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By Mike Johnson on 2009-12-20 22:55:00
Welcome to's live coverage of TNA Final Resolution 2009 from Orlando, Florida.

TNA Tag Team champions The British Invasion vs. The Motor City Machineguns

Doug Williams and Chris Sabin started the bout with Sabin getting the better of him with several mat moves and takedowns.  Alex Shelley tagged in, as did Magnus.  They went back and forth with Shelley getting the better of him.  The fans chanted for the Guns.  Shelley came off the middle rope but was caught.  Magnus went for a suplex but Shelley escaped and grabbed a Fujiwara armbar.    The Guns focused on Magnus' midsection with kicks to the chest.  The Invasion ended up on the floor.  The Guns hit stereo bodypresses out of the ring to the floor.

Back in the ring, Williams caught Shelley in the back with a knee as he rebounded off the ropes.  Magnus took Shelley down.  Williams tagged in and scissored Shelley's head, beating him into the mat.  Shelley escaped and began making his comeback but was caught in the Gori Guerrero Especial.  Williams charged him backwards into the corner.  Shelley fought off Williams and hit a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.

Williams locked Shelley in a straightjacket hold.  Shelley made his way to his feet, reversed the move and slammed Williams down.  Magnus made his way around the ring on the floor and pulled Chris Sabin off the apron to the floor, preventing a tag.  Magnus worked over Shelley, who came back with a bodypress.  Magnus caught him and hit a Fall Away Slam.  Magnus came off the ropes but Shelley caught him with two knees.

Hot tag city.  Sabin takes out Magnus with a back elbow.  Sabin drilled Williams with a tornado DDT for a two count.  Shelley came off the top with a Ryder Kick to Magnus.   He then drilled him into the corner with an STO.  Shelley and Williams battled on the apron.  Shelley got the better of him and kicked him off the apron.  Sabin hit a dive to the floor on him.

Shelley peppered Magnus with a series of kicks, then sliced bread#2.  The fans thought that was three but Magnus kicked out at the last moment.  Shelley slammed Magnus and went to the top.  He went for a double stomp but Magnus rolled out of the way.  Williams caught him with an exploder.  Sabin dropkicked Williams but was caught with a clothesline by Magnus.  Everyone was down and out a the fans chanted for the Guns.

Shelley made his way to his feet and began beating him with forearms but was caught with a European uppercut.  Magnus went for a big boot but Shelley moved and Williams was nailed and knocked to the floor.  Sabin caught Magnus with an enziguiri.  The Guns hit stereo kicks on Magnus but Williams broke it up.  Sabin catches Williams with a high Ace Crusher.  Sabin holds Magnus for a hangman's neckbreaker as Shelley came off the ropes with a splash.  Even I was shocked Magnus kicked out of that one.

The Guns set up for a super Sliced Bread #2 but Williams shoved Shelley off the top to the floor.  The Invasion nailed a powerbomb on Sabin with Williams hitting the European uppercut on Sabin as he was bombed off the top rope for the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions, The British Invasion!

One hell of a fun opener.  This was good stuff from bell to bell.  Magnus has to be one of the most improved wrestlers of 2009.

Some Notes: They have a lot of yellow Hulk Hogan shirts in the Arena, including right across from the hard camera...I popped for the Kermit the Frog color green ropes in honor of X-Mas.

Mike Tenay and Taz, in their new announcing position, talked about how important 2010 is going to be for TNA and pushed the 1/4 Impact special and Hulk Hogan debut.  They discussed the PPV card.

TNA Knockouts champion ODB vs. Tara

ODB tried to kick Tara before the bell but was caught.  Tara began firing away on her.  ODB charged Tara in the corner but was caught by the Tarantula.  Tara nailed a slingshot legdrop into the ring.  Tara attempted a powerbomb but ODB was too heavy and escaped.  Tara nailed her with a forearm and whipped her into the corner.  ODB leapt up and over, then nailed her with a knee.  She threw Tara into the corner.  ODB hit a shoulderbreaker on Tara and scored a two count.

ODB teased a Brocno Buster but stopped and kicked Tara in the chest instead.  She began tearing at Tara's face, pulling her through the ropes.  ODB nailed an inverted DDT.  ODB was working a more aggressive styles than usual.  Tara tried to fire back but was taken down.  ODB nailed a Fall Away Slam.  She covered Tara for a two count. 

Tara began kicking ODB away.  She nailed a series of rights but was caught with a kick to the gut.  ODB went to the middle rope but missed a dive.  Tara, favoring her shoulder, nailed several left hands.   Tara nailed a nasty flapjack.  She nailed a snap suplex and then a standing moonsault press for a two count. 

Tara went for Widow's Peak.  ODB avoided it and went for a TKO but Tara turned it into a sunset flip and held her down for a three count.

Your winner and new TNA Knockouts champ Tara!

Christy Hemme came out to interview Tara.  She said she couldn't believe it and was thankful for all the fans.  She said she thought the peak of her career was beating Kong in the Cage but this was what it was all about.  She sounded like she might break down.  They showed an angry ODB watching from the ring. 

They aired a promo for the 1/4 Impact special.

Feast or Fired Battle Royal

The match featured Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Jay Lethal, Consequence Creed, Kiyoshi, Rob Terry, Cody Deaner, Sheik Abdul Bashir, Beer Money Inc., Homicide, Eric Young.

Creed pointed out his mom and dad as he walked around ringside.  Nash had a new valet named Brittney, who they said won Nash's forgotten valet contest.  Everyone started brawling.  Due to the nature of the bout, a play by play is useless, so I'll only note major occurrences.

They noted a rumor that Young told the other members of World Elite not to go for any of the briefcases but Bashir was trying to get one.  Deaner fought him off.  Taz admitted Deaner had been off the radar in TNA of late. 

The fans were really behind Samoa Joe as Joe beat down Young outside the ring.  Lethal Consequences worked over Homicide with their double team maneuvers. 

Davari and Deaner battled over a case, which fell to the floor.  Deaner grabbed it but Daivari pulled it free and nailed him with it.  Bashir was announced as the recipient of the first case.

Rob Terry grabbed a second case.  Eric Young looked upset.  Kevin Nash and the others surrounded Terry.  Beer Money hit the ring and jumped them.  Beer Money nailed Young with a double suplex.    Homicide came off the top but was caught by Roode and catapulted into a Storm DDT.

Nash took out Beer Money and retrieved a third briefcase.

Lethal Consequences battled with Samoa Joe.  Creed hit a missile dropkick on Joe.  Roode took out Creed.  Young piledrove Roode.  Lethal went to the top for the last case but Homicide leapt to the top rope and nailed an Ace Cutter off the top rope.    Deaner went to get the case but was kicked to the floor by Joe.

Samoa Joe retrieved the last case.

So, the winners are:





Jeremy Borash came to ringside and said we will find out right now who won what prizes in a few minutes.

Christy Hemme interviewed Kurt Angle and TNA champ AJ Styles.  Hemme said that Desmond Wolfe claimed he's going to end Angle's career.  Angle said Wolfe has his head up his a** and he won't be ending his career when Angle has so much unfinished business to attend to.  Styles commented that Angle was real subtle and said Angle will get his shot and get it soon.  There's your tease for 1/4.  Styles said that tonight he was going to finish off Daniels and then, he'll take care of his unfinished business.

They played dramatic music as Jeremy Borash opened the first briefcase for Kevin Nash.  Nash won a TNA Tag Team championship shot.

Samoa Joe was next.  He wins a TNA championship shot.  Joe vs. AJ sounds good to me.  Joe looked at the camera and said, "I told you!" and looked intense, before he leaves.

They opened the final two briefcases at the same time.  Bashir had a big smile on his face.  Rob Terry won an X-Division championship shot.  Bashir was fired.  Bashir was pissed and threw both cases down.  Borash wishes him the best in his future endeavors.  Tazz claimed it wasn't part of the show.

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