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By Mike Johnson on 2009-11-15 20:12:18

This will be Wolfe's first-ever live PPV appearance, as his ROH bouts were on taped PPVs. 

They had some awesome technical mat wrestling early.  Angle caught him with a pair of hiptosses and locked in a top wristlock.  Wolfe made his way to his feet and locked in a keylock while cranking Angle's neckbreak.    Wolfe maneuvered Angle into a corner, then kicked his arm.  Wolfe continued to work on Angle's wrist and arm.  Taz did a good job explaining that would hinder Angle's grip during moves including suplexes.

Angle caught Wolfe with a slam and then drilled an over the knee backbreaker.  Angle drilled him with a European forearm and shoulderblock in the corner.  Wolfe began nailing Angle with a series of suplexes, using the arm as a focal point to continue the strategy.

Angle went for a sunset flip but Wolfe attacked the arm to escape it.  Wolfe began using European style matwork and submissions.  This is awesome.  Taz said it was like watching Billy Robinson.  Taz is awesome.  Wolfe charged Angle into the corner and drilled him with a European uppercut upon impact.

Wolfe went to charge out of the corner but Angle caught him with a belly to belly suplex.  Angle lariated Wolfe with a series of clotheslines.  Angle nailed a flying forearm off the ropes.  Wolfe continued with several headbutts but Angle ducked a clothesline and began hitting a series of six German suplexes.  The audience chanted, "TNA."

Angle went for the Angleslam but Wolfe countered with the jawbreaker lariat for a two count.  Wolfe set up Angle for the  Tower of London but Angle escaped and rolled him up for a two count.  Wolfe yanked Angle's bad arm then locked on a keylock while on Angle's back.  Angle escaped and locked in the anklelock.  Wolfe thought about tapping but reversed it, cinching Angle in a figure four hammerlock.  Angle escaped and it was back to the anklelock in the center.  He pulls himself to the center as Wolfe gets to the ropes.  Wolfe finally gets back to the ropes.

The fans are chanting "This is awesome" and it sure as hell is. 

Wolfe drills Angle down.  Wolfe drills the Tower of London for a two count.  Wolfe is shocked Angle kicked out.  Wolfe went for the jawbreaker lariat but Angle clotheslined him first.  Angle went for a standing moonsault off the top rope but Wolfe escaped and went back to the London Dungeon. 

They battled their way to to top and exchanged headbutts.  Angle got the better and hit a frog splash off the top onto Wolfe for a two count.    Angle went for a tombstone.  Wolfe reversed but before he could snap it, Angle grabbed the anklelock.  Wolfe kicked him off but Angle grabbed it.  Angle went into a side triangle choke and Wolfe finally tapped.

Absolutely f***ing awesome.  There is no other way to describe that match.  It was so good, I wish I had been there.  The announcers did a beautiful job building Wolfe in the commentary as someone who had all the answers to everything Angle had to show, since he had studied him so hard.  Easily the best match on the card so far and well worth the price of the PPV.

As he left, Wolfe warned Angle he hasn't seen the last of Desmond.  I certainly hope not.  TNA made a star tonight.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Samoa Joe.  He said all the manipulation being Joe's fault was a false perception.  Joe said he only shined the light on the truth that was already there.  He said when you put your faith into someone else, you end up getting screwed.  Joe said that it's all inconsequential because no one has beaten them more than him and no one has sent them to the hospital more than him.  He said that tonight, he only has to beat one of them, and that's exactly what he's going to do.  Good promo.  It's so good to see this version of Samoa Joe back.  I hope we never see the Nation of Violence era version again.


Daniels punched Styles right in the face at the bell.  Joe and Daniels went at it.  Styles clubbed both with right hands, then shoulderblocked Joe in the corner.    Styles hit a flying forearm smash in the corner on Joe.  Joe came back with a charge and enziguiri.    Joe unleashed a series of kicks and chops to Styles but Daniels nailed a leg lariat.  Styles covered Joe for a two count.  Daniels ducked under a leapfrog from Styles and evaded a dropkick but was caught with one.  Styles then drilled Joe with one.

Joe punted Styles, then hit a running high knee on Daniels.  Joe cinched in a legbar on Daniels.  Styles came off the ropes with a big knee drop for a two count.  Styles worked over Joe and Daniels.  He cinched the Mutalock on Joe, but Daniels dropped a double axehandle over Styles' exposed stomach.  Daniels caught Styles with a drop toehold, then dropped a knee across the back of the head.  Daniels cranked Styles' neck.

Daniels tripped Joe and then slammed Styles atop of him.  He locked on a Boston Crab on Styles at the same time he cinched a camel clutch on Joe.  Joe bit his fingers to break it.   Daniels punched Styles in the corner.  He charged Joe but was caught with an uranage.    Joe began killing Styles with boots to the face before unleashing the facewash.  Joe drilled Daniels with a chop/kick combination.  Styles charged but Joe tossed him aside to the floor and senton splashed Daniels.

Joe went for a running dive through the ropes but Styles kicked him in the face.  Joe went to the floor.  Styles whipped Daniels, but who pulled short and forearmed him.  Daniels was caught with a suplex.  AJ went to the outside after Joe but Joe kicked his legs out from under him and Styles smashed into the apron in nasty fashion.  Daniels hit a dive to the floor. 

Daniels went for the Arabian Press but Styles grabbed his legs.  Joe was able to cinch in the choke on the floor and Styles hit a great twisting dive to the floor on both.  Back in the ring, Styles got a two count on Daniels and nailed a great headscissors.    Some fans began chanting, "Screw Hulk Hogan!"

Styles hit a springboard into a hurancanrana on Daniels for a two count.  Styles peppered both with punches.  Daniels maneuvered Joe and Styles into the same corner and chopped them both.  Daniels hit a monkeyflip on Styles, who went right into Joe's arms.  Joe powerbombed Styles atop of Daniels.  He covered Styles for a two count, but AJ kicked out.  Joe locked in a Boston Crab, then turned it into an STF.  Styles finally makes it to the ropes.

Joe nailed a snap powerslam for a two count.  Joe clobbered Daniels as he rebounded off the ropes.  Daniels grabbed Joe and hit an inverted DDT at the same time he nailed Styles with a uranage onto Joe.  This is awesome.  Daniels caught Styles with a running high knee in the corner, then a death valley driver.  AJ and Daniels fought for position with a suplex, ending with Styles catching Daniels with something of a neckbreaker.

Joe returned to the ring.  Styles and Joe began punching and slapping each other.  Joe got the better of the exchange.  Daniels and Joe went back and forth.  Daniels caught him with a palm thrust.  Styles catches Daniels with a boot and the Pele Kick.  The fans chanted TNA.    AJ went outside.  Joe charged and was caught with a shoulderblock.  Styles jumped in and hit a discus clothesline on Daniels.

Styles backdropped Daniels to the floor, then hit a springboard leaping forearm smash on Joe.  Styles covered him for a two count.  Styles hits the flip into an inverted DDT for a two count.  He went for another, this time on Daniels, but it's caught and turned into Last Rites.  Joe went for a Samoan Drop but Daniels used elbows to break free and hit a German suplex on Joe.  He leaped at Joe but Joe crotched him and hit the muscle buster,.  Styles broke up the pin at two.

Daniels and Styles went back and forth with some incredible moves and pinfall combination.  In the end, Daniels went for the Styles Clash but Joe hit a superkick on him.  Styles rolled up Daniels but Joe broke it up.  Daniels and Styles used the old Midnight Express double goozle to take down Joe.  They showed respect to each other and Daniels immediately went to hit AJ who was smart to him.  Styles and Daniels battled on the rope, trying to suplex each other to the floor.  Joe came in and chopped Styles off the top to the floor.

Joe went for a muscle buster but Daniels avoided it and hit a STO.  Daniels went for the Best Moonsault Ever but Styles hit a springboard 450 splash and covered Joe for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA champion AJ Styles!

Another absolutely awesome match.  In fact, these may have been the best TNA PPV ever in terms of the top two matches delivering.  For all the grief we give TNA about the way Impact is booked, they gave us two awesome wrestling matches with clean finishes on top tonight and some good stuff underneath.  If there is a show you want to order from TNA, this is the one.  Thumbs up all the way here.  I friggin' loved this main event.  They totally lived up to the hype of their last PPV main event in 2005 and at the same time, had a completely different, original match.  Between the athleticism and the creativity, this was TNA at its best.

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