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By Mike Johnson on 2011-03-13 19:55:11

We are back with The Jarretts. Karen has had enough of this, saying it’s a family vacation not a honeymoon. She said she loves the kids but Jeff knows what’s missing. Jeff said that he knows what’s missing and he misses him too – Kurt Angle. Jeff said that he’s shown he’s the better man so on Thursday, he’s going to call a truce. Karen said that she wanted to know where the kids were. Jeff said that they were off having fun. She demanded they find them and leave. The girls returned, soaked and began hugging Karen just as an entire huge amount of water was dumped on the entire family. Karen began freaking out as Jeff picked her up and spun her around. This was hilarious.

Christy Hemme interviewed Mr. Anderson. Anderson said that RVD should know that this is business and Anderson has to go through him to get back to being the number one contender and get the match everyone has refused to give him the last six weeks. He said that he’s a nice guy but he’s an a**hole. He said that bad guys and douchebags finish last but a**holes always finish first.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. Anderson

Anderson cut a promo before hitting the ring saying he was the a**hole that was going to win tonight. Dueling chants as the match starts. They battled back and forth with strikes and punches. They avoided each other’s moves early until Hardy covered him for a two count using body scissors to twist Anderson into a pinfall situation. They faced off.

They go back and forth with some decent exchanges of back and forth wrestling. Anderson shoulderblocked RVD down. Van Dam went for a leapfrog but didn’t make it all the way, colliding down onto Anderson. They acted like Anderson had scouted Van Dam and used the move to his advantage. Anderson worked over Van Dam in the corner with a clothesline and kicked away at him.

Van Dam mounted a comeback. Anderson went to the floor, where he was hit with a sliding kick and a plancha to the floor. Van Dam draped Anderson across the railing and went for a corkscrew guillotine but legdrop but Anderson slipped out of the way. RVD nailed the railing hard. Anderson worked over RVD’s knee. Anderson kicked away at Van Dam’s legs and hamstring, then began dropping several knees across it.

Anderson continued working on RVD, who finally kicked him off during a charge in the corner. Rob went for a whip but Anderson cut him off. Vam Dam slipped out of the way of a DDT. He went for a rolling thunder but was hurting. Anderson grabbed him for a Samoan Drop but RVD grabbed a side headlock. Anderson nailed a back suplex to kill RVD’s momentum. He snapped RVD with a spinning neckbreaker for a two count.

Van Dam fought back until the two looked to have clunked heads legit. Van Dam nailed a clothesline and hit high cross body into the ropes with both flying over the ropes to the floor. They battled on the outside. Anderson hit the Mic Check on the ramp. The referee (Jackson James, naturally) counted both men out.

Double countout, no winner.

The fans began chanting “restart the match” while a smaller group was chanting “No.”

The match was decent but you could see a few moments where they zigged instead of zagging. They worked hard to make up for it, but with that finish, it came off a little flat. The crowd loved chanting for both.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy said Sting stole his title unfairly. He said that he used to idolize Sting when he was a kid but he was going to make sure there is no Second Coming of Sting. He said he was going to do what he does best – kick ass and take back his title tonight.

They aired a nice video on Sting’s career.

TNA champion Sting vs. Jeff Hardy

They had Jeremy Borash with the big time ring introductions.

Eric Bischoff came to the ring and said there was a slight change of plans. He said they had a situation on March 3rd when the network got involved in their business. He said that since Hardy was taken advantage of in a blatant way, he wants Sting to know that he’s going to be fair. He offered his hand to Sting and asked him to shake it. Sting refused. Bischoff told him to have it his way and said that to make it a level playing field, he and Hulk Hogan got together and made it a No DQ match. He said that since Hardy couldn’t prepare for Sting, they allowed Hardy to know so Sting couldn’t prepare. Sting shoved Bischoff down.

Hardy is wasting time trying to tease throwing a shirt out to mess with the crowd. Sting gets tired and goes after him. Sting unloads early with several punches, then hits Hardy with a Scorpion Death Drop, scoring the pin. Yep.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Sting!

Hardy immediately jumps up and is pissed, kicking at the ropes.

That was it. Seriously. I know Jeff Hardy has a court date coming up this week, so everyone can start to wonder about whether that has any bearing here but no way in hell could you consider this a worthy PPV main event.

Mike Tenay and Taz went through footage of every match on the show to close the PPV. You could hear the Impact Zone chanting “bullsh**” live in the building and booing.


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