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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-01-27 22:57:04
AR Fox comes out before the next match and says that since Sami Callihan destroyed his mentor Sabu and put him through a table, he wants the Anything Goes Match to become a Tables Match now.

Tables Match: Sami Callihan vs AR Fox

Fox and Callihan go at it on the floor, with Callihan booting Fox in the face and Fox responding in kind before ramming him into the ring apron. Fox gets into the ring, then comes right back out with a flipping move that wipes Callihan out. Fox goes back inside and comes through the ropes with another dive, but Callihan moves and Fox lands ribs first right on top of the guardrail. That looked really painful. Callihan chokes Fox out with his ring jacket, then rolls him into the ring and sends a table in after him. Callihan repeatedly bashes Fox in the head with the table, then puts the table flat, legs up, on the mat and slams Fox on top of it. Drool is dripping from Callihan's face as he picks Fox up and slams him onto the table a second time. Callihan sits on Fox's back, hooks his arms under his legs, and rams forearms into the unprotected back of Fox's head. Callihan sets the table up, but the legs appear to have broken from when he was slamming Fox on them earlier, and Fox baseball slides Callihan's legs out from under him, then hits a rolling cannonball in the corner. Callihan rolls out to the apron and Fox tries to come off the top rope with a legdrop, but Callihan moves and Fox lands hard on his rear end. Callihan takes one of the ringside chairs and bashes Fox with it, then takes a piece of the guardrail, turns it into a bridge between the rail and the ring apron, and backdrops Fox onto it. Fox is in a lot of trouble here as Callihan rolls him back into the ring and slaps him around, Callihan spits in Callihan's face and hits a Codebreaker to send Callihan out into a laying position on that piece of rail. Fox with a standing moonsault that almost sends Callihan through the rail, then sends him back into the ring and sets up the table in the corner. Fox lays Callihan on the table and goes to the top rope for a coast to coast, but Callihan pops up and nails him and hits a running power bomb over the top rope and onto that piece of guardrail. That was SICK. Callihan takes the table and throws it onto Fox at ringside, then sets it up at ringside and puts Fox through it with a running powerbomb.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Ye gads, these two destroyed each other in this one. They were hampered a bit by a table that just didn't want to behave and do what they needed it to, but they improvised and got to the finish regardless, plus the spots with the guardrail were insane and I hope Fox is okay.


Jon Davis vs Caleb Konley

Konley with a go behind into a waistlock, then goes to a headlock but Davis counters to a side headlock of his own and avoids a leg sweep to get a rolling cradle for 2. Wow! Davis continues to outwrestle Konley in a chain wrestling sequence, and Konley makes it to the ropes to get a break. Konley tries an Irish whip, but Davis won't budge so Konley gets a boot to the midsection, then gets the whip but Davis comes back and catches Konley on a leapfrog attempt and powerslams him for 2. Konley rolls out to the floor so Davis goes after him and continues brutalizing him before knocking Larry Dallas on his ass. Konley uses the distraction to jump Davis from behind, then rolls him into the ring and hits a running European uppercut for 2 before catching him in a rear chinlock. Chop exchange that Davis wins handily, and Davis reverses another Irish whip, misses a big boot, and Konley tries a Frankensteiner but Davis holds his ground and powerbombs Konley into the turnbuckles. Konley with a rollup out of nowhere, then a running knee and goes for a Lionsault, but Davis gets the knees up and takes him out with a hard clothesline and a Pounce...and the iPPV goes out completely. When it comes back, we're already onto the next match and I have no idea what happened in the finish here, so we'll just pick back up with the next match already in progress.

PAC vs Akira Tozawa

PAC tries a springboard dropkick into the ring, but Tozawa falls to his back and gets the knees up and PAC crashes down midesction first on Tozawa's knees. Tozawa appears to be busted open hardway, and he hits a series of sentons on PAC before licking the blood off his own face. They go toe to toe in the ring before Tozawa goes to the eyes and catches a three quarter nelson. Tozawa snapmares PAC and gets a modified surfboard, then chokes PAC in the corner with his boot. Tozawa tries to whip PAC across the ring, PAC blocks and gets a sole butt, whips Tozawa across the ring and charges, gets backdropped to the apron, tries to springboard back in, but gets dropkicked to the apron and Tozawa hits a baseball slide to send him out to the floor. Tozawa goes for a dive through the ropes, but PAC *catches him*, hits an overhead release suplex on the floor, and pops back into the ring to hit a dive that plows through Tozawa and nearly send them both through the guardrail. PAC takes a good long time to recover before rolling Tozawa back into the ring and popping him about eight feet in the air for a flapjack and follows up with a northern lights suplex for 2. That just made Tozawa mad, and he destroys PAC with Kobashi chops in the corner. PAC says to bring it on, so Tozawa gets a straight right jab to PAC's jaw and sends him to the ropes, PAC tries a sunset flip, Tozawa rolls through and gets a Shining Wizard for 2. Tozawa calls for the brainbsuter, PAC drops down to block, Tozawa gets a pair of rolling elbows and a bicycle kick, PAC dodges another and hits a bicycle kick of his own but Tozawa flattens him with a backdrop suplex, then Tozawa charges PAC and PAC sidesteps so Tozawa comes off the ropes right into a snap German suplex. AWESOME sequence. PAC goes to the top rope and comes off with something Tozawa dodges, so he goes across the ring and to the top rope but Tozawa follows him up and hits a top rope German suplex that gets full rotation. Tozawa slowly crawls over and makes a cover, but PAC gets out at 2 so Tozawa hauls him back to his feet, and PAC is almost dead weight. Tozawa puts PAC back up top and goes for a backdrop suplex, but PAC blocks and elbows Tozawa off the corner and then goes for the Spiral Tap, Tozawa gets his knees up and goes for a German suplex but PAC reverses to one of his own for 2. Tozawa with a bicycle kick, German suplex, and then a second one with a bridge for a V-E-R-Y close 2. Tozawa goes for another German but PAC blocks it so PAC straitjackets the arms and hits the suplex and finally manages to put PAC down for 3.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Holy crap was this awesome! This was really, really, really good and easily the match of the night so far.

The main event is up next on Page 3!

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