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By Mike Johnson on 2011-03-13 19:55:11
Welcome to tonight's TNA Victory Road PPV coverage.

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Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Bully Ray cuts a promo putting over Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. He then turns to Tommy Dreamer and starts talking about him. Dreamer comes to the ring. Ray tells Dreamer that he, Hogan and Bischoff are “like this now” and tonight is now No DQ with Falls Counting Anywhere. He asks Dreamer what he thinks, so Dreamer attacks him.

Dreamer cleans house early including a high cross bodyblock. Bully cuts him off with a clothesline but misses an elbowdrop. Dreamer tosses Ray out of the ring to the floor. Dreamer takes a drink from a fan at ringside and slugs Ray with it, then spits one in his face. Dreamer has a fan hold a chair up and runs Ray into it, which Taz called “old school.”

Someone handed Dreamer a huge stuffed Minion from “Despicable Me” and drilled Dreamer with it. Taz didn’t know what it was and joked that Borash needed to google that. Dreamer dragged Ray into the crowd, where he slammed his head into the guard rail for bleacher stairs, then hit Ray with a stick. He led a TNA chant but was nailed by Ray as he returned over the rail. Ray gave Dreamer an atomic drop on the railing, then nailed him.

Ray beat Dreamer with a kendo stick. He grabbed Dreamer and placed him on the stairs. He went to slam Dreamer with a chair but Dreamer moved. Dreamer nailed Ray and tossed some weapons that just happened to be at ringside into the ring. He nailed Ray with a cane to the head. Dreamer went under the ring and pulled out a blowup doll. You know, because those things are always under the ring. Dreamer nailed Ray in the head and Ray fell into the “69” position with the doll. Dreamer splashed both and covered Ray for a two count.

Dreamer went to come off the top rope with a road sign but took too long so Ray nailed him in the head. Ray superplexed Dreamer into the ring. TNA had a great overhead shot of the move. Ray went for the Bubba Bomb but Dreamer slipped out and DDT’d Ray for a two count.

Dreamer went under the ring for tables just as the crowd began chanting for them. He slipped one into the ring and began setting it up. Dreamer set Ray up for the piledriver on it but Ray backdropped Dreamer away. He killed Dreamer with a trash can shot to the head. Fans began chanting for Devon. Ray nailed a big boot to the face but Dreamer grabbed the bottom rope.

Ray began beating Dreamer with the Singapore Cane. Ray kept beating Dreamer as he screamed at him on the mic. Ray said this one was for Devon and went to put Dreamer through the table. Devon’s music hit and out came Devon’s sons Terrance and Terrell. They made their way to the ring. Devon came from behind and woke Dreamer up. He snuck behind Bubba and Devon and Dreamer nailed Team 3D through the table on Ray.

Dreamer scored the pin.

Your winner, Tommy Dreamer!

Fun brawl, but I am begging Dreamer to protect himself when he’s taking shots to the head. Beyond that, I enjoyed this. Ray has dropped some weight and really has done a great job freshening himself up. Dreamer worked this like he had something to prove and the direction helped build more steam for the Devon-Ray feud.

Christy Hemme interviewed TNA Knockouts champions Winter & Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Hemme said that a lot of people were shocked that Winter saved Sky. Winter said that her actions proved that she has no issue with Sky, and the only issues are Sky’s jealousy and delusion. She said that she’s just happy that Angelina is seeing that for herself. Sky looked shocked and asked Love if that was true but the champions walked out. Sky asked what was going on.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions Angelina Love & Winter vs. Rosita & Sarita

Sarita took the mic early and said that tonight was going to be a great night because she and Rosita were going to win the Tag Team belts. She said that the champs have some strange love triangle thing going on and they aren’t focused. She started ranting in Spanish to get heat and said tonight, they were going to take the belts to start Mexico taking back what is rightfully theirs.

Rosita and Love kicked off the match. Love grabbed a side headlock. Rosita used kidney shots to escape but Love shoulderblocked her down. Sarita tagged in but was caught with a headlock takeover and sent into the champs’ corner. She went running back into Love, who nailed a suplex.

Winter tagged in with Sarita eating a backbreaker for a two count. She nailed a Northern Lights suplex, which Rosita broke up. Rosita seemed nervous early on. Love tagged in. Rosita tried to help but the cousins nailed each other. Love nailed a slam for a two count on Rosita, then tagged in Winter. Rosita used a back heel trip to take out Winter and tagged Rosita, but another screw-up as Sarita dropkicked Rosita.

Love and Winter tagged in and out, controlling Sarita, until Rosita grabbed Love on a rebound and yanked her hair. Rosita tagged in but missed a legdrop. The champs tagged in and out, including a nice doubleteam when Love kicked Rosita with a Yakuza Kick as she was dropped into a Samoan Drop by Winter. Sarita grabbed a Tag belt and tried to use it but Love nailed her, then followed her to the floor, beating on her.

Winter turned to see the fight and Rosita grabbed the belt to nail Winter. Velvet hit the scene and grabbed the belt. Winter rolled up Rosita but the referee was outside. The pin was reversed and Rosita scored the pin. The idea here is that the former champs were blaming Sky.

Your winners and new TNA Knockout Tag Team champions, Rosita & Sarita!

We went to a vignette of The Jarretts on their honeymoon. Jeff’s daughters were with them. Everyone was having a great time on rides except Karen. She demanded their babysitter take the kids back to the hotel but Jarrett instead made the call it was time for pizza. Jeff’s daughters, who have done some acting, including a Taylor Swift video, were good here, as was Karen’s look of disgust at her honeymoon being at a theme park. Maybe Seaworld would have been a better choice?

Christy Hemme interviewed Matt Morgan. Morgan said he was pissed Hernandez took away his moment to become TNA champion. Morgan said that he wasn’t impressed Hernandez spent some time in Mexico. Morgan said that just as quickly as Hernandez rose to prominence there, Morgan can slap him back down. Morgan said that when he was done with Hernandez, his sights are back on the TNA title. He said that he doesn’t care who has it – he wants it. Usual good Morgan promo.

Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez – First Blood

Morgan went right after Hernandez early, beating him to the mat and stepping on his throat. Hernandez went to the floor and tried to smash him into the ring steps. Hernandez prevented it but was then nailed and slammed into the steps. The referee checked for blood but there wasn’t any. Hernandez staggered around the ring, trying to regain his senses.

Hernandez nailed Morgan as he returned to the ring and caught him with a shoulderblock. He grabbed a stick, broke it over his knee and began working over Morgan. He tried to stab Morgan in the face (think Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA) but Morgan held him off. Hernandez choked Morgan against the ropes, then raked his back. Hernandez ripped at Morgan’s eyes. He drilled Morgan with a series of rights but was caught with a sideslam.

Hernandez came back with a running shoulderblock before Morgan could build any momentum, then beat him down with a series of clubbing blows. Hernandez caught Morgan with a shoulderblock in a corner where the turnbuckle was exposed. Hernandez rebounded off the ropes but was caught with a discus clothesline.

Morgan worked over Hernandez and drilled him with a Fall Away Slam. He went to the outside and grabbed the broken stick. This didn’t get the reaction you’d think. Hernandez kicked Morgan in the mid-section and went to the top rope but was slammed off the top. Morgan signaled for the Carbon Footprint but someone hit the ring. The referee and security dragged him out. Hernandez pulled out a chain but Morgan stopped him, grabbed the chain and nailed Hernandez with it. The referee was knocked down during the “melee”, according to the announcers.

Morgan went after Hernandez, who, I kid you not, grabbed a vial of fake blood and squirted it all over Morgan’s chest. Jackson James came to the ring, saw the blood and called for the bell. As it turned out, Hernandez was bleeding from the chain punch.

Your winner, Hernandez!

The match was OK but the finish was really, REALLY contrived. I get that the idea was to continue building James as the modern day Danny Davis, but this was a little too silly. I don’t think anyone got anything out of this.

Christy Hemme interviewed Generation Me. Jeremy Buck acted like he didn’t want to wrestle Max. Max said it was his birthday and said that as a birthday present, Jeremy came up with the idea that no matter what, Max would win the belt. Jeremy looked like he had no idea what Max was talking about. Max said it was going to be about Generation Max tonight. Max was good here.

Jeremy Borash interviewed X-Division champion Kazarian. Kazarian said he was in the first ever Ultimate X match and is willing to do things that no one else is prepared to do. He said that like Charlie Sheen, that is “winning.” Kazarian said the match can shorten careers but can also make careers and tonight, it’s going to make his career. Good promo.

They went to a vignette where Robbie E was cool and collected about tonight as he got a drink while Cookie was losing her mind about the match. E said that it was GTX tonight, “Gym, Tanning, X-Division belt.” She looked at him like he was nuts. E walked off and Cookie turned to the person serving the drinks and said, “Please tell me you have vodka in there.” That was funny.

They aired a great video on the Ultimate X match

TNA X-Division champ Kazarian vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck vs. Robbie E – Ultimate X

The storylines here are that Cookie is freaking out while Max expected Jeremy to help him win. Kazarian’s really found himself in the last few months and you can feel this star aura when he comes out as compared to the past. E got tossed to the ring early. Generation Me worked over Kazarian with several double team moves but Kaz avoided a charge by Jeremy. Kazarian springboarded himself to the cables but was pulled down. That was impressive.

Robbie E attacked Kazarian and worked him over in the corne He whipped Kazarian into the corner, where he bumped to the floor. He took out Generation Me and started to work his way across the cables. Kazarian followed and nailed him off the cables, then dropped off with a legdrop.

Kazarian nailed Jeremy coming in but was nailed and caught with a faceplant. Max started making his way across the cables. E nailed Jeremy with a neckbreaker. Kazarian clotheslined Max, knocking him off the cables. E drilled Kazarian with a big knee and a series of elbows. E went to go up and over on Kazarian but was trapped in Fade to Black. He slipped out but was nailed, taking a nasty bump onto the ring steps.

Kazarian nailed E but then ate a dropkick through the ropes by Max. Max monkeyflipped Jeremy onto the top rope, where he hit a springboard moonsault to the outside. That was awesome. Maz stared calling for Jeremy to return but Kazarian caught him and nailed him on the floor. Max and Kazarian battled back and forth. Jeremy caught him with a rebound dropkick. This is a lot of really good stuff so far.

Max tried to work the cables but was pulled down by Kazarian. Generation Me nailed him with a sandwich dropkick. Max made his way across the cables. Jeremy blocked Kazarian on the cables and they battled, then crashed. Max almost made it to the belt but Kazarian grabbed his legs and swung him. Max fell into the ring and Kazarian nailed him with an Ace Cutter in mid-air. Nice move.

E recovered and began crossing the wires. Max pulled him down and they went back and forth. Max kicked off an E charge in the corner and nailed a Buff Blockbuster off the ropes. Max, who has been on fire here, went to the top rope but was shoved into the metal structure by Kazarian. Ouch!

Jeremy Buck and Kazarian battled back and forth in the corner. Jeremy nailed Robbie E then drilledKazarian again. They ended up doing a Tower of Doom superplex out of the corner with all three. This is a hell of a stunt show. All four men were down and out.

Kazarian nailed the Reverse Piledriver on Robbie E but was walloped by several kicks from Jeremy Buck. With Max still out, Jeremy went to the top rope but was nailed by a Kazarian boot. Kazarian went for the Flux Capacitor and nailed it, turning it into almost a splash-like move on the way down. It looked sick.

Robbie E and Kazarian battled to get to the belt first. Generation Me dragged E off and nailed him with a double superkick. They turned their attention to Kazarian, swinging his legs until he crashed and burned. Jeremy went to the top but Max was pissed and pulled him down. They argued and Max went to the top. Jeremy finally said the hell with it and went up anyway. They met at the center and began beating the other while hanging from their legs. Jeremy finally collapsed.

Robbie E brought in a ladder and nailed Kazarian with it as Max was knocked off. Kazarian walked the wires, using the structure to hold himself as E set up the ladder and climbed it. They struggled over the belt but Kazarian eventually pulled it off and grabbed it. He kicked E off the ladder, the fell down into the ring. They didn’t ring the bell until Kaz landed on the floor.

Your winner, Kazarian!

If you like lots of crazy moves and aerial spectacles, this was right up your alley. I was really blown away by the amount of punishment these guys all took. This may have been Max Buck’s best showing to date. Jeremy Buck looked real good. E looked strong and Kazarian continued his ascent in the company. I really enjoyed this.

We are back with the Jarretts on their honeymoon. Karen was hot and wanted to go back to the hotel. Jeff said that he knew just what everyone wanted. Karen thought he meant going back to the hotel for champagne, but it was a second pizza pie. Karen was mad but Jeff promised he had something great for everyone. He told Karen she was getting wet. I guess that means they are going on the Popeye rapids ride, which could be great for comedy. The kids were all really good here.

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