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By Mike Johnson on 2011-03-13 19:55:11

Christy Hemme interviewed Beer Money. They tried to get Hemme to bend over and shake her rear end. She told them to have some respect. Robert Roode said that were showing everyone what disrespect was. He said that they’ve gotten to the top of TNA by showing respect to everyone they were in the ring with. He said that Shannon Moore seems to have forgotten what respect is. James Storm said that when they are done with Ink, Inc. tonight, he will find out what respect is, but respect won’t save him from his ass-whipping tonight. “Sorry about you damn luck.”

TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money vs. Ink, Inc.

Jesse Neal started with James Storm. Neal showed some fire, slapping Storm and scored a two count with a neckbreaker. He scored another with a high cross bodyblock. Robert Roode and Shannon Moore tagged in. They have a nice back and forth exchange with some good counter-wrestling. Roode takes out Moore with a clothesline and powerslams Neal for a two count. So far, so good.

James Storm tagged in but Moore nailed him from behind as he rebounded off the ropes. Neal wasn’t happy about it. Moore tagged in and worked on Storm, nailed a legdrop for a one count. Moore cinched in a side chinlock. He tried to fight his way out but Moore grabbed his leg to snap him to the mat. Neal tagged in and drilled Storm in the ribs. Neal hit a nice swinging neckbreaker and cinched in a chinlock.

Moore tagged in and stomped away at Storm. Neal tagged back in and caught him with a running back elbow for a two count. Ink, Inc. tagged in and out, holding down Storm. Moore spit at Roode to get under his skin. Moore charged Storm in the corner but Storm slipped out of the way and Moore crashed and burned.

Roode made the hot tag to Neal. They exchanged punches back and forth in the center of the ring with Roode finally getting the better of the deal. Roode went to backdrop Neal but was caught with a kick to the face. Roode came back to nail a spinebuster for a two count. Neal fought back but was caught with a double elbow. Moore had blind tagged in and hit the ring. All four battled. Moore nailed headscissors on Roode, then a rana on Storm.

Moore nailed a moonsault on Storm, but Roode tried to grab him in a suplex. Moore slipped out and used a faceplant for a two count. Ink, Inc. went for a double team move but Roode shoved Neal into Moore in the corner then hit the Northern clothesline on Neal. Roode went to the ropes to suplex Moore but he used a series of elbows to nail him and send him back to the ring. Moore hit a flip off the ropes on Storm but Roode drilled him with a powerslam for a two count.

Neal nailed Roode with a headbutt from behind but was caught by Storm with a kick from the outside. They slammed Moore. They went for DWI but Neal speared Storm. That left Roode to be hit with a Moore neckbreaker but he kicked up at the last second. Nice false finish.

Moore was pissed about the count and grabbed the Book of DILLIGAFF. He instructed Neal to pull up Roode but he hesitated. Storm drilled Neal with the superkick. Beer Money nailed Moore with DWI and scored the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, Beer Money!

Another fine tag match under Beer Money’s belt. Ink, Inc. looked really good here. Really enjoyed this. The type of nice back and forth tag matches you don’t see in WWE these days.

Beer Money showed respect to Neal, shaking his hand. Shannon Moore took a sip out of Storm’s beer and spit on them. Neal was pissed. Moore yelled at him that he needed to harden up. He told Neal he wasn’t a student anymore and the only way they are going to be champs is if he hardens up.

Christy Hemme interviewed Ric Flair and Matt Hardy. Flair said that Hardy has a cold heart and he has a vision to be the man. He said that tonight, AJ Styles needed to beat the man. Hardy said that he’s told Styles what the business has done to him personally and professionally and it’s going to do it to Styles one day as well. He said that the only thing at the end of the rainbow is Hardy. He said that it’s nice to naive but that doesn’t make you money or famous. Great to see them calling the guy who’s been here headlining from the first PPV young and naïve, but what do you really expect? Beyond that, promo was fine.

AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy

Hardy’s added some muscle. Styles controlled the match early with several chops and took down Hardy, holding him on the mat. Hardy nailed Styles with an elbow after sending him into the ropes. Styles rebounded with a big dropkick to the face. Hardy went to the floor. As he returned, Styles leapt up and landed on the apron for a springboard but was nailed by Hardy. Styles escaped and drilled Hardy, sending him to the floor. Styles went for a flip dive but Flair grabbed his leg as he rebounded. Styles turned to Flair, allowing Hardy to drill him with a clothesline for a two count.

Hardy nailed several elbows and legdrops on Styles. Styles maneuvered Hardy back out of the ring to the floor. He nailed a moonsault to the floor off the apron. Hardy sent Styles into the ringpost. Hardy nailed Styles in the floor. He whipped Styles into the guard rail but Styles slid underneath it, nailed Hardy and hit a springboard off of it. That was friggin’ awesome.

Styles worked over Hardy until Hardy grabbed him with a toss backwards into the buckles. Hardy tossed Styles to the floor and distracted the referee. Flair chopped Styles on the floor several times. Earl Hebner warned Flair to stay away. Flair shoved him and Hebner shoved back. Hardy tossed Styles back in and used a catapult to send Styles into the bottom rope throat first.

Hardy beat down Styles with several shots across the back and locked in a front choke while scissoring Styles with his legs. Hardy tried to force Styles to tap but Styles grabbed the ropes with his feet. Hardy choked Styles against the ropes. When the referee forced him away, Flair used a testicular claw on Styles. Hardy dropped several elbows but Styles kicked up.

Styles fired back on Hardy to escape a side chinlock, nailing several chops. Both men ducked a clothesline then nailed the other at the same time. They staggered until Styles nailed an enziguiri. Good stuff.

They battled back and forth with punches. Styles ducked one and unloaded on Hardy, then drilled him with several clotheslines and a running back elbow. Styles nailed a backbreaker type move, dropping Hardy’s head across his knee, then a suplex for another two count. Hardy missed a discus clothesline and was caught with the Side Effect, scoring a two count.

Hardy went to the ropes and drilled Styles with a double sledge. He called for the Twist of Hate. He went for it but Styles turned it into a backslide for a two count. Styles nailed a discus clothesline. AJ went for the Styles Clash but Hardy dropped to his knees. Styles went for it again but Hardy snapped him onto the mat and covered him. Styles got his shoulder up.

Hardy charged Styles in the corner but ate and elbow. Styles nailed a moonsault but Ric Flair distracted the referee. Flair poked Styles in the eye IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE. No DQ. Styles nailed the Pele Kick on Ric, who bumped off the apron. Hardy nailed Styles, then hit a moonsault for a two count. Styles avoided the Twist of Hate and sent Hardy into the corner. Hardy ascended the ropes but Styles nailed the Pele Kick.

Styles went to the top and nailed the Spiral Tap, scoring the pin.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Very good match.

Styles drilled Flair low on the way out.

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