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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-01-27 22:57:04
Open The United Gate Title Match: CIMA & Ricochet vs Masaaki Mochizuki & Jimmy Susumu

CIMA and Mochizuki start us off as I discover that CIMA apparently got booted out of Blood Warriors. CIMA beat Mochizuki for the Open The Dream Gate Title, and Mochizuki gets some revenge by just destroying CIMA with kicks. Susumu and Ricochet come in and Ricochet outmaneuvers him with a series of armdrags that send Susumu to the floor. Susumu comes back in and tags out to Mochizuki, who destroysRicochet with more kicks, including one to take Ricochet's leg out from under him, and gets a heel hook. CIMA comes in and Mochizuki picks his ankle as well and gets a double single leg crab. They both make the ropes, so Susumu comes in and ties up CIMA's leg with a stepover toehold. CIMA escapes and takes Susumu down and ties him up in a figure four stump puller. He rolls it backward into a cradle for 2, then tags out to Ricochet and they connect with a double dropkick for 2. Susumu drives Ricochet back into his own corner and tags out to Mochizuki, who continues gleefully disassembling Ricochet. Ricochet blocks a suplex and shoves him backward into CIMA, who refuses to double team Mochizuki and instead comes in and gets a snapmare and legdrop for 2. Mochizuki pops up and just kicks CIMA in the face and CIMA goes down in a heap. Susumu with a double leg on CIMA and Mochizuki comes off the ropes with a running kick to the chest. Susumu covers for 2, then gets a seated abdominal stretch on CIMA that he rolls backward into a guillotine for 2.

CIMA blocks a bodyslam and gets a slam of his own and a rolling senton, then Ricochet tags in and immediately covers for 2. Ricochet with a modified triangle choke on Susumu, but Susumu makes the ropes to force the break. Ricochet with a snapmare and comes off the ropes, but fakes Susumu out and dropkicks Mochizuki off the apron instead. CIMA comes back in and gets a drop toehold on Susumu, gets an Indian deathlock, and suplexes Mochizuki as Ricochet comes off the ropes with a baseball slide to Susumu's grill. CIMA back to the Indian deathlock, putting all his weight on Susumu's knees, but Susumu makes it to the ropes so the champions hit a series of kicks to Susumu and then CIMA with a running bulldog/clothesline that takes out both opponents. Susumu gets an exploder suplex out of nowhere on CIMA, then one on Ricochet, and he makes the hot tag to Mochizuki, who takes CIMA out with a twisting kick off the second rope and then takes Ricochet's head off with a running boot. Mochizuki with another big boot, but Ricochet no-sells and hits a lungblower and a standing 630 for 2. Ricochet blocks a kick from Mochizuki and fires in several of his own, but Mochizuki isn't fazed and flattens Ricochet with another kick. Ricochet tries a Pelle kick but Mochizuki catches the boot and goes to an anklelock as Susumu gets CIMA in a figure four. Ricochet escapes with an enziguiri, but Susumu dumps Ricochet to the floor before going for a figure four on CIMA, who catches him in a figure four for 2. CIMA with a bridging O'Connor roll for 2, Susumu goes for a backslide, CIMA rolls through and Susumu gets a DDT for 2. CIMA rolls through a sunset flip and hits a series of kicks and an elbowdrop, then Ricochet springboards off his back into a shooting star press for 2 on Susumu. Mochizuki kills both champions with kicks, but Ricochet with a Codebreaker, CIMA with a lungblower, and Ricochet with a standing shooting star press for 2. Mah goodness.

CIMA with running double knees in the corner on Mochizuki followed by the Perfect Driver for 2. CIMA and Susumu fight on the floor as Mochizuki blocks a suplex and knocks Ricochet silly with another spinning kick to the face. Ricochet really needs to stop daring Mochizuki to bring it with the kicks. Mochizuki with a running Yakuza kick in the corner, followed by one from Susumu, double knees from Mochizuki, and a double team kick into a powerbomb that CIMA barely breaks at 2. Double clothesline to CIMA, he no-sells, so Mochizuki destroys him with kicks, CIMA no-sells, so Mochizuki with more kicks, lariat to the back of the head by Susumu, and CIMA drives Mochizuki to the floor. Susumu backdrops CIMA to the apron, CIMA with a headscissors back in, Ricochet out of nowhere with a 619 around the ringpost, and CIMA with a coast to coast on Susumu, Air Raid Crash on Mochizuki, and Ricochet hits a 630 on both men for the closest 2 you've ever seen. Ricochet goes back up and Susumu nails him and goes for a top rope suplex, CIMA comes over and gets Susumu on his shoulders and Ricochet dropkicks Susumu into an Ocean Cyclone suplex for 2. CIMA picks Susumu up, but Susumu with a pair of lariats, CIMA goes for another Schwein but Susumu counters to a crucifix for 2. Susumu kills him with a lariat, CIMA with a superkick, Susumu with a lariat, Mochizuki with a flying kick, and Susumu with another hard lariat for 2. Ricochet gets a spinning enziguiri on Susumu and CIMA hits another Schwein, but Susumu gets out at 2. CIMA with an implant DDT and top rope double knees for the win.

Winners: CIMA & Ricochet

Great match, but the champions barely have time to celebrate when Akira Tozawa and BxB Hulk run in, dump Ricochet out of the way, and attack CIMA, Susumu,and Mochizuki. Low Ki runs in and everybody stops and stares at him, then he gets the microphone...and I can't hear a word he says. The crowd chants for Tozawa, and then he puts over Mochizuki and Ricochet, and then turns his attention to CIMA. They were both in Zero-One back in the day but never crossed paths, so they're going to do it here. He tells CIMA to shake his hand, and CIMA obliges. I had my volume all the way up and couldn't hear most of what he said, so I apologize if my recap was a little light on that one.

Well, some good wrestling on here, but this show was absolutely fraught with technical issues. The camera work was all over the place for the first couple of matches, you could barely hear most people on the house mic, and the show dropped completely for about ten minutes, and when it came back up the chat window next to the video was full of people asking what happened, what they missed, and whether anyone else got kicked out. I'll give them a Mulligan on this one since their production values are usually top notch, but between stuff like that, Johnny Gargano having to cancel out due to his injury, and Rich Swann missing the show due to travel issues, this show had a lot working against it.

Still, Tozawa-PAC and the main event were great and I'm really looking forward to watching Low Ki face off against Tozawa and CIMA, so once they have the chance to take the video home, edit it, and put it up on, I'd say it's worth the cost of watching the replay for sure.

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