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By Buck Woodward on 2010-07-18 21:35:00

The events from earlier in the evening were recapped. 

Money in the Bank Match: Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison vs. Evan Bourne vs. Chris Jericho vs. Ted DiBiase.

Randy Orton was the first to come out, and Edge was last.  Maryse accompanied Ted DiBiase, and was seated at ringside near the announcers. Edge put a ladder in the ring before the bell rang.

Edge slid out of the ring at the bell, and some wrestlers tried to grab the ladder, but Mark Henry stood on it.  Everyone started brawling, and Miz hit a clothesline in the corner on Henry, then Bourne hit Miz with a jumping knee and Henry with a kick in a corner.  Everyone cleared out of the ring, and Edge ran in and tried to climb, but Orton cut him off and brawled with Edge to the floor.  In the ring, DiBiase went for a ladder, but Morrison kicked him.  DiBiase clotheslined Morrison, who fell onto a ladder.  DiBiase used the ladder to knock Orton off the apron, then Bourne ran in and kicked the ladder into DiBiase's face.  Miz ran in and rammed Bourne into the ladder, then tossed him from the ring.

Jericho got in and brawled with Miz.  Mark Henry came in and knocked both of them down with a ladder.  Henry straddled Miz on the middle rope. Jericho hit Henry with a ladder, then dropped it on him.  Bourne dodged a ladder shot by Jericho and hit an enzugiri.  Bourne climbed the ladder, but Edge stopped him.  Bourne gave Edge a rana, sending him to the floor.  Orton got in and stomped Bourne, then gave him an elevated DDT off the ladder.  Morrison got in and gave Orton a Flying Chuck kick, sending him from the ring.  Morrison went to suplex DiBiase, but Miz broke it up.  Miz and DiBiase stomped Morrison, and they put a ladder in a corner.  They whipped Morrison towards it, but he slid to a stop.  Morrison gave Miz a Hot Shot and DiBiase a drop toe hold into the ladder.

Morrison, now alone in the ring, set up a ladder and began to climb.  Edge climbed up the other side and brawled with Morrison on the ladder.  Jericho set up another ladder and climbed up.  Orton climbed the other side, and we had four men fighting and reaching for the case.   Mark Henry came in and tipped over both ladders, sending all four men crashing to the floor. Evan Bourne spingboarded and used the ladder to fly into Henry with a kick.  Maryse checked on DiBiase, then seeing no one in the ring, got on the apron and took her shoes off.  Maryse set up a ladder and began to climb.  John Morrison stopped her, and gently pulled her down.  Morrison told her to leave, while DiBiase snuck in behind them and began to climb.  Morrison turned and stopped him, but DiBiase rammed him into a ladder.  Morrison went to the floor and pulled DiBiase outside. 

Miz hit Morrison with a ladder on the floor, then wedged it against the ringpost on the floor.  Miz dropped Morrison throat first across the security wall, then catapulted him into the ladder against the ringpost.  Morrison jumped onto the ladder, climbed it, rode another ladder out of the corner, and landed on a ladder in the center of the ring that Edge had set up and was starting to climb.  Edge and Morrison battled, and Edge got Morrison caught between the rungs of a set up ladder.  Edge took another ladder, and with Miz helping, rammed it into Morrison's midsection repeatedly.  Edge then blasted Miz with the ladder, knocked him from the ring, and toppled the ladder with Morrison on it.

Edge set up a ladder to climb, but DiBiase cut him off with a ladder shot and laid Edge out.  Jericho tried to come in with a ladder, but DiBiase knocked him away, then hit Orton with the ladder from the apron.  There were several ladders in the ring now, including one that was upside down, with another leaning against it.  DiBiase climbed an upright ladder, but Henry pulled him down and hit a World's Strongest Slam.  Jericho came in with a small ladder, but Henry knocked him down.  Miz came in, but Henry slammed Miz on top of Jericho, and a ladder.  Mark Henry started to climb, and Evan Bourne got on his back, but Henry kept climbing.  Edge and Orton pulled Henry down and sent him from the ring.  Edge and Orton then went to throw Bourne from the ring, but Henry caught him and gave him a powerslam on the floor.  Henry was given a Morrison Flying Chuck, a Jericho Codebreaker and a Edge spear on the floor.

Everyone in the match except Bourne and Henry were trying to climb a ladder, battling for position.  DiBiase bridged another ladder, and there's a lot of metal in the ring not. Guys would get knocked off and then climb back up.  Edge and Orton dumped DiBiase, on a ladder, to the floor.  Orton then hit Edge with an RKO.  Jericho kicked Orton from the ring.  Jericho and Morrison were left in the ring, slugging it out on the ladder. Jericho got hung upside down in the ladder, while Orton pulled Morrison off the ladder.  Orton gave Morrison an RKO, at the same time, Bourne jumped off the top rope giving Orton Air Bourne just as he landed to the mat with the RKO.

Bourne climbed the ladder, but had trouble with the hook.  Jericho stood back up, and brawled with Bourne on the ladder.  Jericho rammed the briefcase into Bourne's face, knocking him off the ladder.  Jericho went for the briefcase, which was swinging wildly above the ladder.  Edge climbed up and brawled with Jericho on the top of the ladder.  Jericho started to fall down, and Orton hit him with an RKO.  Orton then knocked Edge off the ladder into the ladder that was set up upside-down, so Edge hit gut first on the metal supports.  Randy Orton then climbed up, but Miz toppled the ladder, sending Orton into the top rope.  Miz climbed up and pulled off the briefcase at the 20-minute mark.

Winner: The Miz.

The Miz called for the microphone and said everyone was "living in his moment" and said that whether you call him "overrated" or "created" his winning the MITB proved that he had "made it" and proved all the critics and skeptics wrong.  The Miz said he is "Mr. Money In The Bank" and a future WWE Champion.  He then finished with his catchphrase.

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