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By Mike Johnson on 2010-08-15 22:57:00

Backstage, Kane was standing next to an open casket.  He told "his brother" that he promised to take Rey Mysterio and destroy him once and for all, then slam down the casket.  Sheamus walked in.  Kane asked him what he was doing there.  Sheamus said the casket was too big for Rey but asked to borrow it for his match against Randy Orton.  Sheamus said that he was going to drive Orton out of the WWE like St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland.  Kane told him no.  Sheamus told him that was fine, but he was taking Kane's nickname since everyone says he's the "Real Big Red Machine".  He told Kane that if he loses and goes on one of his psychotic rampages, to stay out of Sheamus way or he'll get dropped.  Kane told Sheamus he liked him and that he had guts, but they would be spilled all over the place if Sheamus ever got in his way again.

The Miz came to the ring and asked the fans if they thought he should join Team WWE.  The crowd popped but he told them he didn't care what they thought.  He said that the word in the back is that he's the missing link to help bring Team WWE to victory.  He said that John Cena and Bret Hart asked him to be on the team last week on Raw but today when Miz arrived, Cena got on his knees and begged Miz to join because he was wrong about Miz all the time and Miz was the only person who could save them.  Miz claimed that each member of the Team kissed his rear end.  Miz said he was a future WWE champion and Hall of Famer and everyone needs to know that, but he needs to get to the big decision.  Miz put himself over huge saying tonight was bigger than the Lebron James' decision, taking a crap on the Los Angeles Lakers along the way.  Miz was tremendous.  He teased the answer forever and finally said he would join them.  He said that when he was done, everyone will be talking about him, not the Nexus or Cena or anyone else.  He said that everyone will be admitting that he's awesome when the match is over.  He ripped on the fans for trying to do his catch phrase with him and told them to raise their hands if they have something to say.  Great promo.  The announcers played it up like the two sides were finally even.

WWE champ Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

They tied up and ended up in the corner.  Sheamus tried to psyche out Orton.    He did it a second time but Orton clocked him and stomped away at him in the corner.  They went back and forth with Orton getting the better of the exchange.  Orton clotheslined Sheamus over the top to the floor.  He rammed Sheamus' face into the announcer's table, then clotheslined him over the barricade into the crowd.  Orton worked over Sheamus with several punches but realized the referee was counting them out and pulled Sheamus back to the ring. 

Orton drilled Sheamus with the Garvin Stomp as fans began chanting "RKO."  Orton drilled Sheamus' throat into the bottom rope with a catapult.  Sheamus went to the floor and was whipped into the barricade outside.  Orton tried to whip Sheamus into the steps at ringside but it weas reversed and Orton went down grabbing at his arm and shoulder.  Orton began selling his right arm.  Orton rolled into the ring where Sheamus began stomping the hell out of him, then peppered him with right hands.

Sheamus cinched in a rear chinlock.  Orton made a comeback and set up Orton for the hanging DDT off the ropes but Sheamus escaped and sent Orton to the floor.  Sheamus began beating down Orton and nailed him with a clubbing shot for a two count.   Sheamus worked over Orton's shoulder but Orton made a series of comebacks only to be nailed with the Polish Hammer, which they called the Irish Hammer.  Sheamus went right back to the shoulder, trying to force a submission.  It turned into a side chinlock and Orton fought his way to his feet.  They began battling back and forth exchanging punches in the center of the ring.  Orton nailed a big shot and then a snap powerslam.

Orton began teasing the RKO.  He ducked a Sheamus charge in the corner, which saw Sheamus hit his shoulder on the cornerpost.  Orton pulled him up to the top rope and nailed a superplex for a two count.  Sheamus finally came back with an Uranage for a two count.  Sheamus teased his throw kick but Orton ducked and Sheamus was crotched on the top rope.  Sheamus went back to the floor.  Sheamus returned to the ring.  Orton went for the RKO but was shoved off. Orton hit the back of his head on the mat and Sheamus covered him for a two count.

Sheamus set up for the Irish Curse but Orton dropped down to his feet.  Sheamus came back with the Throw Kick and covered Orton, but only garnered a two count.  Sheamus looked like he didn't know what else he could do to take out Orton.  He went to the floor and grabbed a chair.  The referee and Sheamus got into a pulling fight over it and Sheamus ended up sending the referee out to the floor.

Your winner by DQ, Randy Orton!

Sheamus screamed at Orton to get up, brandishing the chair.  Sheamus swung and missed.  Orton kicked Sheamus in the nads and Sheamus crumbled to the mat.  Orton grabbed the chair, then dropped it.  He pulled Sheamus out to the floor and set up the announcing table.  Orton looked like he had completely lost his mind.  Orton tossed Sheamus onto the table and set up for an RKO.  He smiled at Sheamus before snapping the move.  The table didn't even budge. 

WWE ran a trailer for Legendary.  They showed one of the kids from the film and Dule Hill from the USA Network series Psych.

World champ Kane vs. Rey Mysterio

Kane brought a casket to ringside as he's promised to put Rey in it.  Kane controlled Mysterio early but Rey snapped him with a dropkick to the knee.  Kane fought off Rey and sent him shooting out to the floor.  Kane went to follow but Mysterio jumped back into the ring.  Kane was met with a sliding kick as he returned.  Mysterio then hit a dive to the floor.  Kane went back to the ring and knocked Rey off the ropes.

Matt Striker namechecked Angrus Scrimm when making a horror reference.  Thumbs up!  Kane picked up Rey for a suplex, then draped him across the top rope.  Kane then kicked Rey off the ropes and back down to the floor.  Kane tossed Rey back in and covered him, getting a two count.   Kane seized Rey in a bearhug.  Mysterio finally escaped and nailed a flying head scissors to set up a 619.  Rey was killed with a clothesline and covered for a two count.

Kane sent Rey flying across the mat and out to the floor.  Mysterio was grabbing his knee.  Mysterio nailed a shoulderblock on Kane from the apron but was nailed back to the floor.  Mysterio fought back and hit a tope from the top onto Kane, using his head like a spear into Kane.  Mysterio made a comeback and nailed a tiltowhirl into a reverse DDT for the pin.

They said there was an "uncomfortable hush."  After watching this show, what did they expect?  Mysterio hit a tiltowhirl DDT.  Kane kicked up and made a comeback.  Kane opened the casket.  Rey went for the 619 but Kane caught him and put him in the casket.  Rey fought his way out of it.  Kane caught Rey going for another 619 and goozled him.  Rey broke free and hit another 619 for a two count.  Kane clobbered Rey.

Kane scored the pin with a chokeslam.

Your winner and still WWE World champion, Kane!

Angle time.

Kane told Mysterio he was going to pay for what he did to the Undertaker with eternal suffering and darkness inside the casket.  Kane opened the casket and there was no one inside.  Rey kicked off Kane, who shut the casket.  Kane chokeslammed Rey again and again.  He opened the casket and there was the Undertaker, who sat up.  It was the biggest pop of the night.  Kane backed off and looked shocked.  He smiled.

Undertaker got down in front of Rey and said "Before an eye for an eye, why did you do it Rey?"  Rey swore that he didn't do it.  Taker told him that he believed him but grabbed Rey by the throat.  He then made the throat slash and turned to Kane.  Taker grabbed Kane by the throat but Kane fought back and grabbed Taker as well.  Kane overpowered Taker and tombstoned him.  They played it up that Undertaker had lost some of his power and was weak from being in the vegetative state.  Kane stood over the destroyed Undertaker as his pyro went off.

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