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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-15 20:12:18
Taz and Mike Tenay wondered what Kevin Nash's motives might have been.

They showed footage of Impact this past Thursday with Raven throwing a fireball in Mick Foley's face.  Mike Tenay said that while doctors have told Foley to stay away from TNA while he's recovering, Foley has promised to be at the Impact Zone this Thursday. 

They noted they've got Kevin Nash.  Jeremy Borash said everyone was confused and asked him, "What the hell was that?"  Nash said that he does everything for a reason.  Nash said that he was told to do it by Hulk Hogan.  Nash said that's all he has to say.  He said that if Hogan tells him to explain to the world why he did it, then he'll tell everyone on Thursday.  If not, then he won't.  He gave Hogan a shout out and lifted the belt, saying, "Hulk, we did it!"

AWESOME KONG vs. TARA - Six Sides of Steel

They begin slugging out in the ring.    Kong missed an Earthquake splash.  Tara grabs Kong's hand and begins slamming it into the cage after Kong misses a spinning back fist.  Tara climbs the cage but Kong comes from behind and slams her backwards with the Electric Chair. 

Kong goes to the top rope.  Tara follows but is shoved off.  Kong nails a missile dropkick off the top - yes, KONG.  Tara kicked out at two.  Kong slammed her into the turnbuckles.  Kong braced her against the cage face-first and charged her into the cage.  Kong grabbed Tara's legs and swung her into the cage.  Kong used her boot to smother Tara against the cage.  So far, so good.

Kong began unleashing a number of chops, then flung Tara across the ring.  Kong suplexed Tara into the cage, bounces her off and dropped her facefirst on the mat.  The fans began dueling chants.  Kong tried for another but Tara turned it into a DDT.  Kong went for the Implant Buster but Tara escaped and began unloading with a series of rights.

Tara dragged Kong around the six sides of the cage, slamming Kong's head into it.  She dropkicked Kong.  Tara nailed a standing moonsault press for a two count.  Tara began scaling the cage as Kong followed.    They battled while standing on the top rope.  Both slipped and crotched themselves, then continued exchanging punches. 

They continued battling and Tara powerbombed Kong off the ropes.  Awesome.  Kong kicked out.  Tara got the better of her, went to the top and hit a flying bodypress off the top of the cage for the pin.  Great stuff!

Your winner, Tara!

One hell of a match.  This would have been considered a good cage match for anyone. 

Lauren interviewed Tara afterwards.  Tara was nearly in tears as she said he promised to beat the best female wrestler of all time, Kong and did it.  She said she was coming after ODB and was going to become the next TNA Knockouts champion.

They aired a good video feature on Hulk Hogan's partnership with TNA President Dixie Carter.  Mike Tenay said there are a lot of questions left to be answered, including Hogan's role in the company.


Whatever happened to Dinero's feud with Suicide?  Hell, after that bump last month at Bound for Glory, where is Suicide?  Didn't they start a program where Homicide knew his identity?

Devon and Hernandez started off with Hernandez getting the better of a shoulderblock exchange.  Dinero tagged himself in, missed a clothesline and scored with several kicks and a shoulderblock.  Ray tagged in.  He and Pope went back and forth.  Ray shoved him down.  Dinero took him down with a killer double leg takedown. 

Ray retreated to the floor to kill his momentum.  They locked up and Ray attacked his back.  Ray began slapping and chopping Dinero.  Ray did his clubbering routine but Dinero cut him off and drilled him with his own version.  Dinero is showing a ton of fire.  Ray cut him off with a sit down Bubbabomb.

Rhino tagged in and whipped Dinero into the corner.  Morgan was able to tag in.  Morgan got the better of their exchange.  He clotheslined Rhino in the corner.    Rhino missed a punting kick and was chopped down.  Morgan missed a charge in the corner.  Rhino goes for his own charge but is drilled with a discus clothesline.  3D hit the ring to break up the pin.  3D went to drill Hernandez with 3D but Dinero shoulderblocked him to get him out of the way.  3D attacked him instead but whether Hernandez realized what Dinero was doing wasn't obvious as he threw up his arms.

3D worked over Dinero.  Rhino tagged in and continued the beating.  Rhino choked Dinero against the ropes.  Ray locked on a bear hug.  Ray hit a back bodydrop on Dinero, then knocked Morgan and Hernandez off the apron.  3D and Rhino continued working over Dinero.  Devon splashed him but Dinero got his shoulder up.  Devon cinched in a rear chinlock on Dinero, who eventually made his way to his feet.  He attempted a schoolboy for a two count.  He went for a tag but went to the wrong corner and Devon cut him off.

Rhino tagged in as the fans chanted that her sucked.  They brought Dinero into their corner.  Dinero was tossed to the floor where Ray dropped an elbow on him.  Bubba went for a senton back splash but Dinero moved.    He made the hot tag to Morgan, who cleaned Rhino's clock.  3D backed off rather than get involved.    Morgan hit the series of back elbows and a running splash in the corner for a two count.  Devon interfered.  Morgan nailed a double clothesline on Devon and Rhino.

Hernandez tagged in and nailed all three with lariats.  He picked up and slammed Ray, then scored a two count on Rhino.    Hernandez hit a huge running dive over the top rope onto Rhino and 3D on the floor.    He tossed Rhino back into the ring and scaled the top rope.  He nailed a big splash for a two count.  Everyone began hitting big moves.  Dinero powerbombed Rhino out of the corner.  Hernandez hit an elbow for a two count.  Ray grabbed Dinero and crotched him in the corner.  Hernandez went for the Border Toss but Devon nailed him in the chest with a chair.  Rhino gored Hernandez and pinned him.

Your winners, Rhino & Team 3D!

Some good spots here, particularly with Dinero, who was the standout here.  I was surprised they didn't go for the all out brawl here but they laid out a good match.  Rhino really needed the win here given how he's been used in recent months, so I thought that was the right call as well.

Lauren interviewed Scott Steiner.  She claimed he was stalking Bobby Lashley's wife in recent weeks, so TNA has made it a Falls Count Anywhere No DQ match.  Steiner claimed he was trying to be Lashley's friend by telling him his wife is in love with a better man.  He said Lashley's muscles were all show and no go.  Steiner said that since Kristal knows he beat Wilt Chamberlin's record, she knows he can go and wants Steiner to "bust her out."   Steiner said he was going to cover Bobby Lashley for the win, then cover Kristal later and make her a "big winner."  I guess now we knows why the 3D six man wasn't a brawl!  Usual good Steiner promo.

SCOTT STEINER vs. BOBBY LASHLEY - No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match

Lashley looked furious, but still posed for his pyro.  I hate when wrestlers do that.  They brawled into the crowd immediately.  Lashley tossed Steiner into the crowd near the announcers.  Lashley nailed him with a weak chair shot, then tossed him back into the ring.  He began kicking and punching Steiner in the corner. 

Lashley whipped him into the corner and shoulderblocked him.   Lashley nailed a suplex for a two count.  Lashley nailed a spinebuster and charged him but Steiner got his boot up.  Steiner was still caught with a T-Bone suplex for a two count.  Lashley nailed a running clothesline, sending Steiner over the top to the floor.

Lashley followed Steiner to the floor, but was kicked low.  Steiner covered him for a two count on the floor after another low blow.  Lashley's head was slammed into the guard rail.  Steiner hit him with a chair across the back for another two count.  Steiner brought him back into the ring and nailed a belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Steiner drilled him with another overhead release suplex, then another for a two count.

Steiner placed Lashley on the top rope and hit the top rope frankensteiner.  He slammed Lashley and went to the top.  Lashey caught him with a slam, then press and dropped him over the ropes.  Steiner went to the floor in a scary moment.  Lashley followed him to the floor and slammed him into the apron.  They made their way to the announcer's table.  Steiner was drilled with another chair as they made their way backstage.

The cameras followed Lashley stalking Steiner backstage and then they lost the shot.  When they returned, Steiner was bloody.  Lashley nailed him with a trash can and tossed him into a guard rail by :"the TV Production area."  Lashley cleaned a table and suplexed Steiner through it for a two count.

Lashley grabbed a 2x4.  Taz yellled, "Hooo!"  Lashley drilled Steiner with it twice.  Lashley went for a spear but Steiner moved and Lashley crashed into a wooden pallet.  Steiner began choking Steiner with an electrical cord.  Steiner covered Lashley, who kicked up at two.

Steiner returned to the Impact Zone.  Lashley made his way to his feet and returned.  They made their way towards the Spanish announcing team.  Steiner kicked Lashley off the stairs, then pulled a metal rod from the scaffolding behind the announcers.  He drilled Lashley in the head with it and scored the pin.

Your winner, Scott Steiner!

Good brawl.  Both worked really hard here.  There were some scary moments but I thought this was worlds better than anyone expected it to be going out there.  The added stips helped them a lot, but there were some good suplexes here and it was a lot more competitive than I'd have guessed.  Lashley losing clean was a minor surprise.

Lashley made his way to his feet and looked furious about the loss.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle.  Angle said Desmond Wolfe is trying to act under prison rules - by taking out the biggest badass in the yard, you make your reputation.  Angle said that Wolfe wanted him and now he's got him.  He said he doesn't need to know Wolfe to beat him.  He said that he's going to beat him and he's the best wrestler in the world.  Angle had a nice, serious intensity, as opposed to a scripted delivery.

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