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By Buck Woodward on 2010-03-28 21:20:19

Welcome to's coverage of Wrestlemania XXVI.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often for updates. 

The show opened with a flyover, and Fantasia singing "America The Beautiful."  We then had a really cool opening video, spotlighting different matches on the card and ending with The Undertaker. 

Michael Cole welcomed us to the show, and said there were more then 70,000 fans in attendance.  Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker will be the announce team for the show.  The Spanish announcers, Carlos Cabrera and Hugo Savinovich are back at ringside for the show.

WWE Unified Tag Team Champions Miz & Big Show vs. R-Truth & John Morrison.

R-Truth did his full entrance, then Morrison did his, while Big Show and The Miz entered together.  They closed the roof again, so I guess they just opened it for the flyover.

Morrison and Miz started off, with Miz hitting a back elbow, but Morrison catching him with a dropkick for a two count.  Morrison slammed Miz and tagged in Truth.  Morrison legdropped Miz on the mat, while Truth followed with a top rope legdrop for two.  Truth hit a side kick, and Miz tagged out to Big Show.  Truth went for a bodyblock, but Show caught it and hit a fallaway slam.  Show hit a shot to the body, then shoved Morrison off the apron.  Show chopped Truth to the mat, then went to the second rope, but Morrison got back on the apron and kicked Show in the head.  Show crashed to the mat, then crawled over to tag Miz.  Morrison tagged in and hit Miz with a kick and a flapjack.  Miz went for a sunset flip, but Morrison rolled through it and hit a running knee to the head.  Morrison went for Starship Pain, but Show pulled Miz out of the way and to the floor.  Morrison crashed to the mat. 

R-Truth went for a pescado, but Show caught it and rammed him into the ringpost.  In the ring, Miz went for the Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison, but Morrison blocked it and and rolled up Miz for a two count.  Big Show made a blind tag off of Miz.  Morrison, not knowing it happened, ducked a Miz clothesline and went for the Flying Chuck kick.  As Morrison jumped on the ropes, Big Show caught him with a right hand from the apron.  Big Show got in the ring and pinned Morrison at the four minute mark. 

Winners: Big Show & The Miz. 

A video package on the different events that have taken place this weekend in Arizona was shown including the golf tournament, art auction, Axxess, and the reading challenge. 

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase in a Triple Threat match.

Ted DiBiase entered first, then Cody Rhodes, then Randy Orton. Rhodes and DiBiase stood together while Orton was making his way to the ring, discussing strategy. 

DiBiase and Rhodes tried to corner Orton, who tried to keep his space while throwing a forearm at DiBiase and a kick at Rhodes.  Orton went in and out of the ring, getting Cody to follow.  Orton hit DiBiase with a clothesline, then knocked Rhodes out of the ring as he got in.  Orton kicked DiBiase, then dropkicked Rhodes.  DiBiase caught Orton with a dropkick, and then the double team began with Rhodes and DiBiase stomping Orton down.  Rhodes and DiBiase trash talked Orton, then took turns holding him with the other punched him.  Orton tried to fight back, but was given a double vertical suplex.  

DiBiase and Rhodes taunted Orton, then kicked him down in a corner.  They whipped Orton into a corner, and Orton came out swinging, until DiBiase nailed him with a clothesline.  DiBiase hit Orton with another clothesline while Rhodes clipped Orton' leg.  Rhodes gave Orton a kneedrop, then went to climb the ropes.  While he did that, DiBiase tried to make a cover.  Rhodes broke it up, and the two argued.  Rhodes threw DiBiase out of the ring and hit the Alabama Slam.  Rhodes covered, and DiBiase broke it up.  They argued, and DiBiase slugged Rhodes.  Rhodes responded by tackling DiBiase, and they rolled to the floor and brawled.  

Rhodes and DiBiase rolled back in and kept punching.  They two realized Orton was getting up, so they stopped fighting and charged him.  Orton backdropped DiBiase, slugged Rhodes, then gave DiBiase and Rhodes each a powerslam.  DiBiase rolled out of the ring, and Orton gave Rhodes a side backbreaker.  The fans chanted for an "RKO" and Orton measured Rhodes for it, but DiBiase pulled him out of the ring.  DiBiase and Orton slugged it out on the floor, and Rhodes went for a pescado.  Orton moved, and Rhodes landed on DiBiase.  

Orton rolled back into the ring, and DiBiase got on the apron.  Orton kicked him and grabbed his head.  Rhodes got on the apron as well, and Orton kicked him.  Orton grabbed Rhodes and DiBiase and hit a double elevated DDT with both men hanging off the ropes.  Orton kicked DiBiase out of the ring, and began measuring Rhodes for an RKO.  Orton then changed his mind, and instead lined up for a punt.  Orton punted Rhodes in the head.  DiBiase got in the ring, grabbed Orton from behind and went for Dream Street.  Orton armdragged out of it, hit DiBiase with the RKO and got the pin on DiBiase at the nine minute mark. 

Winner: Randy Orton.

They aired a "Don't try this at home" promo.

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviewed Vickie Guerrero, who was accompanied by her partners.  Josh gave her a grandiose introduction, then asked her "Is that what you wanted?"  Vickie talked about it being her first Wrestlemania match, and how she would create a moment in history that would last forever.  She then brought in Jillian Hall, who sang "Simply The Best" which only Vickie seemed to enjoy.  Team Guerrero left, and Santino Marella walked in.  Santino plugged Slim Jim, and said "Anything is possible when you bite into a Slim Jim" and he bit into one.  Jillian "transformed" into Mae Young, who kissed Santino.  Santino bit again, and Mae turned into Mean Gene Okerlund... in a dress.  Santino bit one more time, and Gene turned into Melina.  Melina said "Well, anything is possible" and walked off with Santino. 

Money In The Bank with Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger vs. MVP vs. Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston.

Order of entry was Kofi Kingston, MVP, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Kane and finally Christian.  I'll do my best to cover the big spots here, obviously, there will be a lot going on.  There were some huge ladders (in terms of width, not just height) in the aisle. 

Everyone started brawling at the bell, with a lot of the combatants going to the floor almost immediately.  McIntyre was left alone in the ring, and as MVP tried to get a ladder in, McIntyre grabbed it and began climbing.  Matt Hardy stopped him, and along with Hardy and Bourne, knocked him out of the ring.  There was a race up the ladder, with several people trying to race up it.  Evan Bourne almost reached the case, but Kane pulled him down and tossed him from the ring onto Benjamin.  Hardy and Swagger climbed the ladder, but Kofi toppled it and sent them down.  Christian threw a ladder at Hardy and Swagger in a corner, then monkey flipped Kofi into the ladder.

Christian climbed a ladder, but Ziggler pulled him off with a Zig Zag.  Ziggler climbed a ladder, but MVP pulled him down.  MVP then climbed, but Kane stopped him and was setting for a chokeslam.  Benjamin and Kofi hit Kane with ladders.  MVP, Kofi and Benjamin worked on Kane, but Kane powerbombed Kofi into a ladder.  MVP kicked Kane from the ring.  Benjamin gave MVP Paydirt.  Shelton gave McIntyre a baseball slide kick as he tried to bring another ladder in the ring. Shelton climbed a ladder, but Swagger used another ladder to knock him down.  Swagger used a ladder to knock several people off the apron, until Bourne came off the top rope with a flying knee on Swagger.  

Bourne and Swagger fought under a ladder, while Matt Hardy and Christian got more ladders.  Swagger got sandwiched between ladders by Christian and Hardy.  Christian and Hardy bridged two ladders on the one that was standing and climbed up, where Bourne joined them.  Matt was knocked off, then Bourne kicked Christian off.  Bourne gave Christian Air Bourne off the ladder.  Bourne climbed up, but Matt met hum at the top,  Matt gave Bourne a hip toss off the top of the ladder. Swagger climbed up and shoved Hardy off the ladder onto the remaining ladder that was still bridged to the one that was set up. 

MVP and Benjamin cleared out the excess ladders, and both climbed the standing ladder.  Benjamin knocked MVP to the mat, but MVP got up and grabbed Benjamin for a powerbomb.  Benjamin turned it into a rana, and both men fell to the floor.  Kane wiped out MVP and Benjamin with a ladder on the floor.  Kane got in the ring and began climbing.  Dolph jumped in the ring and climbed over Kane to get ahead of him on the ladder.  Kane toppled the ladder to knock Dolph down, then threw a ladder at him, but Ziggler ducked it.  Kane punched Ziggler, then chokeslammed him on the ladder that Kofi was bringing in the ring.  Kane put Ziggler between the halves of a ladder and repeatedly slammed it closed on him.  Kane tore the ladder in half, but Kofi kicked him and sent him from the ring.  Kofi took the broken ladder, and used it like stilts to walk to the center of the ring.  Great spot. Kofi began climbing the halves, but McIntyre broke it up and sent Kofi from the ring. 

McIntyre grabbed a new ladder and climbed up.  Hardy got in and the two of them slugged it out near the top of the ladder.  McIntyre knocked him off, but Matt toppled the ladder and McIntyre got crotched on the top rope and fell to the floor.  Matt climbed the ladder, but Kane came in with another ladder. Matt kept kicked Kane back into the corner.  Christian got in, and rode one ladder out of the corner to land next to Hardy.  Christian and Hardy were now on top of two ladders, fighting it out.  Kane climbed up, but Hardy and Christian knocked him down.  Hardy teased a Twist Of Fate on Christian off the ladder, but Christian blocked it and gave Hardy a reverse DDT off the ladder.  Christian climbed the two ladders, with Jack Swagger toppling one of them, then climbing up the other to stop Christian.  Jack Swagger used the hanging briefcase to hit Christian and knocked Christian off the ladder.  Swagger, with a great deal of difficulty, unhooked the briefcase for the win at the 14-minute mark.

Winner: Jack Swagger.

Jerry Lawler noted that recently Swagger said if he won Money In The Bank, he might cash it in right here at Wrestlemania.

Coverage continued on the next page.

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