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By Buck Woodward on 2010-07-18 21:35:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE Money In The Bank.  We will update this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker welcomed us to the show, and they are kicking things off with the Smackdown Money In The Bank match.  There were ladders set up all around the ring, and the ringside area.  The stage also had ladders, as well as two armored bank vans with the MITB logo on it. 

Money in the Bank Match: Big Show vs. Matt Hardy vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kane vs. Christian vs. Drew McIntyre.

Each man had their full entrance, with Big Show coming out last.  There was a spotlight above the briefcase that resulted in a white light coming down in the center of the ring.  Big Show and Kane cleaned house at the bell, while Cody Rhodes brought in a ladder and tried to climb it, but he was tossed out as well.  Kane and Show then faced off, with Show shoulderblocking Kane from the ring.  Big Show went to climb a ladder, but the rungs broke under his weight.  Wrestlers ran in, but Show swatted them back out, then tossed the broken ladder from the ring, hitting Kane with it.  Big Show went under the ring, but was kicked by Ziggler and Rhodes, then everyone except Kane ganged up on Show and rammed him into the ring steps.  The wrestlers then brawled on the floor, with Drew McIntyre getting the better of it, including catapulting Christian into a ladder on the floor.  

Drew tossed a ladder in the ring and set it up, but Hardy came in and hit Drew with a ladder across the back, then knocked him out of the ring with it.  Matt climbed the ladder, but Christian pulled him down.  Christian then went to climb up, but Matt pulled him down.  Matt and Christian brawled to the floor, while Rhodes tried to climb the ladder, but Kofi cut him off, rammed him in the ladder and tossed him out.  Kofi went to climb, but Ziggler stopped him.  Ziggler climbed and reached the hook, but Christian climbed up and stopped him.  Christian and Ziggler fought at the top of the ladder, and Christian hiptossed him off.  Matt tipped the ladder to knocked Christian off, but he landed on his feet. Hardy gave Kofi a Twist Of Fate and Christian gave Rhodes a reverse DDT.  Hardy and Christian gave Kane a double DDT.  Hardy and Christian gave Kane a ladder sandwich, then hit each other with the ladders.  Christian gave Hardy a Hotshot into a ladder leaning on the ropes, then stood on Hardy. 

Christian went to climb a ladder, but Rhodes knocked it over and Christian fell to the floor, crashing into Big Show.  Rhodes and Kofi hit Kane with kicks, and Matt gave Kane a Twist Of Fate. Kofi went to climb, but Rhodes gave Kingston a back suplex off the ladder.  Rhodes and Hardy climbed and battled at the top of a ladder, but Drew knocked it over. Drew tossed Matt shoulder first into the ringpost, then did the same to Rhodes.  Drew climbed the ladder, but Ziggler stopped him, only to be tossed into the ringpost as well.  Kane pulled McIntyre to the floor, then started to clear the announce tables.  Kane went for a chokeslam, but McIntyre battled back, only to be kicked onto the table.  Kane decked Christian at ringside with a right hand.  Kofi hit Kane with a baseball slide kick as Kane was picking up a ladder. Kofi went to McIntyre and pounded him with punches and a Trouble In Paradise kick on the table. 

Kofi looked at a ladder at ringside, and positioned it so he could dive onto McIntyre on the announce table.  Kofi gave McIntyre a Boom Drop off the ladder, putting him through the table.  In the ring, Ziggler climbed a ladder, but Big Show got in and knocked the ladder down.  Show chokeslammed Ziggler, who rolled to the floor.  Kane choked Big Show, but Big Show punched him away, then gave him a back splash in the corner, using a ladder.  Rhodes ran in, but Show knocked him out.  Christian and Hardy hit Show with a ladder, but on a second attempt, Show shoved the ladder, knocking Hardy and Christian down.  Show splashed the ladder onto Christian and Hardy.  They rolled to the floor, and Show was left alone in the ring. 

Show went under the ring and pulled out his heavy duty ladder.  They noted it was a 350 pound ladder, and could hold a ton.  Show struggled to get the ladder in the ring, finally pulling it between the ropes.  Show got it set up, but before he could climb, Rhodes came in with a small ladder and hit Show in the ankle with it.  Rhodes started to climb the big ladder, but Ziggler pulled him off with an Electric Chair.  Ziggler started to climb the ladder, slowly, but Big Show chopped him off.  Show headbutted Matt Hardy away.  Kofi Kingston springboarded onto the big ladder, but Show pulled him off.  Kofi managed to hook Show in a DDT on the way down, then began to climb the ladder again. Cody Rhodes hit a top rope dropkick on Kofi to knock him off the ladder.

Rhodes gave Kofi Crossroads on a ladder on the mat.  Rhodes started to climb, but Ziggler knocked him off, then gave him a Zig Zag into the heavy duty ladder.  Big Show headbutted Rhodes, then Ziggler.  Show began to climb, but Kane toppled the ladder.  Show fell into the ropes, and over the top to the floor.  The other wrestlers piled and tossed a bunch of ladders onto Big Show, burying him.  Everyone except Show and McIntyre were in the ring.  Everyone tried to climb the ladder, but Kane pulled them down and cleaned house on them.  Kane went to climb the ladder, but Dolph climbed over him and tried for the briefcase.  Kane pulled him back and Dolph applied a sleeper on the ladder.  Kane broke free by ramming Dolph's head in the ladder.  Kane went to toss Dolph from the ring, but his leg got caught in the ropes.  Kane freed him, then tossed him off the apron into the pile of ladders on top of Show.  Kane was pulled from the ring by Kofi and Christian, so Kane blasted them, and tossed Kofi onto the pile of ladders on Show.  Cody Rhodes tried to run from Kane, but Kane chased him and rammed him head first into the armored van.  Kane went back to the ring where Christian and Hardy were trying to climb the ladder.  Kane pulled them down and went to climb, but Hardy and Christian gave Kane a double powerbomb off the ladder.

Christian and Hardy climbed the ladder and slugged it out.  Each went for the briefcase, only to be cut off by the other. They struggled right at the top of the ladder, then both shoved each other off, with Matt landing hard on the mat and Christian bouncing off the ropes before crashing.  Drew McIntyre, slowly, crawled into the ring and began climbing the ladder.  Kane got back up and climbed the other side.  Kane grabbed McIntyre by the throat and tossed him off the ladder.  Kane then grabbed the briefcase at the 23-minute mark.

Winner: Kane.

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