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By Buck Woodward on 2010-03-28 21:20:19

A video package on last night's Hall Of Fame ceremony was shown.  Howard Finkel was then shown in the ring, and introduced the Hall Of Fame Class of 2010, who all came out on the stage.  Stu Hart was represented by the Hart family, minus Bret.  Mad Dog Vachon mugged from his wheelchair, like he used to in his interviews.  He was accompanied by one Bella Twin, while the other escorted Gorgeous George's ex-wife, Betty Wagner.  Ted DiBiase was introduced last, to the biggest reaction. 

A video package on the events leading to Triple H vs. Sheamus was shown. When recapping Triple H's promo on Raw about how he was crushed at his first Wrestlemania, they showed clips of the Ultimate Warrior squashing him, followed by clips of Triple H's subsequent Wrestlemania matches. 

Triple H vs. Sheamus.

The announcers focused on this being Sheamus' first Wrestlemania during his entrance.  Triple H's entrance included a barrage of green laser lights. They opened the roof for Triple H's entrance, as he had pyro going off from the top of the lighting grid into the sky. 

They locked up at the bell, and Sheamus shoved Triple H in the corner and yelled "I'm the future" at Triple H.   They locked up again, and Triple H slapped Sheamus in a corner.  Triple H hit some right hands, then teased a Pedigree, but Sheamus crawled away quickly.  Triple H gestured that he almost had Sheamus.  Triple H hit a clothesline and a vertical suplex, then did a crotch chop before hitting a kneedrop.  Sheamus rolled from the ring, and Triple H followed, ramming him into the security wall.  Back in the ring, Triple H hit a chop block, then applied a figure four leglock, while the fans yelled "Whoo!" and Michael Cole mentioned Ric Flair being Triple H's mentor.  Sheamus made the ropes for a break, then rolled to the floor. 

Triple H went after him, and Sheamus managed to shove Triple H into the ringsteps.  Sheamus stretched out his leg, then went back after Triple H, ramming him into the security wall.  Back in the ring, Triple H threw a right hand, but Sheamus took it and came back with a uranage into a backbreaker.  Sheamus hit a second, then delivered a series of knees and kicks in the corner to a downed Triple H.  They slugged it out a bit, then Sheamus hit a double ax handle for a two count.  Sheamus delivered a knee to the back and an elbow to the head, then punched Triple H on the mat and got a two count.  Sheamus applied a crossface, and drove his knee into Triple H's back.  Sheamus hit an over-the-shoulder powerslam for a two count, then went into an armbar.  

Triple H got to his feet as Sheamus switched to a chinlock.  Triple H used a back suplex to escape, then booted Sheamus in the face twice as the latter charged at him.  Sheamus went for a slam, but Triple H floated over and hit a DDT.  They traded punches, with the crowd cheering for HHH's punches.  Triple H went for a backdrop, but Sheamus kicked it away.  Triple H responded with a jumping knee and a facebuster on the knee for a two count.  Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Sheamus tripped him.  Triple H kicked Sheamus away, and Sheamus slammed into a corner.  Triple H hit a reverse neckbreaker, then set up for a superplex.  Sheamus slid under it and went to pull Triple H off into a crucifix bomb.  Triple H slid out of it.  Sheamus went for a pump kick, but Triple H ducked it.  Triple H went for a Pedigree, but Sheamus backdropped out of it.  Sheamus hit the pump kick, but Triple H kicked out at two. 

There was a chant for Triple H.  Sheamus went for a powerbomb, but Triple H fought out of it and hit a spinebuster for a near fall.  Both men were slow to get up, and Sheamus went to the ring apron.  Sheamus punched Triple H as he went after him, and hit the pump kick while standing on the apron.  Sheamus collapsed into the ring, and was slow to get up.  Instead of going for a cover, Sheamus lifted up Triple H, who was dead weight.  Sheamus struggled, and as he pulled Triple H up, Triple H suddenly grabbed Sheamus and hit the Pedigree for the pin at the 12-minute mark.  Triple H was playing possum. 

Winner: Triple H.

A Slim Jim commercial was shown.  Well, they are the sponsor!

A video package on the events leading to CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio was shown. 

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio.  If Mysterio loses, he has to join Punk's Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk came out first, accompanied by Serena and Luke Gallows.  Punk had a mic, and ragged on the crowd for being "so hopped up on hallucinogenic drugs, they think Rey Mysterio is a superhero."  Punk said he is seen as a monster, but he is a savior, and he will save Rey Mysterio.  Punk said after he beats Mysterio, all of the fans will choose him as their savior. CM Punk had trunks designed with a logo similar to the old G.I. Joe comic book logo with his name on it.  Mysterio had an Avatar outfit this year, complete with braided hair coming off his mask. 

Luke and Serena teased coming into the ring almost immediately, distracting Rey and allowing Punk to attack him.  Rey countered by giving Punk a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles.  Rey went to the ropes, but Punk grabbed him and put him in a Tree of Woe.  Serena choked Rey while the referee wasn't looking.  Punk went for a baseball slide, but Rey sat up and Punk crotched himself on the ringpost.  Rey tried to kick Punk from the ring apron while Punk was on the floor, but Punk grabbed him and slammed Rey face first into the ring steps.  Rey crawled into the ring at the count of nine and Punk mauled him with punches for a two count. 

Punk put Rey in a sleeperhold, but Rey elbowed out and kicked Punk's leg.  Punk blocked a Mysterio leapfrog and tossed him to the apron.  Rey kicked Punk then hit a springboard senton.  Rey then went for a springboard bodypress, but Punk twisted it into a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Rey rolled through a sunset flip attempt, and went for a kick, but Punk ducked it.  Rey went for a rana, but Punk threw it away and hit a kick to Rey's head for a pair of two counts.  Punk got on top of Rey in a test of strength, but Rey got up, jumped onto the top rope, and flipped off into a nasty DDT for a two count.  Rey dropkicked Punk into 619, position, but Punk caught it and set up for the GTS.  Rey fought out of it, and went for a springboard moonsault, but Punk caught that and teased a GTS again.  Rey fought out of it and kicked Punk in the head.  Rey went to the top rope, and did the old Eddie Guerrero shimmy, but missed a frog splash.  Punk covered Rey for a two count. 

Punk hit a jumping knee in a corner, but Rey shoved off the attempted bulldog.  Punk kicked Rey and went for a powerbomb, but Rey armdragged out of it and set up Punk for a 619.  Serena covered Punk so Rey wouldn't do it, but Rey went to run the ropes anyway.  However, Gallows was standing on the opposite apron, so Rey stopped in his tracks.  Punk grabbed Rey from behind and went for a GTS, but Rey turned it into a rana, sending Punk into the midsection of Gallows, knocking him off the apron.  Rey nailed Punk with the 619 and then followed it with a springboard splash for the win at the seven minute mark. 

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

A video package on the events leading to Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon was shown. 

Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart in a No Holds Barred match.

Bret Hart entered first, wearing jean shorts, a Hitman T-shirt, and his trademark leather jacket and sunglasses.  Vince McMahon then came out in his usual wrestling gear, with a microphone.  Vince said that Bret was in "his ring" and in "his greatest creation" and that Bret was about to get a huge "screwing" tonight.  Vince said he went to great expense to bring in a whole punch of lumberjacks and a special referee.  Vince said "Bret screwed Bret" and "Vince screwed Bret" and now "Bret's entire family screwed Bret."  Out came the Hart Dynasty, in their gear, and the rest of the Hart family.  The Hart family then accompanied Vince to the ring.  The announcers speculated that Vince brought off the entire Hart Family. 

The Hart family surrounded the ring, and Vince entered.  Bruce Hart got in the ring, and took off his jacket and shirt to reveal a referee's shirt.  Bruce then hugged Vince while the Harts at ringside applauded.  Bret got on the mic and said he couldn't believe the whole family agreed to this.  Bret said "What's done is done" but is sure that since they were Harts, they all got paid up front and already cashed the checks.  Bret then revealed that one thing he learned from Montreal is how to have a good double-cross.  Bret revealed that the family came to him with Vince's plan, and that the family was stronger than ever.  Bruce hugged Bret, and Vince realized he was now surrounded by Harts. Bret punched Vince and slugged him to the mat.  Bret then choked Vince against the bottom rope.Vince was sent to the floor, and the Harts beat up on him, punctuated by Natalya slapping him.  Vince stumbled up the aisle, where the Hart Dynasty stomped him.  They worked over Vince, and David Hart Smith lifted up Vince on the floor.  Tyson Kidd jumped off the top rope and dove to the floor, hitting Vince with a Hart Attack clothesline. 

Vince was rolled into the ring, and Bret went to work on Vince's leg, dropping his weight on it.  Bret dropped a pair of elbows.  Vince rolled out of the ring again, and tried to crawl under the ring.  The Harts pulled up back out, but Vince had a crowbar.  Vince used the crowbar to keep the Harts at bay, and got back into the ring.  Vince got in the ring and tried to hit Bret with it, but Bret ducked it and knocked Vince down.  Bruce tossed the crowbar out of the ring.  Bret hit Vince with some elbows, and Tyson Kidd handed Bret the crowbar.  Bret hit Vince in the shoulder and back with it.  Bret yelled for Vince to get up, and as Vince did, Bret blasted him in the back with it.  Bret hit Vince in the throat with it, then drove it into his throat again. 

Bret grabbed Vince's legs, and the crowd came alive.  Bret started to apply the sharpshooter, then stopped.  Bret picked up the crowbar and hit Vince in the back with it a few more times.  Bret again teased the Sharpshooter, and instead kicked Vince in the nads.  Bret stomped on Vince's crotch a second time, and then stomped him repeatedly.  Bret just kept stomping Vince, and David Hart Smith slid a chair into the ring.  Bret Hart sat down in the chair and watched Vince struggling to crawl on the mat.  Bret pretended to look at his watch.  Vince managed to get up, and Bret rose up and picked up the chair.  Bret slammed Vince with a chair shot across the back, then a second.  Fans at ringside asked for one more, and Bret obliged them with a series of chairshots to the back and side.  The chair got bent from all the shots.  Striker speculated that it was "13 chairshots for thirteen years of frustration".  Bret drove the chair into Vince's legs, then blasted him with more chairshots.  

Bret grabbed Vince's legs, and slowly, applied the Sharpshooter to an ovation.  Vince McMahon tapped out immediately, and Bruce called for the bell at the eleven minute mark to end the mauling, er, match. It was just Vince getting beat up the whole time. 

Winner: Bret Hart. 

Bret Hart kept the Sharpshooter on for a little longer, then after he let it go, he stood on Vince's back as he walked around the ring.  The Hart Family came into the ring to celebrate with Bret.  

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