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By Buck Woodward on 2010-03-28 21:20:19

The events leading to the main event were shown. 

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in a no DQ, no countout match.  If Michaels loses, his career is over.

Shawn Michaels entered first wearing a new outfit, but it was his usual entrance. Undertaker came up through a lift on the stage floor, and was wearing a new sleeveless leather hooded robe. 

They stood face to face before the bell rang.  Shawn Michaels made a throat slashing gesture at Undertaker, angering him.  The bell rang and Undertaker charged.  Shawn dodged it and hit some chops.  Taker whipped Michaels into the corner and Michaels flipped upside down.  Undertaker hit Snake Eyes and a running boot to the face.  Undertaker hit an avalanche and went for the Old School rope walk, but Michaels kept blocking it.  Undertaker finally got to the top rope and hitting a shoulderblock, then hit the forearm.  Undertaker shook his leg, as if he had hurt it on the landing.  Undertaker went for a chokeslam, but Michaels kicked Taker's leg.  Undertaker was limping.  Undertaker threw some punches, then went for a tombstone, but Shawn wriggled out of it.

Shawn furiously punched Taker and tried for a crossface, but Taker fought it off.  Undertaker grabbed Shawn by the throat, but Shawn kicked his bad leg.  Shawn went for a superkick, but Underaker dodged it. Shawn, realizing Undertaker was favoring the leg, went after it, kicking it and putting Taker down in the corner.  Undertaker fought back with punches, but Shawn kicked at the leg again.  Undertaker clotheslines Shawn Michaels over the top rope and to the floor.  Undertaker teased a dive, but Shawn dove back into the ring and shoulderblocked Undertaker in the bad leg.  Michaels went for a spinning toe hold, but Undertaker kicked Shawn away and to the floor.  

Undertaker picked up Michaels and rammed him back first into the ringpost.  Undertaker put Shawn on the apron and delivered the apron legdrop.  Undertaker got back in the ring, still favoring the leg.  Shawn tripped Undertaker and quickly applied a figure four leglock.  Undertaker sat up in the hold, but Michaels increased the pressure.  Undertaker sat up again, and glared at Michaels, but Michaels kept the hold applied.  Undertaker was finally able to turn the hold over, and Michaels broke free from it.  

They got to their feet, and Michaels threw some chops, while Take responded with punches.  Michaels kicked at the leg and threw more chops, but Undertaker delivered some big punches.  Michaels hit a slew of chops, then a flying forearm.  Michaels did a kip up, and turned right into a chokeslam by the Undertaker.  Michaels kicked out at two.  Undertaker went for a tombstone, but Michaels wriggled free and grabbed Undertaker in an ankle lock.  Shawn added a leglace to the move,  Undertaker used his free leg to kick Michaels in the head twice and break the hold.  They got to their feet, and Michaels clotheslined Undertaker over the top rope and to the floor.  Michaels landed on the apron, and springboarded off the middle rope into a bodypress.  Undertaker caught Michaels and Michaels tried to escape his grip, but Undertaker turned him over and gave Michaels a tombstone piledriver on the floor. 

Shawn was down on the floor, and Undertaker slumped over the ring steps trying to recover.  A trainer came out to check on Michaels, and Taker threw him to the side.  Undertaker rolled Michaels into the ring and covered him, but Michaels kicked out at two.  Undertaker set up Shawn for a Last Ride, but Michaels turned it into a facebuster for a two count.  Michaels went to the top rope and went for the flying elbow, but Undertaker got his knees up, catching Shawn in the ribs.  Shawn and Undertaker were down, and as Shawn crawled towards Undertaker, Taker grabbed him in Hell's Gate.  Michaels flipped over it into a pinning position, forcing Undertaker to break the hold.  As they got up, Michaels hit Undertaker with a superkick.  Michaels covered Undertaker for a two count.  

Michaels got to his feet and began to stomp. He went for the superkick as Taker was on his knees, but Taker blocked it.  Undertaker grabbed Michaels leg, hit him in the gut, then planted him with the Last Ride powerbomb.  Undertaker covered Michaels, but HBK got his shoulder up just before the three count.  Undertaker threw Michaels to the floor, and pulled the cover off the announcers table and cleared if off.  Undertaker slapped his bad leg to get feeling back in it.  Undertaker set up Michaels for a powerbomb through the table, but Michaels floated over it and superkicked Undertaker, knocking Taker onto the cleared table. 

Shawn Michaels went to the top rope and moonsaulted to the floor, landing on Undertaker's legs and putting him through the table.  Undertaker grabbed his leg on the floor.  Michaels crawled over to the Undertaker and pushed him towards the ring.  Michaels managed to roll Undertaker into the ring.  Undertaker tried to stand up, but fell down.  Undertaker used the ropes and got to his feet, then turned and got blasted by another superkick.  

Michaels covered Undertaker, and Undertaker kicked out at 2.9999.

Michaels got to his feet, and measured Undertaker for one more superkick. Undertaker sidestepped it, and chokeslammed Michaels, then fell to the mat, clutching his leg. Undertaker lifted himself with the ropes, scooped Michaels off the mat and delivered a tombstone.  Undertaker crossed Michaels' arms over him... and Michaels kicked out. 

Undertaker shook his head in frustration.  Undertaker pulled himself up again, and moved towards Michaels.  Undertaker pulled the straps down and started to make the throat slashing gesture, then stopped.  Undertaker just looked down at Shawn, who was trying to pull himself up using Taker's body.  Undertaker told him to stay down.  Shawn looked up at Undertaker, made the throat slashing gesture at him and slapped him across the face.  Undertaker got enraged, grabbed Michaels and delivered a JUMPING TOMBSTONE.  Undertaker pinned Michaels at the 25-minute mark.  18-0. 

Winner: The Undertaker. 

They put up a graphic that said 18-0 and set off a ton of fireworks.  Undertaker posed in the ring, then they turned the lights back on.  Undertaker picked Shawn up off the mat, and offered him a handshake.  Undertaker and Shawn shook hands, then hugged.  Undertaker then rolled out of the ring, leaving Shawn alone.  The fans applauded and chanted "Thank You" at Shawn.  Shawn acknowledged the fans, then dropped to his knees in the middle of the ring and prayed.  Shawn then got up and headed down the aisle, shaking hands along the way.  Shawn said,"I'm gonna drive my kids nuts in 3 weeks" when someone asked him something.  The cameras followed Shawn all the way to the stage, where he acknowledged the fans again.  The announcers were quiet the whole time, until Jerry Lawler said "Shawn, it's over.  We'll miss you.  Goodbye." 

That ended the show. 

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