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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-15 20:12:18
TNA Turning Point opened with a video feature on the changes of late in TNA, focusing on Hulk Hogan signing on with the company, the TNA championship bout tonight and Dixie Carter's recent meeting with the TNA talent.

TNA X-Division champ THE AMAZING RED (with Don West) vs. HOMICIDE

Homicide began poking Red in the chest, but Red wasn't having any of that.  Red leapfrogged over him and nailed an armdrag.  Homicide went to the floor and shoved West as he passed him.  Red kicked Homicide through the ropes.    Back in the ring, Red nailed a high cross bodyblock for a two count.  He went for a monkey flip, but Homicide landed on his feet.  Red nailed a head scissors but was nailed with a lariat.

Homicide bit Red on the ear and went for a belly to back suplex.  Red landed on his feet and nailed a series of strikes and a clothesline to the legs for a two count.  Red went to the the top and went for a senton splash, but Homicide moved.  Red averted his dive and rolled through, but Homicide caught him with a backbreaker.  Homicide began ripping at Red's face in the ropes.

Homicide beat on Red as Don West began rallying the champ.  Homicide nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.  The crowd began chanting for Red.  Red began mounting a comeback with a series of rights, but Homicide caught him with a thrust to the throat.  He tied Red up on the mat with a submission but Red refused to tap out.  Homicide thought Red tapped out and argued with the referee.  Red made his way to his feet in the corner but Homicide bit him on the face.

Homicide continued beating Red in the corner.  Red went to the top rope, but Homicide choked him and slapped him.   Homicide was shoved off the ropes.  Red came off with a Lucha style armdrag, dropkicked him in the corner, then flipped around into a DDT for a two count.

Red came off the ropes with a twisting DDT for a two count.  The fans chanted, "That was three."  Red began nailing several kicks but was caught with a Dragon Screw Legwhip.  Homicide nailed the Bronx Bomber for a two count.  Homicide went for the Gringo Killer but Red evaded it.  Red missed a kick.  Homicide caught him with a catapult into the corner.  Homicide missed a charge and Red nailed a standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Red hit a big standing moonsault but Homicide nailed an Ace Crusher during the rotation for another two count.  Homicide set Red up for a top rope hurancanrana but was shoved off.  Red hit the Code Red and scored the pin.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, The Amazing Red!

Solid opener with some good back and forth action. Really fun way to kick off the show.

Taz and Mike Tenay discussed some of the other matches for tonight's card, including Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle.  Taz put over Wolfe for being able to play mind games with Kurt Angle.  They discussed the TNA title match and discussed how Samoa Joe has been manipulating his opponents of late.

TNA Knockouts champ ODB & TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions SARITA & TAYLOR WILDE vs. THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - Both titles on the line

The titles will only change hand if a champion is pinned and if so, only that title, so ODB can't lose her title if Sarita is pinned, etc.

Velvet Sky and ODB opened the match.  ODB caught her with a headbutt low early but Sky moved her into the BP's corner.  Madison worked over ODB but lost the momentum.  Sarita tagged in and schoolgirled her, then attempted a bridge for a near fall.   Sarita worked her over with some technical wrestling, then hit a dropkick.  She tagged in Wilde.  Lacey tagged in and clotheslined her.  Rayne caught Wilde with a front facelock, then a neckbreaker. 

The BP double-teamed Wilde.  Sky began peppering her with right hands.  She snapmared Wilde over then kicked her in the back.  Sky followed up with a dropkick to the face.  The BP choked Wilde in their corner.  Von Erich tagged in and choked Sky with her boot.  The crowd chanted, "You can't wrestle."    Sky locked on an Octopus on Wilde.  They actually pulled out an Antonio Inoki reference during that move.

Wilde finally made the hot tag to ODB.  ODB clotheslined everyone and their mother.  ODB caught Sky's attempted bodypress and nailed a Fall Away Slam for a two count.  Von Erich broke up the pin.  Pandemonium broke out.  Lacey tossed Sarita out of the ring.  Wilde was tossed as well, leaving ODB in a three on one situation.  ODB kicked Von Erich and laid out Rayne and Sky.  ODB scored the pin on Rayne with the TKO.

Your winners and still Knockouts champions, ODB, Taylor Wilde & Sarita!

OK match.  This probably the best Velvet Sky has looked as she worked the lion's share of the bout.  They laid this out to the best they of their ability.  The crowd was merciless on Von Erich, and they wisely kept her out of the ring except for specific spots.  It was obvious watching this that Sarita was far and away the best out of the six. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed Desmond Wolfe.  Borash said Wolfe's impact has been great.  Wolfe said it started with a simple handshake and ended it with a closed fist.  He promised that Kurt Angle will never forget his name again.  He said that he would devour whatever was left of Kurt Angle after the last four weeks.  He said he was a gracious and accommodating fellow.  He said he's been studying Angle since day one and he knows Angle better than he knows himself.  Angle, however, knows nothing about Wolfe.  He said tonight Wolfe 101 was in session and he would end Angle's career.  Real good serious promo.  One thing that sets Wolfe apart is that he's convincing as a heel in that you can buy he's a jerk as opposed to playing a role.


Lots of back and forth wrestling early involving all three teams.  Alex Shelley caught Roode with a series of deep armdrags.  The story early was the Invasion were letting the other two teams beat each other down but at the same time, wanted to make sure they didn't lose the belts.  The Guns worked over Roode with a number of tag moves.  Sabin used several strikes but Roode came back with a running forearm. 

Williams blind tagged in but was rolled up by Sabin for a two count.  Williams and Sabin had a beautiful series of counters, ending with Sabin drilling Williams with a kick to the face.  The Guns doubled on Williams with stereo kicks.  Shelley used his knee as the base for a surfboard style submission.  He legdropped Williams for a two count.   Sabin tagged in and leapfrogged over Shelley, coming down on Williams' arm.

Magnus was able to tag in and used several right hands on Sabin in the corner.  The Invasion used a wrap around necktie for a two count.  The crowd began chanting USA to rally Sabin.  Storm blind tagged himself in and scored a uranage into a backbreaker over the knee on Magnus.  Beer Money nailed Williams with a suplex.    They hang Williams in the corner and whip Magnus into him.  The Guns then pull Magnus' legs, crotching him into Williams' face. 

The Guns and Money worked over The Invasion in the corner with a series of hard hitting moves.  Sabin came off the top with a splash as Shelley nailed a neckbreaker.  Sabin went for a slingshot off the ropes but was shoved to the floor.  The Invasion took out Shelley as well.  Beer Money jumped right in and nailed a catapult DDT on Williams, then the DWI.   Magnus broke up the pin at two.

Outside, TNA Global champ Eric Young pulled Storm off the apron.  The Invasion rolled up Roode and hooked the tights for a two count.  Earl Hebner threw Young out of ringside.  Young refused to leave, so Kevin Nash came out and snatched the former TNA Legends title belt from him.  James Storm went to grab Young but Nash drilled Storm with the title belt.  Young seemed as shocked as anyone.

Roode went for a tag but Storm was out on the floor.  He was caught with a double team clothesline by the Invasion and pinned.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champions The British Invasion!

There was a lot going on here, but at times, the action was real good.  There was probably no real reason for The Guns to be in here, given that the match was a backdrop for the Eric Young and Kevin Nash interference to lead to the finish but everything they did looked great.  British Invasion have to be the most underrated team in the business right now.   The Nash-Young mystery begins. They really need a hell of an explanation to that one given the fact that Young just beat him for the title.

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