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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-01-27 22:57:04 iPPV

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Dragon Gate USA: Open The Golden Gate! For information on ordering the iPPV of the show, click on the poster above.

Low Ki vs BxB Hulk

Low Ki takes Hulk down with a waistlock and gets a double leg ride, Hulk slips out the back but Ki gets a heel hook. Hulk rolls out and Low Ki gets behind and tries what looks like some kind of chinlock, but Hulk counters to a stepover toehold and gets a rear chinlock to boot. Ki gets out and takes Hulk to the ropes where he tears into him with a hard chop to the chest. The camera work is awful here, they keep wandering across the ring and the camera doesn't move with them, like right now where I can just barely tell Ki has Hulk in a headscissors. Hulk gets out so Ki goes to a side headlock, then some European uppercuts. Ki with a Mongolian chop, but Hulk gets a kick to the midsection and then a short dropkick to the ribs. Hulk with a chop, but Ki with a series of his own in retaliation and covers for 2. Ki chokes Hulk in the corner with his boot and takes him over with a side headlock. Ki with the mount and slaps Hulk in the head, then floats in front to take a double underhook and turn it into a suplex for 2. Ki with a bodyscissors and a rear chinlock, but Hulk makes the ropes. Ki with a full nelson, Hulk kicks his way out and hits a twisting enziguiri to gain a bit of momentum.

Hulk with a flurry of kicks and a cover for 2, then he shuts Ki down with a rear chinlock and then converts that into a seated abdominal stretch while repeatedly punching Ki in the ribs. He picks Ki up and gets a scissor kick to the top of the head for 2, Ki tries to fight back but Hulk with a big kick and then ties Ki up in a surfboard and repeatedly kicks Ki while he's got him trapped in the hold. He turns it into a half crab and more kicks, this time to the back of the head. Ki with an enziguiri out of nowhere and then opens up with more kicks. Ki with a series of runnig forearms off the ropes, then a snapmare and indy kick to the back for 2. Ki ducks a kick and gets one right to the jaw and another to the back of Hulk's head and gets 2. Hulk reverses a whip, but instead of a whip of his own he pulls Ki into a spinkick to the side of the head. Sweet. Ki with a double stomp off the top rope and covers Hulk for the win.

Winner: BxB Hulk

Solid match, but nowhere near what I would have expected from these two. They never seemed to get into gear, but Ki was so over with the crowd that I don't think it really mattered.

Chuck Taylor comes out before the next match and I can't really make out what he says, but the gist seems to be that Rich Swann's not here so he'll take on one of the Young Bucks in a singles match instead. The Bucks come out and say that they came here for a tag match, so they guess it'll be 2-on-1. They jump Taylor, but Scorpio Sky of all people comes running out of the back and clears the Bucks out. I again can't hear what Taylor says, but I'm pretty sure I know what he was trying to say.

Chuck Taylor & Scorpio Sky vs Young Bucks

Taylor dumps Matt to the floor and follows him out with a dropkick through the ropes as Sky takes Nick out with a flying headscissors. Sky whips Nick hard into the corner and covers for 2, then hits a side backbreaker on Nick and holds him over his knee for a dropkick from Taylor for 2. Nick manages to drag Taylor back to his own corner and tags out to Matt, who beats Taylor down with double axhandles. Bucks with a double team something that I missed because the cameraman was behind the referee, but it got 2 on Taylor. Matt spits at Sky on the apron, then whips Taylor to the corner but charges right into his boots, and Taylor htis a dropkick off the second rope, ducks to avoid a charging Nick, and makes the hot tag. Scorpio Sky comes in and cleans house on Nick, hitting a springboard crossbody off the second rope and suplexing Matt to the floor. Sky coversNick for 2, then tags out to Taylor, who runs right into a superkick from Nick. Taylor responds with a high knee, as does Sky, followed by a Lionsault from Taylor for 2. Bucks with a double clothesline in the corner, Nick with a double stomp off the top on Sky, followed by a twisting Diamond Cutter off the top rope for 2. Taylor hits Sole Food on the apron on Nick, Sky follows Nick to the floor with a dive through, and Taylor gets Matt in a half crab in the ring. Bucks with a double Tombstone on Sky that only gets 2. Bucks go for their finish, but Taylor nails Nick and Sky hits a top rope Frankensteiner. Taylor with the Awful Waffle on Matt for 2, but Nick hits Sky low and they hit More Bang For Your Buck for the win.

Winners: Young Bucks

Good match, tons of action in this one, but the camera work isn't the greatest so far.

Masato Yoshino vs Naruki Doi

Bit of a technical problem on my end: my internet connection drops for several minutes, and comes back as Yoshino hits the Lightning Spiral on Doi. Yoshino with Sol Naciente, but Doi becomes the first person I've ever seen get out of the move and Catches Yoshino with a Tiger suplex for 2. Doi with a fast series of open hand strikes, but Yoshino with Tormelino and then Sol Naciente again, Yoshino picks Doi's leg out from under him, and Doi goes down and eventually passes out.

Winner: Masato Yoshino

I can't really give much in the way of thoughts on this one since I only saw the last few minutes, but what I saw was very good. Incidentally, technical issue was on my end, not DGUSA's.

AR Fox finally gets his hands on Sami Callihan on Page 2!

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