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By Mike Johnson on 2009-12-20 22:55:00

TNA champion AJ Styles vs. Daniels

They put over the masked attacker during the video before the match, so perhaps we'll be seeing that person revealed today. 

They jawed at each other during the announcements and Slick Johnson displaying the title belt.  They locked up and fought they way around the ring with neither man getting the advantage.  Styles finally got Daniels in the corner.  He broke clean but Daniels slapped him in the face.  They wound up in another corner. Styles broke and went to strike him but the referee held him back.  Daniels went right after him and cinched in a wristlock.  Styles tried to kip up but Daniels dropped his weight down, having scouting Styles.

Daniels rode Styles on the mat, but Daniels reversed.  They had some nice sequences of counter-wrestling.  Styles shoulderblocks Daniels down but Daniels rolled through and took down Styles' legs.  He worked on Styles' shoulder.    Styles came back to hit a major dropkick on Daniels.  He chopped Daniels in the corner, snapmared him into the ring and kicked him in the back.  Styles began kicking away at Daniels in the corner.

Daniels used a single leg takedown to try and break the momentum.  He charged but Styles caught him with a head scissors and snapped him over.   Daniels went to the floor, where Styles dove over the ropes to the floor.  Daniels was rolled back in and hit with a discus clothesline.  He cinched in a rear chinlock on Daniels.  Daniels broke free, used a Liger palm thrust and hit a monkey flip into the corner on Styles.

Daniels dumped Styles out of the ring, where he landed on his head.  Daniels began setting up chairs in the aisle.  He sat Styles in one and attempted to use a chair.  The referee grabbed it away and argued with Daniels.  As the referee returned the chair, Daniels grabbed Styles and nailed an uranage into the second chair.  Daniels tossed Styles into the ring for a two count.

Daniels worked over Styles, who came back with a flying head scissors.  Styles used several forearms.  He went to jump onto the turnbuckles but Daniels nailed him in mid-leap.  He draped Styles backwards over the top rope.  He leaped down, back suplexing Styles and dropped him back-first across the top rope and turnbuckle.  That was nasty.  Daniels began focusing his attack on Styles' back.  He slammed Styles and cinched in a crossface, stretching Styles backwards.

Daniels went for a back flip off the ropes but Styles evaded him and nailed a back suplex. Both men were out as the crowd rallied them.  Styles peppered Daniels with shots from both hands.  He caught Daniels with a spinkick.  Styles charged and was elevated over the top to the apron.  Daniels nailed Styles to the floor.  Daniels went for a slingshot over the ropes into a hurancanrana, but Styles instead powerbombed him on the floor.  Styles worked over Daniels on the floor.  Daniels had a knot on his head, apparently from the powerbomb.

When they returned to the ring, Daniels backed off.  Daniels tried to kick him but Styles caught it and slammed him.  Styles nailed a backbreaker out of a Fireman's Carry.  Styles hit his springboard into an inverted DDT for a two count.  Styles charged at Daniels who elevated him and crotched him across the top rope.  Daniels stood on the middle of the ring ropes and suplexed the dazed Styles into the ring for a two count.

Daniels and Styles battled on the top rope.  Daniels nailed a top rope hurancanrana, then hit a shining wizard for a two count.  They showed the swelling knot on Daniels' head.   They battled back and forth and Styles nailed a brainbuster.  Styles hit the springboard forearm into the ring for a two count.  Styles hit the Pele Kick.  He went for the Styles Clash but Daniels broke free.  Daniels used a palm thrust.  Styles grabbed a waistlock for a German suplex.  Daniels grabbed the ref and then thumbed Styles' eyes.  He nailed an uranage and then the Best Moonsault Ever for a two count.

Styles came back with a catapult into the corner, then nailed the Styles Clash for a near fall.  Styles went to the top rope but Daniels cut him off and nailed a right hand.  Daniels went to the top but Styles nailed him and hit a Styles Clash off the ropes and scored the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion AJ Styles!

Excellent back and forth match.  Daniels was brought up to a new level here with his performance.  Styles and Daniels had a great competitive match. 

Styles held his title over Daniels' head.  He went to the corner and told the camera, "Come and get me.  That's why I'm the TNA World champion."  TNA celebrated his victory as the PPV went off the air.

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