dreamer, and The Public Enemy. In our first match, we will see the Public Enemy collide with Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. Tazz mentions how this was a step in The Public Enemy becoming ECW Legends.

Tazz cuts to a Paul Heyman promo, where Paul is in the ring introducing the all new Dangerous Alliance.

Joey Styles hypes Sandman and JT Smith vs. Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody, Dreamer vs. Tazz, and The Public Enemy vs. Tanaka and Diamond for tonight's show.

The Public Enemy vs. Bad Company (Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond) ECW Arena, Philadelphia PA, October 1993
Pretty long back and forth match, Bad Company pick up the win after Grunge hits Rocco Rock accidentally.

Next, a video airs of Sal Bellomo spending time with his family. A black screen appears with the words "Daddy, We Love You! We don't need a TV Star for a father... just you!, Salvatore, jr., Mario, Sofia and Antonino, The Bellomos" Footage is aired of Bellomo playing with his Kids in a park, while an Italian funeral dirge plays in the background. "To Sal Bellomo, Get well soon, from your friends at ECW"


Chad Austin vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka
Joey Styles refers to Chad Austin as one of the young lions in ECW. Quick stinker as Snuka picks up the win with a slinghot suplex, and a one foot cover....

From the ECW Newscenter, Special Report - Jay Sulli reporting on the NWA Dangerous Alliance: Stronger than ever or falling apart? Joey Styles joins Paul E. and Shane Douglas in the ring for an interview, where Paul hypes up the all new Dangerous Alliance. Shane promotes himself as the new "living legend" of wrestling. Heyman introduces Sherri Martel as the director of covert operations for the Dangerous Alliance, and Douglas' manager. Paul introduces Sabu, as Shane's bodyguard, and Shane isn't too happy. Paul, Sherri and The Franchise argue in the ring. Sherri gets bleeped for like 20 seconds as she says something undoubtedly colorful.

Matty is in the House baby, outside the Dangerous Alliance's locker room, with the "Matty Cam". Willie "Scoop" Watts is reporting from the outside, but can't get in the Alliance's locker room.

Tazz returns, and talks about how Shane Douglas and Sabu hated each other, and that spelled ruin for the Dangerous Alliance.

Tazz hypes the ECW Tag Title match, between Johnny Hotbody and Tony "Hitman" Stetson vs. The Sandman and J.T. Smith coming up next.

Johnny Hotbody and Tony "Hitman" Stetson vs. The Sandman and J.T. Smith - ECW Tag Team Title match
Hotbody and Stetson retain when Terry Funk whacks The Sandman with a chair after Sandman accidentally hits Funk as he was thrown over the top rope by Stetson. J.T. Smith and Funk argue postmatch.

Jumping ahead to "Later That Week"...

We join J.T. Smith and Shane Douglas in progress, Shane's got Smith in a figure four, when Terry Funk throws in the towel for J.T. Smith. Funk proceeds to beat the crap out of Smith, smacking him with a towel, after the match is over. Funk starts throwing chairs on a downed Smith on the outside.

Tazz returns and talks about how Terry Funk is a certifiable psycho. Tazz talks about how Funk used to be J.T. Smith's mentor. Tazz turns the conversation to Tommy Dreamer, another young kid breaking into the business in 1993, in ECW... versus Tazz. Funny line where Tazz talks about his time as the Tasmaniac, "I kinda thought I was an animal for a time, well, I'm not an animal, I wear a nice suit and glasses now."

Tommy Dreamer vs. The Tasmaniac
This is Tommy Dreamer's debut match in ECW, and he is wearing blue pants, with yellow belt and suspenders, and white boots. Tommy in 1993 was so "white meat", he makes Maven look edgy by comparison. Good back and forth match, brawling on the outside, chairs, DDT's on the concrete, The Tasmaniac takes the win after a top rope t-bone suplex. The ECW fans applaud Tommy Dreamer after the match. Joey Styles is astounded by this, calling Dreamer a prettyboy.

Tazz talks about how he and Tommy were both nervous before the match, but that Tommy did very well, and got a standing ovation from the Philly crowd after the match. Tazz talks about how Tod Gordon was so impressed with Dreamer, that he was brought on full time for Eastern Championship Wrestling. Tazz tells us to come back next time, because we know who he is, he's Tazz, and he's out!

The History of ECW Episode 4

Welcome back for episode 4 of The History of ECW on WWE 24/7, as the only person in the country on the internet who gets this, here we are again.

Tazz welcomes us to WWE 24/7 The History of ECW. Tazz hits us with the Tod Gordon/Eastern to Paul Heyman/Extreme spiel for the fourth time. We're gonna kick it off strong style, as we are starting off with Shane Douglas defending his title against the Sandman.

The Sandman is conducting an interview with Peaches, saying how he's had the ECW World Title before, and he'll have it again.

Joey Styles explains that this match will be a rematch from Ultra Clash '93 and shows us some clips from the previous match, which Douglas won by reversing a cross body and pulling the tights.

Music video of the Sandman airs.

Joey Styles goes to an interview of Peaches and the Sandman, where the Sandman is laid out on the floor, Tod Gordon comes running in, and Paul Heyman comes in and gets the match changed to Shane Douglas vs Sabu.

Shane Douglas vs. Sabu - ECW World Title match
Shane is accompanied by Sherri Martel, Sabu is wheeled in on the gurney. Sherri attacks Paul E. in the ring as the bell rings. Short match, as Sabu gets the win with a moonsault, after a belly to back suplex. New ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Sabu. Sabu is led back to the dressing room by Paul and Sabu's handlers.

Joey Styles recaps Sabu's Title win.

Paul E. Dangerously cuts a promo about November to Remember, and the Dangerous Alliance, when he is interrupted by Tod Gordon, who tells Paul E. that the special stipulation for November to Remember will be that Terry Funk's and Sabu's titles will both be on the line, and as Tod is about to announce Terry Funk's mystery partner, Paul punches out the camera.

Tazz returns and introduces some tag team action, with the Bad Breed, Ian and Axl Rotten.

The Bad Breed vs Chad Austin and Todd Shaw
Squash city. Joey hypes an upcoming hair match between Sal Bellomo and Rockin' Rebel. The Rotten's get the win with an assisted splash off the top rope.

Jimmy Snuka promo... "WOO WOO WOO What are you gonna do about it? Bleeaahhhghh"

Joey Styles introduces some footage shot at a convention of a confrontation between Madusa and Sherri Martel. Joey introduces Mr. Hughes, who cuts a promo about his match at November to Remember.

Joey Styles announces that Tommy Cairo will be in a "shoot fight" with Kevin Sullivan.

"Shoot Fight Rules:
1. One fall to a Positive Finish
2. No Pinfalls
3. Ten count KO or Submission Rules
4. No Time Limit
5. Clenched Fists (Punches) Are Illegal
6. Wrestler Must Break Hold If Opponent Reaches Ropes"

Joey cuts to a promo of Kevin Sullivan, from Florida. Sullivan talks about his matches with Abdullah, Terry Funk, and how he is ready for Tommy Cairo.

Joey hypes up Madusa vs Sherri for November to Remember. Joey shows the footage of a conrontation between Sherri and Madusa at John Arrezzi's Weekend of Champions. Madusa cuts the worst promo ever, Sherri tears her up, talking about how Madusa had to run to Japan, and could never represent her own country, and something about both of them "bleeping" Greg Valentine. They both start cursing up a storm at each other, mentioning private details of each other's conduct backstage. Hilarious.

Tazz returns to invite us back next week, to another episode of the History of ECW on WWE 24/7.

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