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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-15 22:57:00
The Nexus vs. Team WWE

Team WWE all had separate entrances.  Cena had a new purple shirt.  Bret Hart wore a t-shirt featuring himself, Owen and Stu.  Miz had the last entrance but John Cena took the mic and told Miz he was too late.  Cena said that they realized how important the match was to WWE and they couldn't depend on someone who wanted to wait until Summerslam to make a decision.  Cena then announced that the seventh member is Daniel Bryan.  Matt Striker said "The American Dragon has arrived at Summerslam!"

All 14 brawled with the babyfaces clearing the ring.  Danielson actually has a tan.  Danielson and Darren Young opened the match.  There was a big "Daniel Bryan" chant.  Bryan controlled Young and kicked the crap out of him.  Bryan caught Young in a guillotine choke, then turned it into a crossface and forced Young to tap out.

Darren Young has been eliminated.

Justin Gabriel hit the ring but Jericho tagged in and clobbered him.  Jericho stomped him.  R-Truth tagged in and whipped Gabiel into the corner.  Gabriel reversed but Truth cartwheeled out of the way and nailed a big punch.  Truth nailed a spinebuster for a two count.  Morrison and Tarver tagged in.  Morrison got the pin quickly with Starship Pain.

Michael Tarver has been eliminated.  7-5 Team WWE.

The Nexus regrouped at ringside.

Skip Sheffield used his power on Morrison.  Morrison fought back but was caught with a big powerslam.  Sheffield stalked Morrison and whipped him hard into the corner.  The babyfaces rallied Morrison.  Sheffield whipped Morrison again.  Fans chanted for Bret.  Morrison ate a suplex.  Morrison finally came back with a series of rights, but as he rebounded off the ropes, Gabriel nailed him from behind.  Sheffield killed Morrison with a lariay for the pin.

John Morrison has been eliminated.  6-5 Team WWE.

R-Truth hit the ring but soon met the same fate with a lariat.

R-Truth has been eliminated.  5-5 tie.

Jericho attacked Sheffield but soon was trapped in the Nexus' corner, getting worked over by the different members.  Sheffield tagged out to Barrett, who locked on a submission.  Jericho fought his way out and nailed a missile dropkick.  Bret Hart tagged in and drilled heat Slater with a series of rights.  He unloaded on Slater in the corner with a series of punches, then ran his face across the ropes.  He whipped Slater into the ring, drilled him in the mid-section and dropped an elbow.  Hart slammed Slater and dropped another elbow.  Hart nailed an inverted atomic drop and another right hand.  Hart went for the Sharpshooter and locked it in. 

Slater tagged in Sheffield as Barrett tossed a chair into the ring.  Hart grabbed the chair and nailed Sheffield.  Hart was DQ'd.

Bret Hart was eliminated.  5-4, Nexus.

Jericho nailed the Codebreaker on Sheffield and tagged in Edge.  Edge poised for the Spear and nailed it.  Sheffield was pinned.

Skip Sheffield eliminated. 4-4 even.

Justin Gabriel hit the ring but was kicked in the face.  Edge whipped him into the corner and drilled him with a shoulderblock.  Edge tried to repeat but was caught with a rear elbow as he charged.  Sheffield caught Edge with a reverse kick for a two count.  Heath Slater tagged in and choked Edge against the middle rope.  Edge was tossed to the floor.  When he returned, Slater brought him over to the Nexus' corner.  Barrett tagged in and tagged Edge with a series of rights.  Barrett scored a two count with a backbreaker.  Otunga tagged in but Edge fought him off and tagged Jericho.

Jericho fought off Otunga and nailed a springboard dropkick.  He locked in the Walls of Jericho and Otunga tapped.

Otunga eliminated.  4-3 Team WWE.

Jericho attacked Slater and they battled outside the ring.  Fans began chanting for Jericho.  Jericho tossed Slater back into the ring and nailed a back elbow.  Slater scored the pin on Jericho.

Jericho eliminated.  3-3 tied.

Edge and Cena argued over who was going to wrestle.  Edge shoved Cena, who let him go.  Slater rolled up Edge from behind and scored the pin.

Edge eliminated, 3-2 Nexus.

Edge nailed Cena off the apron.  Jericho and Edge blamed Cena for everything and left.  Michael Cole said he told everyone they needed Miz but now they are left with that twerp Daniel Bryan.

Nexus began beating the crap out of Cena as the crowd tried to rally him.  Cena fought his way out of their corner but Barrett drilled him with a clothesline to cut him off.  Cena tried to fight his way off and went for an FU but was overpowered.  Fans began doing dueling chants for and against Cena.  Barrett caught Cena coming off the ropes with a sideslam.  Cena reversed a suplex but just as he was about to tag out to Bryan, Heath Slater cut him off.

Slater whipped Cena hard into the turnbuckles.  Daniel Bryan finally made the hot tag and drilled Heath Slater with a big dropkick.  He began kicking the hell out of Slater in the corner.  Danielson did a backflip to escape Slater in the corner, hit a leaping forearm and finally a tope to the floor.  Bryan tossed Slater back into the ring as fans chanted for him.  Bryan hit a missile dropkick but missed a roundhouse kick.  Slater rolled up Danielson, who kicked out and turned him into a crossface for a submisson.

Slater eliminated, 2-2 even.

Bryan dared the Nexus to hit the ring.  Miz hit the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase and drilled Bryan from behind.  Barrett scored the pin.

2-1 Nexus.

They said Miz was mad that he was replaced on the team.  They didn't bring up the NXT rivalry. 

Gabriel hit a running knee in the corner on Cena.  Cena hit a series of shoulderblocks.  He nailed Gabriel with the five knuckle shuffle.  Barrett tagged in blind as Cena went for the FU.  Barrett nailed him and began stomping and punching Cena.  Barrett hit a running boot on Cena, who went through the ropes to the floor.    Barrett and Gabriel began removing the mats from around ringside.  Barrett DDT'd Cena on the exposed floor.

Cena was rolled back into the ring.  Barrett tagged in Gabriel, who went to the ropes for the 450 splash.  Cena rolled out of the way and covered Gabriel for the pin.

1-1 Even.

Barrett attacked Cena, who locked him in the STF.  Barrett finally tapped.

Your winners, Team WWE!

Cena smiled as they went off the air.

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