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By Buck Woodward on 2010-07-18 21:35:00

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Sheamus.  Sheamus talked about how his pride made him think that Nexus would never try to attack him the way they attacked others.  Sheamus said that last Monday, he saw that the Nexus had no soul, and so he had to chose a side, which he did.  Sheamus then talked about how he hates John Cena, and that he has never gotten respect for the times he has beaten him.  Sheamus talked about Cena's constant jokes about his skin tone, and how Cena won't be making jokes tonight in the cage.  

Divas Champion Alicia Fox vs. Eve.

They locked up at the bell, and jockeyed for position, with Fox taking Eve to the mat, but they maintained the collar-and-elbow tieup.  Eve armdragged out of it, then grabbed a headlock.  Eve hit a shoulderblock for a one count, then a jackknife cover for another one.  Eve hit a sunset flip for two, then a dropkick.  Alicia reversed a whip, then went for a tornado DDT, but Fox yanked her to the mat off the middle rope.  They went to the floor, and Fox rammed Eve back first into the ring apron.  Fox pulled Eve into the ring by her hair and got a two count.  Fox hit a forearm to the back, then a second.  Fox pushed Eve down in an over the knee backbreaker, then lifted Eve and hit the backbreaker again when Eve tried to fight out of it.  

Eve rallied with some forearms, but Fox hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count.  Fox put Eve in a surfboard, but Eve rolled out of it and hit a reverse monkey flip.  Eve hit a cross bodyblock for a one count, then a pair of dropkicks.  Eve went for a suplex, but her back went out on her.  Eve kicked Fox in the leg, then the head.  Eve hit a standing moonsault for two.  Fox hit an upkick, but Eve hit a springboard kick from the bottom rope.  Eve went to the middle rope and went for a somersault senton, but Fox got her knees up.  Fox then hit the ax kick for the clean pin at the six minute mark. 

Winner: Alicia Fox. 

They reviewed the Kane-Swagger confrontation from Smackdown, including Rey Mysterio's run-in and how Swagger allowed his father to be chokeslammed and tombstoned by Kane. 

Backstage, Jack Swagger was on the phone with his mom, who was apparently still hysterical.  Swagger told his mom to shut up and that it wasn't his fault, and that it wasn't his idea for his father to come to the ring with him.  Swagger said his father was trying to steal his spotlight.  Swagger said he wanted to help his dad, but he couldn't risk Kane hurting him and ruining his title opportunity.  Swagger said he would snap Rey's ankle tonight, and his dad could live vicariously though him as he wins the World Title.  He then told his mom that he lovers her.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs.  Jimmy and Jey Uso.

David started out with Jey, traded waistlocks, then Smith grabbed an arm wringer.  Jey broke out, but Smith hit a powerslam and delivered some forearms.  Kidd tagged in and Smith hiptossed Kidd into a headscissors on Jey.  David tagged back in, but Jey managed a double leg takedown and tagged in Jimmy, who pounded Smith in a corner.  Jey tagged back in and Jimmy whipped Jey into a posterior butt on Smith.  Kidd broke up the cover.  Jey put Smith in a half-nelson with a crossface, but Smith battled out and backdropped Jey.  Jimmy tagged in and cut off Smith from tagging Kidd.  Jimmy hit a diving headbutt for a two count, then applied a chinlock. 

Smith gave a belly to belly suplex to a charging Jimmy and tagged Kidd, just as Jey tagged in.  Kidd dropkicked Jey's legs out and stomped him in a corner.  Kidd kicked Jey while flipping over the top rope, then went for a slingshot rollup, but Jey tagged Jimmy.  Kidd didn't see the tag, and got caught with a Samoan Drop by Jimmy.  Jimmy went to the top rope for a Superfly splash, but Kidd got his knees him to block it.  Smith tagged in and hit Jimmy with a shoulderblock, then went for a Sharpshooter.  Tamina got on the apron, but Natalya pulled her down and slammed her on the floor.  Jimmy went to kick Smith, but Smith caught it and tripped Jimmy to the mat.  Smith put Jimmy in the Sharpshooter, while Kidd knocked Jey to the floor and hit a pescado on him.  Jimmy submitted to the Sharpshooter at the six minute mark.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty.

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