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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-15 22:57:00
Summerslam opened with a lot of pyro and fanfare.  Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker welcomed everyone to the show.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi started out fast with a clothesline over the top but Guerrero pulled Dolph out of the way and Kingston crashed on a tope to the outside.  Ziggler pounced on Kingston, beating him with punches before nailing a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.  Ziggler worked over Kingston on the match with a side chinlock as fans chanted for Kofi.  Ziggler smothered Kingston against the ropes.  Kingston fought back with several kicks and punches but was propelled into the buckles.

Ziggler nailed a running snapmare and scored several near falls.  Ziggler locked in a rear chinlock and kept Kingston down on the mat.  Ziggler went for several pinfall combinations but Kingston kept kicking up.  Kingston began fighting his way off the mat.  Kingston finally broke free and cleaned house on Dolph, then nailed the Boom Drop. Kingston  nailed a high cross bodyblock off the middle turnbuckle but  Ziggler rolled through and scored a two count.

Kingston caught Ziggler with a kick while he charged into the corner.  Kofi nailed a chop off the top rope but missed Trouble in Paradise.  Ziggler locked in the sleeper but the Nexus hit the ring and laid out Ziggler and Kingston alike.

No Contest.

Ziggler was clotheslined out of the ring while Kingston was left surrounded by the Nexus, who were obviously trying to take out any potential seventh member of Team WWE.  Kingston tried to fight his way out but was quickly swarmed and overpowered by the Nexus. 

They wrecked Kingston and Wade Barrett grabbed the ring mic.  He said it was just a little taste of what the Nexus has in store for Team WWE.  He said that Team WWE is searching for a seventh member but it isn't going to make a difference tonight.  He said that they were so fragmented and self-important with their own egos, Team WWE couldn't get along to sign a birthday card, much less form a unit to take them out.  Barrett said the Nexus are the most impressive force in the history of WWE.  He told the entire company and the world, "You are either Nexus, or you are against us."

Backstage, Chris Jericho was with Miz.  Jericho asked him if he saw what the Nexus just did.  Jericho told Miz that as much as it pains him, they need him because he's the only man with the talent and the uniqueness to stand tall with Team WWE.  Edge was also buttering him up, saying tonight shouldn't be about cashing in the Money in the Bank.  Jericho said they are in Los Angeles and by joining Team WWE, he'll be big news, bigger than Avatar.  Miz told them that he has a lot of things on his plate right now and he doesn't know if he wants to make the Nexus a priority.  He walked off.  Edge told Jericho Miz will "think about it."

WWE Divas champion Alicia Fox vs. Melina

Melina wore an awesome orange and yellow outfit to the ring.  They locked up and Fox was forced into the ropes.  Melina allowed for a clean break.  They locked up again but Fox used a headlock takedown.  Melina came back with a curb stomp and charged Fox in the corner.  She draped Fox across the buckles and dropped two knees across it.  Fox tried to act as if there was something wrong with her eye, then charged Melina.  Melina caught her with a flap jack for a two count.

Melina charged Fox in the corner but hurt her knee.  The ref asked her if she is OK and she wanted the match to continue.  She ducked a Fox clothesline and kicked Fox out of the ring but was moving slow.  She made her way to the apron outside but Fox pulled her into the ringpost.  Fox tossed her back into the ring and locked on an armbar.  Fox nailed several forearms but was caught with a rollup for a two count.

Melina was shoved into the ropes but came off with a dropkick.  She nailed two knees into Fox's back, then drilled her with a variation of the stroke for the pin.

Your winner and new Divas champion, Melina!

Melina celebrated in the ring as Josh Mathews came into the ring for an interview.  He asked her what it was like to come back a year after injury to win the championship.  LayCool's music played and out came Michelle McCool and Layla El, insulting Melina.  They said that they've defeated every Smackdown Diva so they wanted to come out and share in Melina's moment.  McCool told the fans that this was a moment they wanted to capture since it was three champions in the ring at the same time.  McCool said they needed to twitter this.  Layla tried to pose with Melina, who shoved her off.  McCool then tried to do it but Melina attacked her.  LayCool laid out Melina.  Alicia Fox, who was recovering in the corner, kicked Melina, but LayCool attacked her as well and threw her out of the ring.  They tossed Melina to the floor.  McCool kicked her in the face right in front of the announcers.  LayCool celebrated and laughed as they walked out.

They plugged the Night of Champions PPV.

They showed Marlon Wayans at ringside and noted Michael Clark Duncan was also at the show.

The announcers began discussing the recent events in CM Punk's feud against The Big Show.

The Big Show vs. The Straightedge Society - Handicap Match

CM Punk wore his shirt announcing he broke Show's hand, which Matt Striker pointed out was an homage to Greg Valentine's feud with Wahoo McDaniel.    Punk had a lot of new tattoos on his chest.  Show had the cast on his hand cut off before the match.  Show laid out Mercury and Gallows, then called for Punk to get in the ring.  Punk held a meeting then sent the others to do his bidding.   Show threw Gallows over the top, then slammed Mercury down.  Mercury tried to grab Show from the outside but Show brought him in, pressed him overhead and tossed him onto Gallows on the outside.

Punk entered the ring and fans were chanting for him.  Show thwarted Serena trying to distract him and chopped Punk.  Punk went to the floor.  Show followed and Punk kicked him.  He tried to put Show's hand under the ring steps but Show fought him off.  Show chopped Punk but hurt his bad hand.  The Society worked over Show, three to one, on the floor.  Back in the ring, Punk stomped on Show's hand.  Mercury and Gallows swarmed over Show.  Punk held Show's leg and instructed Gallows to splash him.

Show kicked off Punk as he charged in the corner.  He shoulderblocked Gallows and Mercury down at the same time.  Punk tried to come off with a springboard clothesline but Show grabbed him by the throat.  Punk kicked him off and escaped.  Show charged Punk in the corner but missed.  Punk nailed a series of running knee lifts in the corner.  Punk and Mercury hit a double bulldog out of the corner.  Michael Cole called it a DDT.    Show kicked up.  Punk began focusing on the bad hand and continued beating him.  Show got to his feet, lifting Punk on his shoulders.  Mercury attacked but was grabbed in a Goozle.  Gallows kicked Show, who fell backwards.  Punk fell over the top to the floor.

Serena grabbed Punk and helped him towards the back.  Show KO'd Gallows and chokeslammed Mercury for the pin.

Your winner, Big Show!

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