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By Mike Johnson on 2009-12-20 22:55:00
Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle - Three Degrees of Pain.

The first fall can only be won via pinfall.  The second fall can only be won by submission.  The third fall can only be won by escaping the Six Sides of Steel.  They have one hell of a match to live up to from last month and while I personally wish it wasn't in a cage, I am looking forward to this one.


 If you use the cage in the first two falls, you are DQ'd.  Then why have it?   Things like this are what drive people crazy about TNA.  It would have been better if they said nothing and they explained the competitors were trying to show the other who the better wrestler was.

Wolfe and Angle went back and forth with some mat work early  Wolfe locked in a hammerlock but Angle escaped, took him down and floated over into a front facework.  Wolfe countered, locking in a half nelson.  Angle made his way to his feet and used a single leg takedown.  He scissored Wolfe's leg and grapevined the ankle.  They continued to go back and forth with some nicely executed counters.

Wolfe nailed Angle with an European uppercut and covered him unsuccessfully.  Wolfe tried to force Angle's shoulders to the mat but was unable to get him down.  Wolfe misses a knee, allowing an opening for Angle to maul him in the corner.  Angle used a headlock takedown for a near fall.   Wolfe took control on the mat and received several near falls.  Angle catches Wolfe with a powerbomb into the turnbuckles.

Angle nailed Wolfe with a sunset flip.  Wolfe went right back to the arm he had been working on during the matwork sequences.    Angle made a comeback, whipping him into the corner and nailing a belly to belly suplex.  Angle had a trickle of blood from somewhere on his head. Wolfe  nailed a flying hammerlock on Angle.  Wolfe went for the jawbreaker lariat but Angle avoided and caught him with a series of German suplexes. 

Angle went to the top rope but Wolfe dove at him.  Wolfe nailed him with the Tower of London but Angle kicked out at the last second.  Wolfe went for a lariat but Angle ducked and rolled him up for a two count.  Wolfe went for another Tower of London but Angle escaped and hit the Angleslam for a two count.  Angle was selling his right arm.  He went to the top rope but missed a moonsault into the ring.

Wolfe rebounded off the ropes with a lariat, then sets up Angle for the Tower of London.  He drives Angle into the mat and covers him for a three count.

Winner of the first fall, Desmond Wolfe!


They went right into it with Wolfe working on Angle's arm while tying him up in European submissions.  Angle rolled through and locked in a figure four leglock.  Wolfe made it to the ropes and focused on Angle's arm again, forcing him to the mat.  Angle tried to go for the Angleslam but Wolfe turned it around and rode him to the mat again.  The announcers noted that every time Angle seemed to get it going, Wolfe had his number. 

Angle finally caught Wolfe in the middle with an anklelock  but Wolfe rolled through and turned it into a figure four scissoring Angle's arm into a hammerlock.  Angle was aboe to escape and get back to the anklelock.  Wolfe teased tapping but was able to cinch on a Kimura while scissoring his legs.   He turned it into a London Dungeon.  They continued to reverse submissions attempts.  This is great.

Wolfe used his legs to lock a choke on Angle, but Angle slipped out and went back to the anklelock.  He scissored Wolfe's leg with his own to prevent him from pulling himself to the ropes.  Wolfe finally relented and tapped.


Angle slammed Wolfe into the cage.  He began climbing the cage, although his arm was hurting.  Wolfe leaped after him and cut Angle off.  He slammed Angle into the cage several times and then superplexed him back into the ring.  Wolfe tried to escape.  Angle followed him but Wolfe beat him down.  Angle leapt into the corner and superplexed Wolfe up and over back into the ring, tossing him clear across.

Wolfe headbutt Angle in the gut.  He went to whip Angle into the cage but Angle reversed it.  Wolfe hit the cage and was busted open.  Angle clotheslined Wolfe.    Angle went to the top rope and came off for a splash but Wolfe lifted a leg.  Angle was hit in his bad arm but Wolfe used his bad leg and immediately grabbed at his ankle screaming. 

The referee opened the cage door as Wolfe dragged himself to it.  Angle went after Wolfe, who pulled the cage towards himself, nailing Angle.  Wolfe almost got all the way out but Angle locked on the anklelock and pulled him to the center.  Angle held onto the hold even though he couldn't win via submission.  Wolfe screamed and was out in the middle of the ring from the pain of the hold and the loss of blood.

Angle began climbing the cage with one arm.  As Angle made it to the top, Wolfe realized where he was, saw Angle and pulled himself to the door.  Just as he made it out the door, Angle dropped to the floor and emerged the winner.

Your winner, Kurt Angle!

This wasn't an instant classic like last month, but this was one hell of a great match, especially the first two falls.  The back and forth mat work and submission reversals were a thing of beauty.  I loved the hell out of this.

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